Kuzim: A Hamshen Song


The Second video-clip presents the same song, but with subtitles in Hamshen Armenian in Latin characters. Thank you NN for bringing it to our attention.


The Second video-clip presents the same song, but with subtitles in Hamshen Armenian in Latin characters. Thank you NN for bringing it to our attention.

  1. Once upon a time in Armenia…

    You may take out the religion out of a human, but you can not take out the Armenian out of an Armenian…

  2. Armenian Yin and Yan

    We have our own yin-yan:

    Two languages: Western and Eastern

    Two Armenias: Western and Eastern

    Two Churches: Etchmiadzin and Antelias

    Two literates: Those who can read in Armenian and those who cannot read in Armenian

    Why not also have two religions: Christian and Muslim


    Two Armenians: Christians Armenians who commemorate April 24, celebrate Vartanats and observe the religious rites of this week (Avak Shapat) and hampartsoum among others and Muslim Armenians who thank for being spared the yatagan and celebrate Ramadan and make the pilgrimage to Mecca instead of Etchmiadzin.

    No big deal, elementary really.

    1. It is a Big Deal

      It is a big deal, my dear friend; it’s not as elementary as you say it is. It’s a head- scratching dilemma.

      Half of me is saying: Yes, go for it, after all they were/are Armenians deep down in their roots. They did what they had to do to survive. I’m sure their decision tormented them. Do I die for who I am and my religion and beliefs or do I deny who I am, become a Muslim in hopes that may be I’ll live long enough to come forward one day and scream the truth and bear witness to what they’ve done, or do they?

      The other half of me is conflicted. By accepting them as Muslims, does that mean I’m accepting the Turks who were Muslims and killed us? There are several types of Muslims–Sunni, Sheite, and even they don’t agree among themselves and see eye to eye. How will Armenian Muslims be categorized and identified to set them apart ?

      It will be easy if they came forward, reclaimed their identity and religion, and stood side by side with the rest of Armenians around the world who are trying against all odds to keep our voices heard, keep our history going, keep our heritage and culture alive, keep our identity from becoming extinct. We are screaming as loud as we can through demonstrations, marches, newspapers, senates, parliaments, etc. to make the Turks accept that what their ancestors did to our ancestors was a crime, was GENOCIDE, not just random casualty of war or exodus, as they say.

      Our ancestors were Turkish citizens and deserved their protection. Rounding them up and killing them does not make it casualties of war. I don’t need to go into detail; every Armenian knows what April 24, 1915 stands for.

      Maybe then ….


  3. First Time

    This is the first time that I have heard of the Hemshens. According to what I read, I have no doubt that they are Armenian. I always believed that Armenians are not only Christian but I also believe that faith is dedicated to God and each has to choose his own path. I have no problem calling the Hemshens "our brothers". They are from our heritage, ancestry and blood. All Armenians must be aware of who the Hemshens are and create a bond between us. 

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