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The photos below are from the meeting (click to enlarge):


The photos below are from the meeting (click to enlarge):

  1. Expertise on Middle East

    I attended similar presentations on the West Coast of the United States. The presenters were community activists who hailed from Middle East, but who have been residing in the U.S. for decades. I found it odd such Armenian activists would take the podium to present their expert opinion about the events in Middle East that would add value and further insight to the information most of us get from community or mainstream newspapers.

    I do not know Mr. Assadourian but know of him from a distance. I am not sure where he gets his expertise on the effects of the current situation in Middle East as it affects the lives of the citizens in their respective countries. A brief biographical sketch supporting his expertise would be very informative.

    I recommend readers to read the current issue of the AMAA News, the official publication of the Armenian Missionary Association of America. Rev. Haroutioun Selimian, president of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria, has a bilingual article in the publication about the situation in Syria and how it affects the lives of Syrians of Armenian descent.

    1. Thank you Garabed for your

      Thank you Garabed for your comments on I regret that I don't know you. However, I appreciate your comments.

      I was born in Aleppo. I was the first and the only Syrian-born MP (1993-2004) and parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in Canada. I was also citizenship judge for three years. Soon after my election, I headed a business/parliamentary delegation to Syria (1994). Since then I have visited Syria more than half-a-dozen times, including in 2001, with the first-ever visit to Syria by the Prime Minister of Canada. I was active in Maher Arrar's (Syrian/Canadian) release from Syrian jail in 2004. He was charged with terrorism by the US. The last time I was in Syria was in 2008.

      As MP, I had the pleasure of meeting the vice-president. of Syria, minister of foreign affairs, chairman of foreign affairs committee, Syrian ambassadors, current and former honorary consul generals, officials of the current government in charge of the Middle East/Syria. I am in contact with minority group leaders from the Middle East. I was interviewed on a number of occasions by various government departments in Canada.

      All this doesn't make me an "expert" on Syria or the Middle East, but that's all I have to offer. You can get more information by Googleing me. Thank you for your interest.

      All the best,

      Sarkis Assadourian

      1. Thank you Mr. Assadourian for

        Thank you Mr. Assadourian for sharing the information you did. Naturally you are much more informed than the average reader of news, such as I. Your visits to Syria and your on going involvement over the years make you the better candidate for the said public presentation.

        Permit to say that being born in Aleppo, Damascus or in Beirut and having lived on these shores for decades does not render any one any more knowledgeable; as it does not make Mr. Jandali, Steven Jobs’ father, any more authoritative on the current matters relating to his home town Homs where his family name is prominent.

        Hopefully all of us make a point of attending such forums not to hear the politics that have not much of bearing on our lives and livelihood on these shores; but to be sufficiently educated about the plight of the citizens caught in the deadly turmoil to render humanitarian aid and assistance.

        1. The right person

          Actually, if someone travels to any country as a politician, they will network with influential people and when the time comes, they can use these contacts to make a difference.

          In this case, I believe Mr. Assadourian went to Syria in political missions and not just as a tourist, so it makes him knowledgeable and hopefully the right candidate for such a mission.

          @Garabed; who else would you nominate that can be more knowledgeable and what makes someone knowledgeable in such a case?

  2. Situation of Armenians in Syria

    Since many of us who live outside of Toronto are unable to attend the public gathering about the situation of Armenians in Syria, I was wondering if Keghart would publish Mr. Assadourian's speech and a sample of the questions and answers.

    I have a suggestion to the Armenian communities of the troubled Middle Eastern countries–not a popular suggestion: it's challenging, but  the right one .

    Vrejouhy Atikian

    Calgary, Alberta

    1. Related material

      We will publish related material as they become available to us.  Currently we added the photos that were taken during the meeting.  We will  request the speech and video, if available.

      Thank you,
      Team Keghart

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