A Kindly Request

1 November 2019

Dear Friend,

With pleasure, I’d like to inform you that plans are underway for the possible return of Keghart.com in the new year. The positive development is due to the joining to the Keghart team young journalists from Armenia. It has been three years since Keghart.com was placed on hold principally because of my health issues and lack of funds. 

To realize the return of Keghart.com, we need your financial help. Any sum that you might donate is welcome. Keghart is not an NGO or a charitable entity and thus does not qualify for tax exemption or deductions.

I am confident you will treat this request favourably in anticipation of content that will address your intellectual and patriotic interests. 

If you would like to revive Keghart.com please make a pledge or forward a cheque to DIKRAN ABRAHAMIAN at the below address. In Canada, an alternative option is to transfer via Interac to [email protected]. If you prefer some other means of transfer please forward a message.

Thankfully Yours,

Dikran Abrahamian MD

Dr. Dikran Abrahamian
15 Bridle Road
Ontario  L9M 1J5
Tel, Text & WhatsApp 705-543-1176

NB You may leave your suggestions and/or comments on the website, alternately on Facebook.

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