King Polymius of Armenia

Saint Bartholomew (Bar Tolmay—son of Tolmay/Nathaniel) converted King “Polymius” of Armenia to Christianity. But when the king’s brother—“Astyages” inherited the throne, he put Bartholomew to death in the “Persian way” (flayed alive, beheaded and crucified). St. Bartholomew’s partner—Saint Jude Thaddeus was also assigned to preach in Armenia. In addition, he preached in Egypt, Persia, and Mesopotamia. He, too, was martyred. His bones were deposited in Lipari, Sicily. Afterwards, his arm was taken to Canterbury in England and his skull to Frankfurt in Germany. St. Thaddeus is considered the patron saint of tanners, butlers, salt merchants, shoemakers, bookbinders, Florentine cheese makers and of people suffering from neurological diseases.

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