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“Other Takes” is a new section that offers readers alternate perspectives. These recent articles are collected from a variety of media outlets.

Endgame in Ukraine: how could the war play out?

Western ‘democratic’ hypocrisy

Challenges for Latin America in the 21st Century

Drone cameras Canada to send to Ukraine banned earlier for export to Turkey because of use in combat 

The US supports illegal annexations by Israel and Morocco. Why the hypocrisy?

Why is One War Crime Worth More than Another?

Turkey’s Balancing Act on Ukraine Is Becoming More Precarious

Difficult to measure success of Turkey’s drones in Ukraine – expert

Archeologists Find Evidence of a “Lost” Continent Linking Europe and Asia

Iran agrees to host Azerbaijani corridor bypassing Armenia

The axis of evil: Special forces of Turkey’s and Pakistan’s militaries have completed joint forces special operations exercises

A Russian Victory Over Ukraine Could Deal A Serious Blow To Turkey’s Drone Programs

The George Soros philosophy – and its fatal flaw

The world failed to act in 2020 when Azerbaijan attacked Armenia. Now history repeats itself in Ukraine.

Why Isn’t Biden Doing Everything That Former Ambassador To Russia McFaul Demands?

Don’t Let Ukrainian TB-2 Drones Rehabilitate Turkey’s Image

Ramadan Will Test Budding Israel-Turkey Relations

Russia using Turkey to get around global sanctions

The South Caucasus braces for Russia’s hard landing

Senior Israeli source says Russia and Ukraine positions ‘narrowing’ during Bennett’s talks

Amnesty International and the Apartheid Claim Against Israel

Acts of normality: The potential for Turkey-Armenia rapprochement

Dem nightmare: What if the war ends before November?

War sets humanity backward

Ukraine’s Zelensky Puts Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict At Top Of Agenda During Visit To Baku

Why is India standing with Putin’s Russia?

Violence sparks fear of new war among Nagorno-Karabakh residents  

Evictions surge as rents skyrocket in Yerevan and Tbilisi

Turkey: Occupies Northern Cyprus, Goes for the Rest

Erdoğan, in Trouble at Home, Fishing for Trouble in the Aegean

Turkey Lobbies to Outlaw Criticism of Islamism in Europe

Diyanet Serves as Tool for Turkish Soft Power in Germany

Erdoğan steps up campaign to export Islamist ideology with the help of TDV foundation cash

Turkish jihadist, radicalized by Hizb ut-Tahrir, turned to al-Qaeda before joining ISIS and running a cell in Ankara

Why Russians are fleeing to Armenia

Putin shared his demands for ending the war, including Ukraine not joining NATO and the status of occupied territories

Has India Placed Too Much Faith In The West?

Israel and Russia: it’s coming together

What Is Going On at the Armenia Fund?

Will Turkey supply Ukraine S-400s and get back in U.S.’ good graces?

Washington suggests Turkey transfer Russian S-400 systems to Ukraine

Israelis taken aback by Zelenskyy’s use of Holocaust-victim rhetoric

No magic tap for Europe to replace Russian gas via Turkey

From St. Petersburg to Syunik: Reinvigorating the Russian–Armenian Security Alliance

Ukraine’s Peace Deal Referendum Proposal Is A Demagogic Distraction

Turkey seeks to undermine sanctions on Russia, hopes to make a profit on Ukraine crisis


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