Propaganda or Substantive Change

Editorial Board, Toronto, 8 May 2014

Reaction to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan’s statement regarding the Genocide of Armenians has been swift, diverse, and global. Response ranged from the congratulatory to the skeptic, if not cynical. In addition to reaction from Armenian writers/organizations and Turkish observers, there was widespread coverage in third-party media and by politicians. While observer reaction has been diverse, most agreed that Erdogan’s condolences to Armenians was unexpected and remarkable. A common theme among the nay-sayers was the accusation that Erdogan’s statement was a propaganda tactic to water down the impact of the  99th commemorations of the Genocide and weaken that of the far- more-dramatic centenary commemorations next year. While holding many reservations about Erdogan’s statement, believes that it might widen the Genocide dialogue in Turkish civil society and between Armenians an Turks.

ԱԱՀ-ի Խօսքը Էրտողանի Ուղերձին Առիթով

Էրտողանի 23 Ապրիլի ուղերձը  Օշին Էլակէօզ

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