Other Takes (10)

25 August 2022

“Other Takes” offers readers alternate perspectives. These recent articles are collected from a variety of media outlets.


Joshua Kucera   Georgia’s Armenians: Learning Georgian, working in Russia

Գէորգ Պեիկեան, Ասպարէզ,  Մերը… Եւ Իրենցը…  

Simon Simonian, DiasporArm, The Medication

Ժ. Չոլաքեան, Նոր Յառաջ, Խուճապի մթնոլորտ ստեղծելու սպառնալիք

Harut Sassounian, The California Courrier, No Respect for the Living or the Dead In Armenia; Case in point: Vahakn Dadrian


Nordic Monitor, Diaspora agency that runs covert recruitment programs with Turkish intelligence seeks young lobbyists in the US and Canada

MoneyWise, Half of Gen Z see no point in saving until things get back to “normal” — here’s what they’re doing with their money instead

Gagrule.net, Ethnic cleansing of Armenians in homeland is in full force, yet the U.S. remains silent @POTUS

The Embassy, Expert Analysis: Selling F-16s To Turkey As They Buy New S-400s from Russia Is a Mistake

Politico, Erdoğan walks a fine line as the Ukraine war’s double agent

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  1. I truly enjoy reading Tutunjian column “Did you know?” which gives lots of information. Also I appreciate the “Other Takes” series full of articles from a variety of Armenian and international sources. Keghart seems to be the only Armenian media that opens up the pages of alternate views. I would suggest readers to visit these columns. Thank you Keghart for doing the research.

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