Merchants of Death

By Art Stepanian, Toronto, 13 October 2020

“I know that Azerbaijan has problems. Basically, the problem stems from your neighbor. As in people, you cannot choose your neighborhood…We are totally for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. We don’t think that one country can come and annex part of another’s land.”

Guess who said those lofty words.

Mad-as-hell Recep Erdogan? One of the serial dictators of Pakistan? The Sultan of Oman?

You’d be wrong if you picked any of the above likely candidates.

The hypocritical words belong to Shimon Peres, president of Israel. Machiavellian Peres was visiting (2009) Azerbaijan when he expressed his indignation [to “Trend News Agency”] at the injustice the much put upon Azerbaijan had suffered at the hands of “problem” Armenia.

No one was shocked or guffawed at Peres’ gumption although almost all of Israel is annexed Palestinian land. Peres, real name Szymon Perski was born in Wiszniew, Poland but thanks to the Zionist knack for grabbing Arab lands, Perski-Peres became president of the Promised Land.

Perski-Peres was sly and multi-talented. One of his main talents was to illegally acquire weapons for Zionist militias who were planning to forcibly transform Palestine into Israel. Whenever Israel was involved in legal or illegal arms acquisitions, Perski was the Johnny-on-the-spot.

He was Israel’s merchant of death. As such, he was key for the establishment of Israel’s weapons industry. He also had a cryptic hand in Israel’s development of nuclear bombs. When he died, the obituaries described him as “the Peacemaker” despite his blood-soaked life.

Now the Israeli arms industry is one of the biggest enterprises in that country. You name it Israel’s weapons industry produces it…bullets to artillery shells, Uzi submachine guns to missiles, Galili and Tavor rifles to explosives, propellants, and mortars. In 2007, it was one of the world’s major exporters of military equipment, accounting for 10 percent of the world total. In 2011 its arms’ sales reached the $12.9 billion mark. In 2014 the Land of Milk and Honey was the world’s sixth-largest arms exporter.

Israel is not fussy about its customers. Where there’s money, Israeli arms salesmen are there.  Over the years, its major customers have been Latin American dictators (Guatemala, El Salvador), corrupt absolute monarchs (the Shah of Iran), the murderous Myanmar’s military regime, South African apartheid rulers who allowed Israel to secretly test its nuclear bombs in the South Atlantic.

[Although Israel wouldn’t exist without U.S. support (military, diplomatic, financial, intelligence, etc.), the Israel military-industrial complex has no compunction in selling Uncle Sam’s defense technology secrets to China.]

The latest toy in Israel’s handbook of weapons is the deadly drone. Israel’s manufactures several types, including the Harop which is nicknamed “Suicide” and “Kamikaze”. Israel has sold an unknown number of these demonic weapons to Azerbaijan. Despite the Armenian army’s efficiency and courage, the Israeli drones have become the nemesis of the Armenian fighters. Hikmet Hajiyev, the spokesman of bumbling dictator Ilham Aliyev, said last week: “The Israeli drones proved themselves very effective.” There’s industry gossip that the Turkish Bayraktar drone is a copy of an Israeli drones with slight modification.

Righteous Israelis and some American Jews have publicly voiced their opposition to Israel’s sale of weapons to Azerbaijan during the ongoing war. While we thank them for their sense of justice, we should not delude ourselves that their opposition would make an iota of difference to Israeli authorities. Azerbaijan is a gold mine for the Israel Military Industries, the government body which controls the production and export of arms. While the war was in full throttle, practically every day Azeri cargo planes (owned by a company which is the personal possession of one of Aliyev’s daughters) landed in southern Israel and loaded with whatever weapons and ammunition Aliev needed.

Israel will continue to sell weapons to Azerbaijan because Tel Aviv is a strategic partner of Baku.

Israel will continue to sell weapons to Azerbaijan because Tel Aviv buys 40 percent of its energy from Azerbaijan.

Israel will continue to sell weapons to Azerbaijan because it plans to use Azerbaijan to rouse the Azeris of Iran to rise against Tehran—Tel Aviv’s number-one enemy.
Israel is also grateful to Azerbaijan. The effectiveness of its drones is the best advertisement for future sales of drones in global markets.

Israel doesn’t give a hoot about the plight of Armenians. Nothing personal, you understand: it’s just business.

Israel only cares for number one—morality be damned. Israel, which never fails to remind the world—seemingly every day—of the Holocaust, refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

This is the country where Armenia established an embassy a few months ago.
This is the country no Armenian will ever forgive for aiding the Azeri and Turk genocidiers.

  1. The world rightly condemns the Syrian mercenary terrorists sent by Turkey to Azerbaijan to kill Armenians–soldiers and civilians. The Israeli government, which is raining death on our people through its drones and other satanic armaments is no different from the Syrian mercenary terrorists. While the Syrian mercenaries have the “justification” that they have to feed their families. Israel doesn’t have that evil excuse. It’s hurting innocent Armenian people for money, and to advertise its ability to cause tragedy and havoc. It’s difficult to see much difference between Israeli crimes in Artsakh and the crimes of the Nazis.

  2. In the Second World War, the U.S. was called the “Arsenal of Democracy.”
    Now Israel should be called “Arsenal of Atrocities against the Armenians.”

  3. According to the Russia/Armenia pact, Russia would defend Armenia when Armenia is under attack and if Armenia is not the aggressor. Since Armenia is helping Nagorno-Karabakh against Azerbaijan, Armenia is the aggressor, according to Putin, Assuming the above terms reflect the essence of the pact, it would be a Russian blunder to abide by the letter of the law.
    If Artsakh falls, Armenia’s days will be numbered. The country will either vanish or become a vassal of Turkey. Many/most Armenians would immigrate. What would be the impact on Russia of such an outcome? Turkey, with NATO’s backing, will push Russia out of the northhern Caucasus as Chechens, Circassians and other Caucasian Muslims drive the Ivans from the northern Caucasus. The development could be a mortal blow to Russia.
    In the Middle Ages, arrogant and ignorant Byzantuim did not appreciate Armenia’s role as Byzantium’s first line of defense against Turkish barbarians. We know what happened at the Battle of Manazgerd (non-Armenians have corrupted the Armenian town’s name to Manzikert). Byzantium’s defeat Manazgerd was the beginning of the end for Byzantuim. Putin has no reputation as a reader. The former KGB officer prefers to pose with wild animals rather than tame Erdogan the hiyena..

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