Other Takes (4)

25 May 2022

“Other Takes” offers readers alternate perspectives. These recent articles are collected from a variety of media outlets.


Horizon Weekly   ՀՅԴ Գանատայի Երիտասարդական Միութեան յայտարարութիւնը

The California Courier  Founder of Azerbaijan Republic of 1918 Collaborated with Nazi Germany

Massis Post No Public Demand For a Change of Government

Զարթօնք  Քաղելիք Դասեր Կան Եթէ Սորվելու Ատակ Ենք

USA Armenia Life Magazine The False Promise of Security

The Armenian Weekly  What kind of an Armenia are we aiming for and how?


WSJ  Does Erdogan’s Turkey Belong in NATO?

AEI    Turkey wants a bribe for allowing Sweden and Finland to join NATO

Carnegie Europe   Why Erdoğan Is Rejecting NATO Expansion

The Jerusalem Post  Armenia has a unique position in the Ukraine-Russia war

Al-Jazeera  NATO’s philosophers

The Guardian  Brazil’s ex-president Lula claims Zelenskiy equally to blame for war

INSS Drawing the Map of Alliances in the Middle East

Ahval  Gov’t-linked defence firm to blame for security threats in next polls

The Jerusalem Post  Time for Israel to not fear Turkey and Russia and recognize genocide – editorial

Anti-Bellum  State Department: Azerbaijan is linchpin in U.S. Caucasus strategy

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