Protesting Armenia’s President in Paris by Vahe Ashodian (Cartoon)

By Vahé Ashodian, Upper Darby, PA USA

By Vahé Ashodian, Upper Darby, PA USA

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  1. Gomidas and Serge

    I always liked books with pictures or illustrations. Reading alone did not interest me. Even today with current computer technology and Internet web pages; Graphics and images can say more about a site and convey a message that a written paragraph could not. Today, I see "Keghart" had carved a corner for people like me and introduced a Graphical commentary page. Prior to Turkey-Armenia protocol signing, we witnessed how President Sarkisisan was received in Paris, France. What touched me the most, was Gomidas Vartabed, standing tall in that protest rally. But, if you listened to Him carefully, He must have been whispering in opposition to the protocol.

    Vahe’ Ashodian

  2. Dear President Sargsyan
    Dear President Sargsyan,

    Are you going to yield ground to the enemy in Karabakh if you can not stand up firm against Western and/or Eastern Pressures?  The best way is to resign honourably at least for your own LEGACY.
    1. Protesting Armenia’s President
      Ishkhan babajanian .
      I agree with your comment to president Sargisyan , in fact it’s the best I heard .

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