Shrill Jacqueline-of-All-Tirades Attacks Armenia and Artsakh

By Art Stepanian, Canada, 4 May 2020

Since Azerbaijan and Israel started sleeping together, anti-Armenian propaganda has oozed from the pens of a gang of mostly Israeli and diaspora Jewish writers.

Despite their transparent allegiance, these pretend-journalists have the temerity to demand that readers take them for unbiased journalists. That’s what is known as chutzpah in Yiddish.

The list of these shameless hacks includes Adele Nazarian, Tal Buenos, Brenda Shaffer, Maxime Gauin, Justin Schwartz, Justin Amler, Arye Gut, the late Alexander Murinson, and a dozen others, enough to fill a motel for a convention of liars. Probably the most prolific of the gang is one Nurit Greenger of Los Angeles.

Born in Israel in 1947, Nurit describes herself as a “one-woman Hasbarah army,” blithely unaware that such a self-description diminishes her credibility as a journalist.  The Hebrew word means public relations efforts made to disseminate a positive image of Israel. Thus, a Manichean idée fixe determines Nurit’s politics: countries, organizations, and persons are either angels or demons depending on their views on Israel. Those who fail her litmus test become her targets.

No stranger to modesty, Nurit’s CV says that she is adept at strategic planning, managing, supervising, marketing, entrepreneurship, running a non-profit organization, social networking, fund-raising, and journalism. She is apparently blind to the contradiction of being both a journalist and a PR practitioner. Betraying how clueless she is of current mores, dos and don’ts, she describes herself as a “Jewess” when that word has been banished along with “Negress,” “aviatrix,” and “Asiatic.”

As impressive as her multitude of skills is the plethora of names she has used in her 73 years: Nuzit Greenger, Nurit R. Greenger, Nurit G. Reimer, Nurit Greengerriemer, Nurtt Greenger, and Nurt G. Greenger.

The multi-named Renaissance Woman’s main thrust—since the mid-‘80s—has been writing screeds promoting Israel. Of course, it’s her right to be passionate about Israel. However, when that allegiance makes her spread hatred, untruth, and prevarication—in this case about Armenia and Artsakh—she opens herself up to criticism. A pop psychologist might speculate that her over-the-top passion for Israel is displacement/compensation for being a childless divorcée living alone in Los Angeles.

She calls herself an “Accidental Reporter.” She saw the light “during the 2006 second Lebanon War” and felt compelled to become a pro-Israel activist. Note the “war” rather than Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. An invasion that saw 1,300 Lebanese and 165 Israelis killed. Israel also severely damaged Lebanon’s civil infrastructure and displaced one million Lebanese. During the invasion, Nurit became a complete journalist just like Athena who sprang complete from the skull of Zeus. Since then she has written about 700 articles. If you read one, you’ve probably read them all. You also enter an irony-free zone. They appear on online publications and the usual media suspects in Israel.

Busybody Nurit doesn’t confine her vast talents to journalism. She not only “thinks outside the box,” she also thinks big. Nurit is the founding president of a nonprofit called Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program (CHIP). In 2017 the Internal Revenue Service revoked the nonprofit status of CHIP for not filing the relevant forms for three years. Probably the IRS was unaware that Nurit was too busy defending Western Civilization to fill out boring grey forms.

Hungry for attention, she tends to exaggerate her importance (“world-traveling reporter”) because she has been to Israel, Azerbaijan, and Cameroon. She also dramatizes her life. When she received an eviction notice from her landlord, she recalled patriarch Abraham’s temporary bedmate Hagar who was driven out of the homestead by Sara, Abraham’s wife. She wrote, “I am Hagar, Sara sent into the wilderness.” In that same cri de coeur, she pointed out that the landlord was an “immigrant from Iran.” Was the mention an indication of racism or was she taking advantage of Iran’s unpopularity in the U.S. to win sympathy and support for her court case against the landlord?

In introducing herself, she ungrammatically says she “stands for truth, no political correctness, active in order to save the world from itself, from despicable Leftism-Progressives-Liberals, and Islamic bestial barbarism evil as well as save America from Washington the Free World from Self-Destruction.” She sees “Israel and the U.S as the last two forts of true democratic freedom.” Do Britain, Canada, France, and Germany know they have fallen between the cracks?

Enter the heaven-sent Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Since Azerbaijan and Israel are pals, Armenia and Artsakh became targets of Nurit’s bile, based on the premise that my friend’s enemy is my enemy.

Here’s a malodorous bouquet of some of the articles she has scribbled in recent years:  “Armenia: Occupier of Nagorno-Karabakh,” “Armenia Recklessly Transports Corona-virus to Nagorno-Karabakh,” “Remembering Khojaly Massacre: Yearning to Forget and Forgive,” “Azerbaijan: Regional Force of Stability and Connectivity,” and “Nagorno-Karabakh: Stories of Loss, Survival, and Hope.” Last year an article she wrote was published with a headline that said Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan should be persona non-grata in Los Angeles.

In other articles, she has written:

  • “Armenia is not interested in logic, rather than in confrontation…”
  • “Azerbaijan is a peace-loving country that accommodates many ethnic and religious groups, while Armenia on the contrary, is seeking to prolong the conflict and constantly agitates its neighbor in an attempt to escalate the fighting”
  • “Armenia has invaded and ethnically cleansed 20 percent of Azerbaijan sovereign territory, supporting terrorism at the state level, creating the main threat to regional stability and interested in escalation of the situation on the line of contact with Azerbaijan, it is important that Israel continues assisting Azerbaijan to maintain military superiority.”

After years of churning out hate-filled pap, Nurit hit the big time in the summer of 2018 when she became a monitor of a foreign election. To learn about that milepost in her life, we have to go to the West African country of Cameroon which has been ruled for 38 years by standard-issue dictator Paul Biya.

Cameroon is ranked by Transparency International’s (T.I.) Perception Index a lowly 153 out of 180 states on the corruption scale. Biya has won every election since 1982. T.I. is a respected organization with experience in election monitoring around the globe. Cameroon is one of the first two African states which restored relations with Israel after breaking them following the October War in 1973. For more than 30 years Israel has been looking after Biya’s security with elite forces, according to the African Report. Israelis also run an electronic surveillance system in Cameroon. Israel created and trains the country’s Rapid Intervention Battalion, an elite military force and army combat unit. It also sells weapons and military vehicles to Cameroon and offers scholarships. Cameroon is the only nation to join Israel in voting against UN resolution “Assistance to Palestine Refugees.” There are so many Israelis in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, that it is sometimes called “Little Tel Aviv.”

In October 2018, Biya held one of his pro-forma national elections. Three months before the election, a news organization named Agence Cameroun Presse (ACP) was established in Yaoundé. The editor-in-chief was Eli Dayan from Israel.

The ACP invited six or seven people to monitor the election. They were Raphael Kalfon, Salomon Benros, Yasmine Thabet, Amanda Benzikri Levy, Hubert Haddad… and Nurit Greenger. By some coincidence, they all had something important in common: they were Jewish.

As usual, Biya won the election by a landslide. At a post-election press conference, the ACP monitors gave the election process a clean bill of health. Kalfon said the election had been an exercise in “democratic emancipation” while Nurit chimed in: “Everybody did their job in a clear and satisfactory manner.” She, like the other monitors, wore a tag that said “independent.” They said they were sent by T. I.

While Biya was celebrating his seventh election win, things suddenly got hairy. Patricia Moreira, managing director at T.I.’s world headquarters, issued this statement: “A recent television report featuring individuals described as working for T.I. is false and untrue.” Charles Nguini, president of the Cameroon T.I., echoed the words of the head office.

The six monitors were thus exposed as a sham. and Agence France Presse published exposes. The Radio France Internationale (RFI) report was headlined “Cameroon ‘fake’ election observers mask the truth about reality of presidential polls.”

 The U.S. based-Foreign Policy also exposed the imposters. Meanwhile, RFI anonymously interviewed a monitor who said none of the monitors had previously visited sub-Saharan Africa, and it was the first time they had monitored elections.

 The monitors said all expenses had been taken care of including hotel and airfare “although they didn’t answer a question about remuneration for carrying out the observation.” twisted the knife in: Granger:

Greenger was an “unemployed white divorcee with no fixed address that had become the star of the presidential elections.” It added she had been provided with bodyguards, a driver, had received red carpet treatment, was received by members of the government, and had appeared on television news.

The story went on to say: “This woman and the gang of rascals who accompany her, including Salomon Benros, a convict of Moroccan origin, convicted for theft and swindle…”       

Who is Eli Dayan of Israel and why was he in Cameroon?

How and why did he establish Agence Cameroun Presse a mere three months before the Cameroon election?

How did Dayan, who invited the monitors, pay their expenses?

If the monitors were paid, how much were they paid and by whom?

Why were all the monitors Jewish?

Many questions but no answers.


  1. Beautiful educational article. Very interesting. Truth must be told always. Yes, the media is the most corrupted institution, not only in the U.S., but all over the world. I am so glad that you opened the eyes of the public. We need people like you to get rid of all those who promote racism and corruption. Speaking of how Nurit Greenger supports a terrorist government like Azerbaijan for political expediency, Armenians should be careful when they decide to collaborate with Israel or any other country. Any country that works against Armenians, we must Boycott , Divest and Sanction against them. Regardless who they are, and without any exceptions. All Armenians have to report Nurit to higher authorities and we must work on stripping her license of journalism and kick her out of any position she holds. It is the duty of each and every Armenian to stand against such a malice and conniving person. By the way, she is a copy image of Rivka Cohen, the X-Israeli ambassador to Armenia who insulted Armenians when she minimized the first Holocaust of the twentieth century, no not the Jewish Holocaust but yes, the Armenian Holocaust. So, now is the time. Let’s put our hands together and work on exploiting her so that others will learn a lesson, not to mess with Armenians.

    I thank the author for this great article. Thank you.

  2. This is an excellent, factual article. Thank you, Keghart.

    Just as the major organizations within the American Jewish lobby – ADL, AIPAC, AJC, etc. – were allied, implicitly or explicitly, with Turkey, so too they are now allied with Azerbaijan, Israel’s friend.

    And please don’t be fooled by what appear to be major disagreements between Israel and Turkey.

    Israel and American Jewish organizations are simply hoping that Erdogan passes from the scene sooner or later so that Israel and Turkey can once again be the great (anti-Armenian) friends they always were.

    I am not blaming grassroots Jewish Americans. Their organizations have betrayed thieir trust too.

    You see, too many Armenians are fooled by ADL, AJC. etc. games.

    These Armenians have been led to believe, for example, that just because the ADL finally acknowledged, after many decades, the Armenian Genocide 4 years ago in a “blog post,” that somehow the ADL and Jewish lobby are now our friends. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Sadly, some Armenian American organizations, such as ANCA and the Armenian Assembly of America (and their favorite newspapers) are leading their constituents to swallow the ADL and AJC lines for ANCA and AAA’s own misguided purposes.

  3. Thank you Art Stepanian for this detailed article about the multi talented, “world traveling reporter” who choses to live in the USA while so passionate about her native Israel. As you know, Azerbaijan has the funds to promote their own propaganda against Armenia. Nurit’s actions along with her entourage in the Cameroon speaks volumes about who she is and what she does on the international scene. I have reason to believe that their trip to the Cameroon to ensure that the election was fair was funded by Azerbaijani government. I look forward to read more of your articles.

  4. I have been actively responding to such writers for over the past five years, having posted nearly seven hundred reader responses to anti-Armenian articles. Many of these writers are Jewish writers, and others are simple lobbyists. Some of each group have slowly faded away. A few of them stopped after their Jewishness was questioned in public. I also penned about thirty free-standing articles, one of which touches on the topic at hand, “Returns on Diplomatic Investment: Zionist Policies and the Armenians.” This article contrasts the role of Jewish publishers and Donme activities with the Young Turks with today’s free-PR support for Azerbaijan by Jewish writers.

    This effort started back in late 1988 and ramped up by the early 1990s when I was in constant debate with Turks on what was known as the Unix User Network (Usenet). I was the first person to use the internet for Armenian issues. To make a long story short and getting back to the point, thousands of people, mainly students, were educated on the Armenian genocide and the battle for Nagorno-Karabakh. By the early 1990s, I met with a few people who were associated with Israeli intelligence in some form. However, it was 1992 when a former co-worker contacted me and wanted to know what was going on with all the postings of eyewitness accounts of barbarism in Sumgait, Baku, etc. At the time, she was the president of the Shawsheen Valley Zionist Council, in a suburb west of Boston. I had known her for several years at our previous place of employment, and we would talk about genocide issues, etc. She was angry at my efforts at portraying Azerbaijan in what she called a propaganda war against an up and coming ally of Israel. I cut off contact with her when her husband tried to hack into my server after I refused to give him an account. Back then, it appeared to many that my name was a front for some clandestine operation as few individuals had Unix machines on the internet outside of established firms or universities. I had my first denial of service (DoS) attack in 1993! I ended my Usenet participation in 1997 after it was simply too much to address Turkish genocide deniers, Turkish Army Intelligence, and uninformed Armenians in the same forum. I spend the next five to ten years collecting documents, files, and survivor interviews on events across Azerbaijan from 1987 to 1994. I may have the best archive available in a single collection.

    In the fall of 1997, ASALA luminary David Davidian (not me) was murdered in Yerevan. Usenet Turks thought that was me. They went into a frenzy until I posted my last response as if I were writing from the afterlife, written in profoundly religious Turkish with a friend from Istanbul.

    In September of 2015, a delegation of Israeli MKs visited Baku Included were Oren Hazan and adviser Mendi Safadi. Safadi, in particular, said, “I’ve always been on the side of Azerbaijan, and we are ready to provide assistance and patronage of the Azerbaijani side to neutralize the influence of the Armenian lobby in the US Congress, the EU institutions, and international organizations.” The Azerbaijanis had a cavalier attitude, bragging about the event all over their press outlets. Those articles have subsequently been deleted except for in the link above. Of the items that have been moderated-censored, exposing this event is near the top of the censored list.

    It was after this Baku meeting there was a spike in anti-Armenian and anti-Armenian/pro-Azerbaijani articles. Initially, there were a series of articles claiming Armenians were selling U238 from the Medzamor ANP to nuclear terrorists. These articles were each exposed as garbage. Natural Uranium is 99% U238, so somebody was selling rocks. The facts are Armenia doesn’t reprocess its spent fuel, and if it did, nobody would care about U238 as this element is not saved. After reading the actual arrest report, of those arrested in Georgia, only one was Armenian. These are the types of articles they write. They assume nobody will bother to check the facts. Just as in an article by Ayre Gut a few days ago, claiming that Nzhdeh and 20,000 Armenians gathered and murdered Jews in Crimea, Gut presented no facts, only claims. What it takes to respond to all this is time, tenacity, knowing the facts, and an ability to write a critical response, or a preemptive article.

    I don’t think this handful of Jews are paid for what they write. It is irrelevant anyway, for it’s the content of what they write that needs to be exposed. There are other writers most likely paid by Baku, and that may include Peter Tase. Tase wrote an article, and if I recall correctly, it was about Azerbaijani artifacts from Nakhichevan. It turns out that he was given a flyer for a meeting that took place years before, and he had it translated and never even looked at the last sentence, which was an invitation for a group meeting. Tase now rarely posts articles on non .az sites as he has been ripped to pieces when posts publicly. Azerbaijan may contribute monetarily to content providers such as I have stopped posting replies on that site for the past few years as every time I reply, it only gets posted after I write the editor asking why it has not appeared, and it’s always for the same “technical” reasons. EurAktiv is not the only site engaging in delayed commentary posts. Content providers know that articles get read when newly published. Waiting days for comments to appear means fewer people will see the comments.

    The worst new development and this alone could be the topic of an article is how reader replies and commentary are censored. The biggest culprit in this is, which is an Israeli company. So not only can content providers post what they want, but the web site can use to prevent not just certain users from posting commentary but content deemed undesirable. Of course, when an online magazine doesn’t want reader replies, it’s shut that capability off. The NYTimes does that often. I have posted and attempted to post enough commentary using the interface to make an educated guess, as have many other commentators, that can be configured to reject comments with specific themes. It could use AI for part of its function. For example, yesterday, I wrote a response on a Jerusalem Post article by Ayre Gut, about a supposed Jewish-Azerbaijani war hero, Aharonov. Jpost uses, and my reply was posted. It has only been recently that Jpost has posted any of my responses.

    I had stopped replying to Jpost, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, Carnegie Europe, Christian Broadcasting Corp., etc. as I was wasting time writing replies that never get posted. Even this morning, rejected for the third time my attempt at responding to another Ayre Gut article in IsraelHayom, “Glorifying fascism disrespects the memory of the Holocaust.” IsraelHayom uses I emailed the editors of IsraelHayom asking why my reader response was rejected for the third time, yet a reply by another commentator insulting the author in Turkish was not. That comment was, “Forgetting azeri legion and turkische legion I see arye gutveren.” There is obvious censorship taking place.

    Does all this effort make a difference? I refer the readers to the article, “Դավիթ Դավթյան. անուն, որին ավելի քաջատեղյակ են Ադրբեջանում, քան Հայաստանում” What a disgrace!

    I also claim that real intelligence services post articles as bait to ascertain the quality and content of responses. I will leave it up to the readers to judge the impact of my claim.

    Yerevan, Armenia

    1. See an article and photo of three anti-Armenian/pro-Azerbaijani writers in Baku two years ago.
      Among the guests were US political analyst Raoul Lowery Contreras, independent journalist living in the US Nurit Greenger, journalists from Italy Lello Stelletti and Domenico Letizia, as well as Jason Katz, the founder of Tool Shed Group LLC – a full service strategic communications, public relations, public affairs, business development and fundraising firm.

    2. Armenians owe a huge “THANK YOU” to David Davidian for his single-handed and indefatigable efforts to counteract the organized Turkbeijani and Israeli anti-Armenian media campaign. No week passes without these hired writers penning anti-Armenian articles. They might be in Israel, South Africa, Australia, or the U.S. but act in concert. It’s unfair and self-defeating to say “let David do it–he’s good at it.” No matter how good, no one writer can stop the avalanche of the Israel-rooted anti-Armenian articles and comments/letters to the editor. Armenians should join Mr. Davidian and write to any media outlet which accommodates these Armenia-hater. We should tell the world the truth about the Armenian conflict with Turkbeijan and expose the falsehoods a gang of Israeli/Jewish “journalists” has been spreading about Armenia on behalf of Azerbaijan and Turkey. The reason Israeli/Jewish writers are going after Armenia and Armenians is obvious.

      For years, the Diaspora Armenian media has been circumspect about criticizing Israelis and their overseas representatives despite the countless anti-Armenian provocations they have dished, starting with making sure the U.S. doesn’t recognize the Genocide of Armenians. It’s time to take off the gloves. Being “nice guys” hasn’t paid off. Just the opposite: the Armenia-haters have intensified their campaign. Our mass media should counteract the anti-Armenian propaganda. We have nothing to lose. While we are grateful to Werfel, Lemkin, and other righteous Jews, Armenian publications should respond to the damaging Israeli-oriented mouthpieces of Turkbeijan. The Armenia haters will cry “antisemitic” when they see our response. So be it. We don’t have a history of antisemitism. In fact, Armenians saved Jews during WWII while tiny Armenia (pop. 1.1 million at the start of WWII) sent 300,000 fighters to battle the Nazis. Most of them didn’t return. Our publications and on-line outlets should deliver the message to these Armenia-haters that there’s a price to pay when they persist in their racist campaign against us.

  5. As someone who supports Israel there seems to be too many lefty pro turkish clowns. Anyone who knows history knows what Turkey and Azerbaijan are about. It stunned me when Israel would let jihadists use their hospitals after being wounded in Syria. Sometimes the state of Israel and some Jews have no clue. They will get a clue when they are next.

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