Other Takes (8)

25 July 2022

“Other Takes” offers readers alternate perspectives. These recent articles are collected from a variety of media outlets.


Harut Sassounian, TheCalifornia Courrier, Prime Minister Pashinyan has no Right To Ban an Armenian from Entering Armenia

Edmond Azadian, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, Is the US Positioning Itself in the Caucasus?

Լեւոն Շառոյեան, Yerepouni News, Արեւմտահայերէնի կարօտով …


Greek City Times,  Pakistan: We will continue to support Turkey on the Northern Cyprus issue

MaltaToday, Ursula goes to Baku…

AlJazeera, US justice system is a perfect instrument of racist rule

The Guardian, Berating climate sceptics isn’t enough – disruptive protest now seems the only way forward

Spiegel International, Looming Natural Gas Shortages Has the EU Scrambling for Solutions



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