A New Site on the Block

Vienna – For a long time the Armenian community had been searching for an effective medium to connect Armenian businesses around the globe. That dream was finally realised through the establishment of the MIATSIR/ՄԻԱՑԻՐ (join/get together) website.

The principal mission of the site is to “to link entrepreneurs and service providers” with Armenian background, both “nationally and internationally.”

The founders of the site reason that while there are hundreds of Armenian websites that promote various aspects of the Armenian culture, there was barely any business-oriented venues until the founding of this website. They hope MIATSIR/ՄԻԱՑԻՐ will fill that gap.

The site’s mission is:

  • To link entrepreneurs and service providers with Armenian background, nationally and internationally
  • To discover and connect people and businesses with similar specialties
  • To promote Armenian culture and communities
  • To improve the economic capacity of Armenian businesses everywhere
  • To solidify Armenian unity
  • To bring together different institutions and associations
  • To promote young people and professionals through internship and by providing job opportunities and contacts

Time will tell whether the much-needed initiative will succeed. Such enterprises have often failed because of unrealistic great expectations and disappointment in not obtaining immediate positive results.

We wish MIATSIR/ՄԻԱՑԻՐ good luck.

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