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In its quarterly meeting held recently in Yerevan, chairman Souren Seraydarian informed that legal challenges by NCWA in Turkish courts are on hold due to worsening situation since the coup attempt in 2016. Lawyers are jailed and several mayors sympathetic towards Armenians are sacked and replaced by Erdogan appointees.

Nevertheless, the attendees were informed that the work done by affiliate “Veratarts” (Return) organization run and funded by NCWA council member Arakadz Akhoyan (former MP in parliament of RoA) continues in Western Armenia. Frequent visits to villages and towns, organizing sessions of folk dance and music festivals, spreading patriotic messages, raising awareness of ownership of the land, sponsoring baptismal visits to Armenia etc. have achieved positive results. Within this context Haig Aslan was warmly welcomed by the attendees of the meeting.  He is the representative of the newly formed Armenian community of a few hundred people from Moush and surrounding villages. He does not speak Armenian. Five years ago people would not identify themselves as Armenians in Moush. The revival is similar to what happened in Dersim a decade ago.

Government of Western Armenia

In mid-November, Mr. Karnig Sarkissian, the prime minister of “Government of Western Armenia”, during a private gathering in Yerevan elaborated on the present undertakings of the “Government”. He stressed that the coming five years (2019-20123) will be crucial in the efforts to liberate Western Armenia. Several organizational steps are taken including involvement of compatriots living in western Armenia in deliberations and development of plans. “Although participation of Diasporan compatriots is not at an adequate level, there is a new wave of awareness that bodes well”, said Mr. Sarkissian. He also mentioned about improved relations with neighbouring Arab people, the Syriacs, Assyrians and Greeks. The government is constantly pursuing membership in the United Nations Organisation.

Mr. Sarkissian concluded his remarks by stating, “The current geopolitical situation provides opportunities to promote and establish a strategy that will prepare the ground for implementation of globally recognized rights of Western Armenia up to full independence and establishment of a modern Western Armenia. It shall play a pivotal role in bringing peace and stability to the Middle East, and balance to international relations.”

Diaspora students in Armenia

The liberation of Artsakh provided a unique opportunity to Diasporans to express their patriotism and participate in this momentous juncture in Armenian modern history. Students from “Spyurk” almost en masse were in solidarity led by their local committee of “Armenian Popular Movement”. The pictures provided by “Nor Spyurq” (Nov 2019,# 2) were taken in those historical days (February 1988).

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