Backgrounder to Pan-Armenian Congress in Paris

Toronto, 12 January 2015

Dear Friend,

Most probably you have already read such columns as Turkey on Armenian “Abandoned” Properties The Kars Treaty–Neither Fish nor Fowl and others related to the activities of the Paris-based National Congress of Western Armenians (NCWA).

The NCWA will hold a crucial pan-Armenian congress on March 28 and 29, 2015 in Paris.  At the momentous gathering claims and demands of the descendants of Ottoman Armenians from Turkey will be formulated prior to the Centenary of the Genocide. Scholars, lawyers, activists, intellectuals, media representatives, organizations and government representatives will be present from all corners of the globe.

As in last January, this year, too, we have invited Mr. Souren Seraydarian, chairman, NCWA, to meet Toronto Armenians at a private meeting and to present an outline of the Paris assembly agenda and its aims. You are cordially invited to this gathering.

If you are not able to attend, please send a brief statement or insert a comment. Let your voice count.

Snacks, wine-and-cheese will be served.

Date:  3:00 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015
Location: Lara’s Restaurant, 155 Consumers Rd Toronto, ON M2J 0A3

RSVP [email protected]


Dr. Dikran Abrahamian [email protected]
Vako Nicolian  [email protected]
Jirair Tutunjian [email protected]
Viken L. Attarian  [email protected]

Toronto, 12 January 2015

  1. Paris Congress

    I'll try to attend this very timely meeting in Toronto. I am not a member of NCWA. Can I attend the Paris Congress? Are there entrance charges?


  2. Attendance Paris Congress of NCWA in March 2015

    Aline Dedeyan, Geneva, United Nations

    You already know me. Committed to the Armenian cause from the UN.
    I would like to attend the Paris Congress in March.
    Look me up under my name on Google. I believe I've also sent you my latest paper on the Armenian cause. 
    More info after the March Council of Human rights session in Geneva. 
    Would appreciate an invitation. I can cover my expenses. And mostly, say a few words on the actual Armenian situation as it reflects in the international community. 

    aline d.

  3. NCWA

    I regret not to be able to attend neither the Toronto nor the Paris meetings.

    I have attended two NCWA Annual General Meetings, with original caution, as an observer, in Yerevan. Although I am not a member, they were open with me and agreed to my request of sharing their detailed account statements.

    I have also participated in several other activities they have organized in Yerevan and can vouch that the NCWA is made-up of "hayrenaser" members who devote considerable time and resources to advancing "our cause".

    Mr. Seraydarian is a very knowledgeable and seasoned diplomat and a tireless promoter of the "Armenian Cause". If anyone wants to have a clear idea of what can be done reasonably, do not miss this opportunity to attend this meeting.

    I present my best wishes of success to the Toronto gathering, to the Paris meeting and to all related activities organised by NCWA. I am prepared to support them to the extent of my abilities.

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