Pashinyan Addresses Diasporans

Heartwarming Plea to Stay in Armenia

Brothers and sisters, and dear Joudigner (newly hatched chicks)

Heartwarming Plea to Stay in Armenia

Brothers and sisters, and dear Joudigner (newly hatched chicks)

It gives me great joy, to see you all here in Armenia, all of you gathered here in Yerevan. I am convinced that many in Armenia share this feeling of happiness with me…

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  1. Yes, it is time to help Armenia by our presence there

    Now that we have a new government, a government that has so far been making serious efforts to combat corruption and oligarchy, what excuse do we have for not living there?

    Our physical presence in Armenia and our active participation in its economic development and social progress is the best way to ensure that our Hayreniq will survive.

    Come and enjoy YOUR Hayreniq!

  2. Procedure to set Business in Armenia & Artzakh
    Here by I request, a list of veriety businesses that is open in small scale any kind that Armenia & Artzakh need to be established by us from out side of Armenia.  I am requesting from Los Angeles California.  Thank you in advance

    1. Excellent initiative – businesses that need our help

      Dear Mr. Avedissian:

      If I understood your comment correctly, I believe you want to help businesses in Armenia develop and create jobs.
      If this is so, I know an excellent business in Yeghegnadzor worthy of our support. It produces solar-dried organic local fruits, they are attractively packaged and are exported mainly to Russia. It has created 25 local jobs and needs financial and marketing help to expand.

      Should you want to help this dynamic young entrepreneur, I can establish contact for you. Better still, come to Yeghegnadzor in the fall and visit this "new" small business yourself. I am prepared to help you in any way I can.

      If interested, you can write me an email. Mr. Abrahamian is authorised to release my email address and phone numbers to you.

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