Other Takes (6)

25 June 2022

“Other Takes” offers readers alternate perspectives. These recent articles are collected from a variety of media outlets.


Harut Sassounian, The California Courier, Gallup Poll Shows 89% of Armenians Oppose Placing Artsakh Under Azeri Rule

Գէորգ Թորոյեան, Asbarez.am, Այլընտրանքային Ընդդիմութեան Անհրաժեշտութիւնը

Karine Simonian et al, RFE, Thousands Of Armenian Workers Face Layoffs After Dramatic Rise Of The Dram

Edmond Azadian, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, Zangezur Corridor: Pathway to Armenia’s Destiny

Anthony Barsamian, Civilnet (Video), Unpacking the uptick in Armenia-US relations


The Guardian, Putin is not yet ready to end the Ukraine war. When he is, we must be prepared

AlJazeera, Colombia’s shift to the left: A new ‘pink tide’ in Latin America?

Gatestone, Turkey Targeting Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, Greece

Al-Monitor, Turkey struggles with name rebrand

Newsweek, Neither Side Is Ready to Bridge the Abortion Gap

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