“Saints’ Eyes” Dedicated to Genocide Victims

  Music: Martin Aharonian
  Lyrics: Tadevos Tonoyan


  Music: Martin Aharonian
  Lyrics: Tadevos Tonoyan


Saints’ Eyes

By Tadevos Tonoyan, Yerevan, Armenia

Souls learn only to hover and fly,
While bodies get used to the agony of death
Though all beings are errant,
God watches every abyss on earth.

Ancient paradise is conquered,
Devoted ones are expelled and killed.
Though bells don’t toll,
God watches us from above.

There are rivers of blood, and time is powerless
Sacrificial lambs are killed,
But the saints’ eyes keep us reminding
That God watches us from above.

Candles are put out, prayers are mute
Lips are speechless, souls and monasteries too
No one laments, and Heaven is silent too.
But even in this silence God watches us.

He watches every abyss on earth
All beings are errant; even so
The bodies get used to the agony of death,
While the soul yearns to hover and fly.


  1. The Eyes of the Holy
    Nations will come and go.

    Armenians will stay and spread THE LIGHT, the mission we were created for.

  2. What “Victims of the

    What "Victims of the Genocide" you’re talking about?!

    Whatever the Diaspora Armenians have accomplished in decades, the government of Armenia tries to do away with a few strokes. It has stabbed the Diaspora from the  back and sold the Armenian history for cheap…very cheap.

    Այսքան չարիք թէ մոռանան մեր որդիք, Թող ողջ աշխարհ Հայուն կարթայ նախատինք:

  3. Request for translation of lyrics


    I’m writing a series of publications about the commemoration of the Armenian genocide in popular music and I was wondering if someone could translate the lyrics of this song for me please?



  4. What a song with strong words

    What a song with strong words. Bravo to Martin Aharonian and Tadevos Donoyan. Long live Armenia that suffered many centuries. 1895 and 2015 are the dates which I will never forget. Please translate and send to Phil as he requested in his e-mail dated May 3rd , 2010

    Thank you

    Mihran Meneshian

    1. Request is noted
      Dear Mihran,

      A special attention is provided to Phil’s request. Already attempts are made to contact the author and the composer of the song to get an authentic translation of the lyrics. Phil is notified of the same.

      Thank you for your reminder.


      Dikran Abrahamian

  5. “Saints Eyes”
    Very beautiful song. Bravo for finally presenting us a nicely done song dedicated to our victims. 


  6. Thank you, Glendale
    Very heart-piercing, nicely arranged and performed melodic song. First I enjoyed it myself and then shared with my friends. Thank you, Glendale, California

  7. Letter of the Saint’s Eyes


    Could a reader send me–through Keghart.com–the complete "Saint's Eyes" song in the Armenian alphabet? Thanks a lot.

    Joeão Cearlos Boyadjian

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