Other Takes (2)

“Other Takes” offers readers alternate perspectives. These recent articles are collected from a variety of media outlets.


Karabakh Is Not the Endgame, Yet

Paranoid Ottoman Sultans Murdered Their Brothers to Secure Their Throne

Don’t Blame Armenia for its Ties to Russia

As Another Genocide Looms, Western Virtue-signaling Won’t Cut It

Putin’s Isn’t the Only Regime Leveraging Fossil Fuels for Aggression


With Russian Distracted, Azerbaijan escalates in Karabakh

Will Congress allow State Department to ignore the Freedom Support Act?

The US supports illegal annexations by Israel and Morocco. Why the hypocrisy? | Joe Biden | The Guardian

Why is One War Crime Worth More than Another?

Israel should not fear Turkey in recognizing Armenian Genocide

How will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine impact Turkey’s foreign policy?

Turkey’s Coup Plotters and Human Rights Abusers: Made in the USA?

Journalism within four walls: State of Emergency continues

Turkey may send its police to Azerbaijan to support President Aliyev

Will Ukraine crisis help Turkey dodge Western arms embargoes?

Erdoğan gov’t paid 34 bonuses to killer of Russian ambassador to Turkey, document reveals

Edging Towards a Gold Standard

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