Radical Re-think of the Grandmasterly Genocide

Professor H. I. Pilikian, London UK, 15 May 2011

Word-Order by the Grammar of the Armenian language is quite flexible, more than in the case of inflected languages, like classical Greek, Latin and Russian – conjugation and declension make a rigidly fixed word-order unnecessary, as number, gender, verb-tense et al are clearly enunciated.  Word-order in Latin Poetry is the freest of them all, when the subject can appear anywhere, with a direct object, a paragraph later, and a verb – unraveling the main action of the sentence – perched a page later!  Deciphering the meaning of a classical Latin poem is as difficult as resolving the … Rubic Cube, which is of course not the case of Armenian prose – nevertheless the Armenian possesses an enviable freedom of word-order, which is rigidly most immovably fixed in the Chinese, and more-or-less in English, half-way between the rigidly fixed and the flexible inflectional languages.

Professor H. I. Pilikian, London UK, 15 May 2011

Word-Order by the Grammar of the Armenian language is quite flexible, more than in the case of inflected languages, like classical Greek, Latin and Russian – conjugation and declension make a rigidly fixed word-order unnecessary, as number, gender, verb-tense et al are clearly enunciated.  Word-order in Latin Poetry is the freest of them all, when the subject can appear anywhere, with a direct object, a paragraph later, and a verb – unraveling the main action of the sentence – perched a page later!  Deciphering the meaning of a classical Latin poem is as difficult as resolving the … Rubic Cube, which is of course not the case of Armenian prose – nevertheless the Armenian possesses an enviable freedom of word-order, which is rigidly most immovably fixed in the Chinese, and more-or-less in English, half-way between the rigidly fixed and the flexible inflectional languages.

The usual referencing of dates in Armenian follows the same pattern as in the Indo-European languages – 24th April, 1915, for example.  However, this specific date signifies our national Day of Mourning and Remembrance. We Armenians refer to it not in the usual order, 24th April, but rather as April the 24th, the only case of its kind in the Armenian calendar. 
It was on that day, that the Ottoman government of the day dominated by the Masonic political party of the Young Turks arrested about 250 leading Armenian intellectuals (from MPs to medical doctors, writers and some ordinary folk of mistaken identities, of similar names) in Istanbul, to be deported and brutally massacred (heads smashed with rocks!) on deserted roads on the way to … nowhere!
The Young Turk Freemasons, against all the rules of their Brotherhood, had no compunction in murdering their own Armenian Masonic brethren they were sworn to protect against all odds … reason enough to hang those Young Turks by Masonic rituals!
It was the dire and dour signal for the genocide of the Armenian people that followed claiming 1.5 million victims.
This year of 2011, and I think for the very first time since 1915, incredibly and miraculously, because of course a calendrical coincidence, Easter Sunday, the day of Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead – meaning new Birth blossoming, renewal of life and life’s victory over Death, the greatest punishment Mankind (Adam and Eve) suffered for disobeying God’s word – fell on April the 24th, the holiest day of the modern Armenians. 

David Hume, the Scottish philosopher of the 18th c. (incidentally, born on 26th… April, 1711) in a famous essay demolished (he thought, and many Atheists still think) the very concept of Miracles, and potentially miraculous events occurring.  According to his argument, for a miracle to happen, the laws of Nature must be suspended – as the Laws of Nature can never be suspended, therefore miracles cannot happen, and people’s experience of such is (cannot be but) delusional and a matter of superstitious faith.
This impeccable argument, on a closer examination unravels itself as a tautological or circular argument of the kind
X is X, because it is not anything else,


X = Y, because y = x.  

In classical Aristotelian syllogism;

If P then Y


Therefore Y

which is stating an observable fact and no more – it does not enlighten or explain anything …
Yet David Hume was then glorified by the French Enlightenment (later The Encyclopaedists) as a great precursor of their secular philosophy of advocating scientific Reason and reasoning, of Logic and reasonableness at all times in social behaviour.  It was the great path to a better (and happier) non-religious Society.
But impossible events do happen.  They may not necessarily be so because of the Humean assumption of the suspension of the Natural Law, but merely because of our own scientific ignorance of those laws.  The greatest and grandest such event is the occurrence of Life itself on the macro-level.  To appreciate this, one must inevitably think of Motion – the evidence of Life (or life-force) on the micro-scale; there is absolutely no logical reason why Life (not only on this planet, but anywhere, say, in your own garden!) should arise at all.  Similarly, and as a consequence, there is absolutely no possible scientific reasonable logical reason, why anything should move if not being moved – be it a visible mover, like a person kicking a ball, or an invisible mover, like the wind rustling the tree-leaves.  It was this puzzle which led Isaac Newton (1643-1727) to the discovery of the Gravitational force, to explain the movement of the Planets around the Sun without the need of a Prime Mover like God.  The planets move in their orbits against the Sun’s pull, otherwise, they would all fall into the Sun. 
Still, the inexplicable puzzle of miraculous events remained, even though the obvious inanities like the Virgin Birth, and the converting of water to wine at the wedding party in Cana, or walking on the Sea of Galilee were demolished by Hume’s argument.  
The mathematical theory of Probability is the only explanation for the time being of the miraculous phenomena impossible to account for by ordinary logical arguments.  The miraculous overlap of the Armenian nation’s day of Mourning of April the 24th this year, with the Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead is such an example.  
I do not know if hitherto since 1915, the Armenian Remembrance day (April the 24th) had ever happened on exactly an Easter Sunday – three days after Good Friday when Jesus was genocided in cold blood – just for his genus, being Jesus Christ, the son of God.  

The fact that this year Jesus’ Resurrection – his rise from the dead – happened on the day of the Armenian remembrance is a miracle to behold and contemplate. 

And here is another one, equally impossible by Hume’s argument; my own daughter, Thea (=goddess in classical Greek) by name, my very own flesh-and blood, happened to visit us, of all the days today, in Barnet, with her proud Scottish husband Malcolm, a Trumpet virtuoso, with their angelic little girl Marnie – absolutely the most beautiful granddaughter ever born (I would say that, wouldn’t I?). 
After a family lunch, she announced with great joy that she was pregnant!   Hardly a few weeks ago, when I had visited them, she had told me that she was ready to try for a second child.  And she remembered I had told her, “worry not, it will happen if you shall so wish, it shall be pleasing to God, and even now I shall pray and ask of Him that He sends us another perfectly healthy and super intelligent angel like Manie” … And she said, “Dad, it happened, I just found out”.  And Thea was totally unaware of the Armenian April the 24th
Even more amazingly, when my noble brother arrived, and after joyous pleasantries, I said, “Khatchig, we have stunning news for you, can you guess what it is?”  Without thinking and almost routinely as a matter of fact my sweet brother answered, “Thea is pregnant!”  We were speechless.
The probability of my daughter Thea, 1 over 8 million of London’s population, bringing us such happy news
(a) On the day of Jesus’ Resurrection (which raises the probability factor to its square power), which this year
(b) Happened to fall on the Armenian national day of April the 24th – itself a miraculous occurrence – is well nigh impossible, and miraculous, if not an outright miracle, disproving David Hume’s argument to the letter!
It leads me at least to state publicly what I have been telling friends for decades.  I am weary of worn out stereotypical interpretations, endlessly and erroneously repeated, of the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks – the Turks this and the Turks that …
I wish for a radical, total re-think of the facts by honest historians of the genocide – not the indecent Turkish-government bribed ones, unfortunately not happening even remotely yet.
Officially, formally, “The Turks” did not even bloody exist in 1915. There were turk-ic and kurd-ic nomadic tribes in the Ottoman Empire, as one of a dozen ethnic groups co-existing in vast territories.  Even today the exact origin of the Turkic peoples (in plural) is not settled, stretching back into Tartarland, Turkmenistan, and even China.  The European-educated Young Turks called themselves such in sheer ignorance and utter haphazard nonsense – ethnic names attached to the epithet “Young” at the time was the equivalent of a modern Brand (like Cartier for expensive watches for the rich), signifying Masonic youth organizations. 
Besides, ironically most of the Ottoman ruling elite anyway were spawned by the Sultan’s harem jam-packed with the abducted multi-ethnic women of … Europe.
The modern “Turk” was literally created, invented, forged by one man, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as recently as in 1923, even precisely on 29th October, when he declared the first Turkish Republic, himself being a … blue-eyed scion of European origin, born in Greek Thessalonica.  There were no bloody Turks in 1915 – only bloody Ottomans.  
There never was any evidence of a collective community of … Turks murdering any Armenians.  Most of the genocidal crime was committed by the state-organized elite act of Deportation into the Der-El-Zor deserts of Syria, abusing forced marches, hunger and thirst, with the occasional murder committed by individual criminal gangs of guards.
And once and for all Armenians must grasp that the Turkish people – better to say, the people of Turkey, have nothing whatsoever to do with the genocide of the Armenians.  Most of them even helped to hide their Armenian neighbours when they could, and saved them.  My own late father named Israel remembered how Mustafa, son of the local Aalim=scholar of the Koran, whose 3 sons spoke fluent … Armenian, had turned up with the family oxen-cart to carry my father’s family to the train station … for Deportation, which had of course nothing to do with them, yes, but to really help my grandparent’s family on the tragic human level.
The killing was perpetrated by gangs of criminals (again, the multi ethnic poor, starving and abused in stables passing as prisons) released, suited as Ottoman army soldiers, to do the deed.  They constituted teshkilat mahsousiye = special formations.  Hitler plagiarized the idea to form his own murderous troops, the Einsatztruppen, precisely for the same reason that the professional (German) soldiers would not kill the non-combatant innocent population. 
Foolish Kurdish tribesmen, desperate for an independent Kurdistan, completed the vicious circle.  The Kurds lack intelligent political leadership, betting always on the wrong historical horses – as today, in Iraq, partnering the genocidal American imperialists, who when they leave, and leave they must eventually, the Kurds will have to answer to the Arab peoples, precisely as the fascist State of Israel.  The latter is practically politically bankrupt.  The whole world by now identifies it with genocidal American imperialism, which needs to invent fast a new Israel-clone to preserve its stinking compost-heap in the Arab world – the Kurds of Iraq are that unfortunate poisoned tribal spear-head group.  Egged on by the Anglo-American imperialists, the confused Kurds even massacred each other, as the Talabani and the Barzani tribes did in a bloodbath in Iraq two decades ago.
The genocide of the Armenians was a British imperialist experiment in Eugenics long before Hitler learnt the craft and cloned it against the Jews.  The Masonic Young Turks were the tools of the British imperialists, no less guilty as partners of crime, but nevertheless, not the inventors of the crime. Evidence lurks in the dust of archival history everywhere, waiting for a brilliant, inventive and a bold mind to unearth and integrate into the mainstream of genocide studies. 
Enver’s presence in London is mentioned in the correspondence of Winston Churchill with his wife, as a possible suggestion of Enver’s induction into British Freemasonry. 

Churchill was a Grandmaster and an ardent EugenicistA Top Secret letter by the British Ambassador in Istanbul was unearthed 3 decades ago, addressed to the Head of the Foreign Service in London, complaining and protesting against the abuse of Freemasonry by the Young Turks titillating their followers with the lie that every Turk who would become a Mason would be able to visit King George in London and shake his hand as a Brother!  The English Ambassador was asking the Foreign office to do the necessary to discourage such delusions that can only bring disgrace unto the good name of the Grand Lodge.

Then of course there is the article published by an American journalist about his meeting and interview with the arch British homosexual imperialist T. E. Lawrence, who shocked him by suggesting that the American government should take over Armenia as an Administrative Protectorate to truly and well genocide the Armenians once and for all, as they the British tried and failed to do a good job of it!  All of which explains the irrational, and puzzling attachment to the Turks of the ruling elite that governed Britain.  Most of the British army generals were homosexuals excited by the Turkish Ding Dongs.
There is a horrible conspiracy of silence among mainstream English historians about the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915, which I think was linked with the genocide of the Armenians.  The silence of the dishonest historians is explained by several factors;  because it was (a) Churchill’s ugly baby, the first of many, until his (b) pseudo-heroic status in World War Two, and (c) it was a totally stupid plan of war, conceived by an alcoholic idiot violating every conceivable basics of a hopeful military engagement; The British Navy went into mine-infested waters (the Dardanelles), and landed troops on cliff-side beaches as sitting ducks in full range of the Turkish cannons on cliff-tops!
Still referred to as a … Campaign, in fact it was planned by Churchill as a full blown war to give the coup de grace to the Sick Man of Europe = the Ottoman Empire, to instantly swallow up the booty – the vast Ottoman Empire.  Instead, Churchill won the title “The Butcher of Gallipoli”, resigned, Lord Kitchener ordered the withdrawal of the ridiculous “campaign”– by the 9th January 1916, the last of the men had gone, scarred by 205.000 British casualties (43.000 killed), 47.000 French casualties (5.000 killed), and 33.600 ANZACS (short for Australian and New Zealand troops – 8.700 killed), all massacred for … absolutely nothing, no military gain, not even for a drop of sea-water
And where does the planned genocide of the Armenians come in? 
The War of Gallipoli had began on the 25th of April (1915) as Churchill’s first “great” war, the day after the arrest of the Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul – the signal for the genocide – as a casus belli = the justifiable reason for an imperialist war … which, as it  ended in British ignominy was foxily made to be soon forgotten (to this day, in spite of Mel Gibson’s film) while the genocide of the Armenians continued … denied by the British government to this day.  If Churchill’s Gallipoli were successful, the belated stoppage of the genocide would be claimed as his trophy!
Moreover, with Gallipoli, the British imperialists (against their very Masonic creed!) invented also the shameless tradition of abusing the population of their colonies as cannon fodder, to fight their own global dirty wars – incredibly, the foolish Australians, for the first time, proudly participated in dying for their British grandmasters.  
Let me give an example of how the British imperialist foxes operate on many levels of nods and winks and pats on the bum; in the Museum of the United Grand Lodge of the British and therefore world Freemasonry in London (Great Queen Street – open to the Public) is a ‘priceless’ item, published here for the first time – A Koran autographed by Habibulla Khan, Amir (= Prince) of Afghanistan, who was initiated into Freemasonry on the 2nd of February, 1907, in the Lodge Concordia, No. 3102, at Freemasons’ Hall in Calcutta, in the presence of … Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, Deputy Grand Master of the Punjab, and the saviour of … Gallipoli!   
It is crucial to grasp that ancient Armenia was the heartland of Anatolia – then the Africa of the Middle East.  Africa in late 19th and early 20th centuries was referred to as the Dark Continent, its endless natural resources yet undiscovered, unexplored and dangerous.  Compare that with the Anatolian Armenia already the well-known biblical land of the Noah’s flood and Ararat Mountains which the science of its time had designated as the cradle of the ancient civilizations and its immense natural  resources – the super-fertile Crescent, as both bread-basket and gold-encrusted, especially when early archeology was no more than a search for ancient gold … The appetites of all of the newly emerging imperialist nations – France, Germany, Russia, and at their helm Britain – were whetted and wetted by Armenia.  They all wanted to possess it, but of course emptied of its native Armenians. 

There are many similarities between the Jewish Holocaust and the Genocide of the Armenians on the ledger books of the perpetrators.  Hitler was a World War One maniac, loved the sweat and the stink and the blood of the dead in the trenches.  He knew about the genocide of the Armenians very well.  Almost two thousand of the German Kaiser’s High Command had served in Turkey during the genocide witnessing it, and frequently participating in it, who then became Hitler’s Nazi hierarchy, including an aristocrat like von Neurath, a First Secretary at the German embassy in Istanbul, and Rudolf Höss, the Commandant of Auschwitz.  Hitlerites plundered the German archives to construct the infrastructure of their Holocaust of the Jews.  And the Ashkenazi European Zionist elite that rules Israel today knows this extremely well, but they like whores sold their post-modern services to the Turkish government, led by President Shimon Perez, who shamelessly denied the Armenian Holocaust – today the greatest (Armenian) Holocaust Deniers are the official America, Britain and Israel
Yet there are important differences too – Jews had a single enemy, Hitler, a pathetic little turd who for some unknown reason could pervert a whole cultured nation, the Germans, not even his (the Austrians) into committing the most heinous act of mass-murder.  He did it in full daylight, while even negotiating with the Zionist Jews for co-operation. 
The Armenians had the most powerful imperialist nations, all lined up against them, and determined on its destruction in secrecy, genocided within the boundaries of a rotten Empire – the Ottoman.  The Jews avenged themselves gloriously, not only on the German perpetrators, but also the whole anti-Semitic Christian world, and taught the world a lesson one hopes it never forgets. 
But we, sad and tragic Armenians, are still struggling, betrayed even by our Jewish co-sufferers.  In terms of psychological theories of inversion, the world felt guilty about the Jews, because they had not participated in the Nazi crime.  But the imperialist world has a guilty conscience about the genocide of the Armenians and hence denies it vehemently because they indeed participated in the crime under different guises – Britain by initiating the very genocidal concept as Eugenics and abusing its Freemasonry, the Germans by active support of the Ottoman murderers with economic and military aids, the French with civil service support to the British, only to gobble up part of the Ottoman Empire territories in the Middle East, and the Russians, who intended to but could never manage their plans of an emptied Armenia thanks to Lenin’s October Revolution and consequent destruction of Tsarism. 
At the time of the reckoning by the end of the First World War, the French and British beasts were well-satiated by their acquisition of the Middle East – they supported the re-invention of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (an ex Young Turk) and a Turkey, against all Armenian demands of territorial recovery.  The Russian Communists, in their need to defeat Western imperialist aggression against their Soviet State, let the Freemason Comrade Trotsky send pure gold to Ataturk and the denial of the Armenian rights.  Thus the world once again buried the Armenian problem. 
There are still Armenian Leaders today who childishly harp on the myth of us a Christian nation, killed because of our Christianity by the Muslim Turks.  The absolute fact is that the Christian German Kaiser (Wilhelm II 1859-1941), grandson of the British Queen Victoria, wanted as a ruse to rouse a global religious Jihad against the Armenians and the Allied forces at large, hoping that the Muslims of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan (obviously ignorant of the Amir of Afghanistan being a brother Mason to Lord Kitchener of Punjab!) … will defeat the British.  A pamphlet published in Berlin in Arabic has survived provoking a Jihad against the Armenians.   A Firman=Decree has also survived released by the great Muslim leader of the Arabs, Sharif Hussein of Mecca, whose children became the future Kings of Syria, Iraq and Jordan, commanding his children to extend his own personal protection to the … Christian Armenians!  Hussein was a member of the ruling elite of the Sultanate in Istanbul, a co-religionist of the Ottomans, yet humane enough as a true Muslim and Keeper of the holiest city of Mecca, to protect what was left of the genocided Armenians.  I can hardly bear the sadness I feel at the sight of ignorant Armenians who still feed on Anglo-American imperialist lies and knowingly propagate them.  
Such dis-informed Armenians may not even know that the list of the 250 intellectuals given to the Young Turk Junta was prepared by an … Armenian lrdess=spy who had the cheek of even being there, present, as the arrested were brought in and checked out!  Armenians are their worst enemies – let us not forget that on 24th December 1933, in the Armenian Church of New York, Archbishop Tourian, one of our best loved religious scholars and a historian was murdered, at the start of Christmas Eve services, in cold blood at the Altar, during Mass, by Armenian fascist nationalist lunatics – something the Young Turk cut-throats had not dared do.  I do not know if that fascist idiots knew that they were copy-catting the murder of
Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a thousand years earlier in December 1170, for the comfort of the English monarch King Henry II, whose ‘mate’ Becket was – earlier, in 1161, when Henry had nominated him for the post, Becket was not even ordained … so in a typical foxy fashion, having received the Pope’s consent, Becket was first invested as a priest – the next day ordained a Bishop, and the same afternoon (on 2nd June 1162) was made an Archbishop, and that of the Canterbury Cathedral too!  
The Turkish governments are the last pathetic lot that can resolve their Armenian complex – they are as much the victim with the Armenians of the Anglo-American-Israeli elites.  Every time Turkey steps out of line of their global policy of world domination, they pull out the ‘Christian’ Armenian card to push them back in line.  Now the European Union has gotten wise to the abuse of the Armenian Question.  The Christians led by the Vatican, and an ex Nazi-Youth member Pope, are determined to keep Europe nice and clean and Christian-pure – they abuse the Armenian Question for the job
Poor pathetic naïve Armenians, always the Losers – a few of the immensely wealthy among them in America are annually abused as milking cows by the American mafia Senators promising to acknowledge their historical grief and loss – until the Turkish government too feeds them a few hundred million dollars … robbed from the American taxpayers as economic Aids to … Turkey to stay secular against the Islamic world. 
And every year, the fat swine of the American Senate laugh their heads off all the way to their mafia Banks … while the poor American Armenians with their tails between their legs, illiterate in the Foxy ways of Anglo-American imperialist politics, get ready to run circles on their hamster wheels for another year …
  1. A Masterly Essay

    I had a preview of Professor Pilikian’s new article – yet another masterly essay. What an astonishing, powerful, revealing, grabbing, mind-boggling invitation to knowledge and sanity offered to the reader. I can’t praise this piece enough for its truthfulness, revelations, objectivity, historicity… I’m running out of words; a compendium of so many innovative ideas and historical facts that our so called historians are terrified to even note, let alone grasp or mention! Many boils are lanced with the unique Pilikian-style concordance.

    Pilikian’s mind is truly scientific – researching, digging up fact-based fresh interpretations, refuting dogma and received knowledge, questioning everything, and I mean Everything — he has no sacred cows — to unravel the truth, fearlessly, without the slightest trepidation.

    I do not hesitate to repeat that Professor Pilikian’s work is mind-opening and enhancing, immensely interesting – I really must say unique – written in Pilikian’s enchanting style, a sheer beauty in itself.

    I must not forget to praise his tautologies and glorious examples. He reminds me of Karl Marx and Engels, and the old-school Marxist polymaths – in a single article is contained Linguistics, Philosophy, History, Politics, Military tactics, Armenian misfortunes – the English-style murder of an Archbishop … what else! – really, a miraculous mind in action.

    Dr. Armen Baghdoyan, USA

  2. Excellent Article, Except

    Excellent article. Except there is a common denominator behind all this that the author fails to mention. Talat, Enver and Jemal pashas and Ataturk were all crypto-Jews from Tesalonika and all the countries that the author mentioned: U.S., UK, Germany and France were controlled and run by the Zionists. Why this fact was not included in your research? What role did the Zionists play in the planning and the execution of the Armenian Genocide? Please respond. Thanks.

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