Michael Coren: Genocide of Armenians on SUN TV

Mr. Michael Coren discussed
the Armenian Genocide on his talk show “The Arena with Michael Coren”. His guest was Mr. Jirair Tutunjian, the editor of keghart.com. The segment was telecast during the one-hour show starting at 7:00 p.m (Central) on Tuesday Nov. 1, 2011.
Thank you Mr. Coren, Mr. Tutunjian and SUN TV for a superb presentation. We extend our thanks also to all those invisible individuals who helped usher this timely interview. We hope Mr. Coren will revisit the subject as stated towards the end of the interaction with Mr. Tutunjian.

It is redundant to say that Mr. Coren and Sun News Network will be inundated by complaints from the denial machine. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to act as conscientious Armenians and show our appreciation to Mr. Coren and the TV station. We need to send complimentary messages.

You can leave your electronic comment on the below link:
You can also reach Mr. Coren on the following link: [email protected]
For Twitter or Facebook messages, please go to : http://www.michaelcoren.com/

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Thanks for your attention.
  1. Please check TV listings for today

    I checked chanel 142 and Michael Coren’s program will air at 7:00 pm. It seems as of November 1 chanels have changed.

    Please check your TV listings today ahead of time so that you don’t miss the program.


    1. Thanks to Keghart

      Thanks to Keghart and the team, for reminding. Athough, away from Canada, I could watch your above reproduction.

      Thanks again.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Coren

    I wish we have more informational programs like this "the Michael Coren’s Nov. 1 "Arena" interview about the Genocide of Armenians"  broadcast to non-Armenians.

    We should all thank Mr. Coren and the SunTV channel by writing letters to them for presenting this interview with Mr. Tutunjian. I am sure those who deny the Genocide will complain to Mr. Coren and to the TV station.

  3. The crime and the criminal

    Thanks Coren. The crime will never be forgotten, the criminal to be pointed out again and again and Judgment is awaiting,.
  4. Michael Coren -the Armenian Genocide

    Thank you, Mr. Coren, I wish you give us more time on your show to discuss the Armenian Genocide so that the whole world would know about it and will stand with us to demand justice.

  5. Michael Coren, Thank you!

    It truly is a fantastic interview, only short, too short.
    Mr. Coren was very frank and a true human being on his feelings and expressions about the Genocide of the Armenian nation. I wonder if he will invite Jirair to another interview, as he promised. I feel he will. I won’t miss any of his shows from now on.

    Many thanks, Mr. Coren. Truly.

  6. Michael Coren

    Michael Coren is just another zionist who suddenly "discovered" the genocide when relations between Israel and Turkey went down the toilet. He has no genuine feelings of sympathy for the armenian cause- this is just another tool for him to use to advance Israel. We should reject such people

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