Montréal Council Commemorates the Genocide

Motion of the majority Council meeting of April 11, 2011
Whereas the City Council has proclaimed, in 1997, April 24 as a "Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide" and condemned by the very fact that the massacre of one million five hundred thousand men, women and children, and deportation of survivors to their historic territories;
Whereas April 24, 2011 is the 96th anniversary of the Armenian genocide occurred in April 24, 1915;
Considering that this anniversary is highly symbolic because it reminds us of our
Lest We Forget having regard to the first genocide perpetrated against humanity in the 20th century;
Whereas Montreal is a city that is home to many descendants of those who survived the genocide and they have helped shape our city in various ways;
Considering that the municipal government is committed by the
«Montréal Declaration against Racial Discrimination» to take all necessary measures to combat discrimination based on race, color, religion, ethnicity or national and to promote harmonious race relations and intercultural respect and understanding;
To remind citizens of Montréal to mark the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, April 24, 2011, in solidarity with the Armenian community in Montréal and in the hope that humanity learns from its history and breaks the cycle of violence.

MOVED BY: Harout Chitilian

Motion de la majorité

Séance du Conseil du 11 avril 2011
Considérant que le conseil municipal a proclamé en 1997, le 24 avril «Journée commémorative du génocide arménien » et condamnait par le fait même le massacre d’un million cinq cent mille hommes, femmes et enfants, et la déportation des survivants de leurs territoires historiques;
Considérant que le 24 avril 2011 est le 96e anniversaire du génocide arménien survenu le 24 avril 1915;
Considérant que cet anniversaire est hautement symbolique puisqu’il nous rappelle notre Devoir de mémoire eu égard au premier génocide perpétré contre l’humanité au 20è siècle;
Considérant que Montréal est l’une des villes où résident de nombreux descendants de ceux qui ont survécu à ce génocide et qu’ils ont contribué à façonner notre ville de diverses manières;
Considérant que l’administration municipale s’est engagée par la «Déclaration de Montréal contre la discrimination raciale» à prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour combattre la discrimination basée notamment sur la race, la couleur, la religion et l’origine ethnique ou nationale ainsi qu’à promouvoir des relations interraciales et interculturelles harmonieuses dans le respect et la compréhension;
Il est résolu
De rappeler aux citoyens montréalais de souligner l’anniversaire du génocide arménien, le 24 avril 2011, en solidarité avec la communauté arménienne de Montréal et dans l’espoir que l’humanité apprenne de son histoire et brise le cycle de la violence.
  1. Criminalization of the Armenian Genocide Denial

    On April 18, Groonk quoted the following from PanArmenian. Net

    “Well-known French journalist Jean Eckian addressed an open letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the threshold of the Armenian Genocide anniversary. The letter says: "As a Frenchman of Armenian origin, as a son of a father, who suffered from the Genocide and went through World War II, I write to express my indignation, along with other French Armenians, over the leaked diplomatic cable that prompted your unwillingness to support the bill envisaging criminalization of the Armenian Genocide Denial." 

    The bill needs the approval of the French Senate and President to take effect. It foresees up to one year in jail and a heavy fine for anyone who denies that the World War I massacres of Armenians under Ottoman rule were genocide.

    I may be stepping in minefield, when I dare say that I oppose criminalization denial of the Armenian Genocide or of the Holocaust or any other historical fact for that matter. As a layman in matters of law, I believe, such a law serves no purpose other than punishing ill intended individuals but does not help our cause any better.

    President Obaman does not deny Genocide, but will not acknowledge it at official capacity let alone act in name of justice, so may President Sarkozy or future French Presidents.

    If France is indeed interested to serve justice and not resort to the treachery it did during the First War, it does not need then to enact such a law.

    I am curious to hear the opinions of the Keghart readers.

    1. Politics & Politicians…

      Apel, what do you want us to say?  I personally have no respect for politicians and never believe in them.  Yet some people admire them and go to levels of putting their faith in them!!

      For any politician, individual, organization or country, the financial gain or stability is much more important than justice or saving lives.

      If Armenians want to be heard, then they have to work on their economy, diplomacy, military, self-promotion and most of all they need to unite!

      We need more like these:


  2. Dear Harout, I congratulate

    Dear Harout,

    I congratulate you for the moving speech that you gave in memory of the Armenian genocide.

    I wish you success in your career and hope you always achieve your goals in your life.

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