The Dusk of McCain versus the Dawn of Obama


By Professor Hovhanness Israel Pilikian, London UK

I was of those who would quote Shakespeare’s Mark Antony (from the play Julius Caesar) about Brutus about … John McCain, “He’s an honorable man” – but not anymore, not after his Speech accepting the nomination of the Republican candidacy to follow President Bush, the USA’s first Banana-republic president who twice stole his post by corrupt vote-rigging.  


By Professor Hovhanness Israel Pilikian, London UK

I was of those who would quote Shakespeare’s Mark Antony (from the play Julius Caesar) about Brutus about … John McCain, “He’s an honorable man” – but not anymore, not after his Speech accepting the nomination of the Republican candidacy to follow President Bush, the USA’s first Banana-republic president who twice stole his post by corrupt vote-rigging.  

And any American who wishes to know the truth about their simian soon-to-be-ex president today should consult the caricatures of Steve Bell, whose creative genius in the London newspaper The Guardian served as the sole source of truth during the British lies on the war in Iraq, just as the Washington Post cartoonist Herbert Block (signed ‘Herblock’) used to denounce the lies of the anti-communist lunatic Joseph McCarthy.  

The first and last words John McCain spoke at his Convention included “fight”, and in between he used the word over 30 times … Who did he remind me of?  No other than mad Hitler, who was obsessed with the verb kämpfen – the exact translation in German – even included in the title of his blood-soaked book Mein Kampf – translated as My Struggles – it should be My Fights, in McCain-speak.

John McCain’s CV declaimed endlessly by a bulky Hollywood Senator Thompson (?) sounded (to our European mind-set) like a tale told for the private pleasure of a Sadomasochist Mac-brigade in a porno movie-house … and to the great credit of the Republican Convention participants, they looked bored to death! 

Those platform-speakers looked fat and old and so has-beens, compared with the Democrats – even Vice President candidate Joe Biden looking a hundred years younger than … McCain, who thinks “change is coming” – he does not understand that Change has already come by Obama’s very candidacy – Even, if God forbid he loses, America shall never be the same again.

All can be forgiven – looks, genuine errors, even human foolishness … but what can never be forgiven are deliberate lies, the price of which is war and destruction, and in-human misery

Truth-speaking – a Revolutionary Force for Change

Truth is wholesome hence usually in singular – Lies always come in plural.  The human social (and political) world has not understood yet the revolutionary power of truth-speaking. 

Governments create the infrastructure of bureaucratic lying – as Secrecy and their secret services (CIA, KGB, Mossad – you name it) – with the obsessive single objective to kill Truth and murder truth-speakers – Socrates was the first to be poisoned for it in the very first Democracy (in ancient Athens) that constituted the beginnings of civil society in the West, followed several hundred years later by Jesus Christ himself, and many others in between and since, including Martin Luther King in our own times. 

Superstructures built on lies collapse like a pack of cards when the Truth is trumpeted – the vast territories of the Soviet Empire acquired through centuries of imperialist wars were lost overnight when President Gorbachov called upon the Marxist truth of Socialism laid un-practiced in the Soviet State-capitalist system, buried and crushed under its weight of corruption. 

Were the same truth unraveled in our capitalist Britain, the Army would be called in to massacre its people, as in Northern Ireland. 

The Truth about the lies of the Blair-Bush war on Iraq defeated the most powerful armies of America and Britain before even they started their genocide of the 1.5 million Iraqi dead – Were it not for the capture of Bush-and-Blair with their pants down on the international stage, the war in Iraq could have turned into another Vietnam – that it has not yet as a direct result of the pressure of the international public opinion, is evidence of America’s defeat in Iraq in spite of the Iraqi dead! 

Barack Obama shall come to end it, alas not soon enough, as Iraq itself (like Vietnam) shall never recover from the war-crimes committed in its name, with millions killed, maimed, displaced, including American war-veterans neglected by their government, who simply abused them as cannon-fodder.

War-veterans must be given first class medical care and all honors – and not only when they are dead in their coffins – the greatest of which must be that soldiers are never ever raped again to fight wars in distant lands which is not in defense of their own country, in their own country, but rather to enrich the very fat cats of corporate America.  

Obama Truth versus McCain Lies

Senator McCain (and he is an honorable man … they all are who rob the Wall Street Banks) has a three-layer problem with the Truth – the case of all liars;

(1) His best bits are blatantly stolen in full daylight robbery from Senator Obama …

(2) He merely lies knowingly, unashamedly for personal advantage,

(3) He then believes in his own lies which lead to obnoxious Delusions.

“And we are winning in Iraq” McCain pronounced publicly during his first debate with Senator Obama, who sweetly and forgivingly tried to open McCain’s eyes to the Truth that, not only America has not won, moreover, shall never either, and worse – America has already lost the war in Iraq with nightmarish evil consequences for the immediate future that no expert can dream of let alone calculate precisely.

Poor, pathetic, honorable McCain, stuck in the groove of his own broken Vietnamese record went on; “And we will come home with victory and with honor!”

Repeat – “And we are winning in Iraq” – incredible, that anyone, never mind the law-maker of a country, will not descend from his cloud-cuckoo-land of macho military bird-brains … with birds like Sarah Palin to keep company, who is sold on the hilarious joke that “McCain knows how to win a war”.

Mrs. Palin slipped up when she confessed in her own debate on CNN with Senator Biden, “We’ve got to win in Iraq”, giving the lie to her Boss that they have already won it … It goes to show that one can never trust a “pit-bull in lipstick”, when “The heels are on, the gloves are off”– images and metaphors of street walkers and hookers and call girls and tarts Mrs. Palin seems orgasmically happy to give herself … I wonder if she is trying to make sense to the US porno-industry worth a hundred billion dollars per annum!

The truth about the Markets

There are no “free markets”, there never has been any, there cannot be by definition of its nature – markets, starting from its local kind in the neighborhood, need to be, and are ALWAYS manipulated by the traders!!!!!  To profess otherwise is the grand lie –The neo-liberal brigade which is neither neo-, nor liberal is lying. 

The decent thing to do is to regulate the volatile markets, as Senator Obama suggests, not to de-regulate them for total thievery as President Reagan did – and he is Senator McCain’s self-confessed “hero” – President Reagan (and his British Blonde-dyed heroine Mrs. Thatcher) are the kind of capitalists who are born senile.

Senators Obama and Biden seem to be the only men in-power in America emboldened by the absolute truth that the disastrous tragedy in Iraq is equally responsible for the Wall Street bankruptcy. 

Britain created Industrial Capitalism in the 19th c., while America invented the consequent institution of the Bank-Robbery as a category of the easy national crime.  Historically, because of the vast distances of the American countryside, the transportation of cash-Capital for the Banks throughout the United States provided the ideal opportunity for the easy-crime of the Bank-robbery, which in the confines of the City of London could not be accomplished.  

President Bush cannot be but viewed as the greatest bank-robber in American history.  He has been robbing Iraq via Halliburton and Co. in trillions, and as he could get away with it, he got the balls to do the same now to the national chest of America, plundering it to the tune of 700 billion dollars, offering it on a silver plate to his Wall Street mafia cronies.

The Right (but not the righteous) of this world – the news media embedded in the bosom of Western capitalism – misrepresented the global bail-outs as acts of … Socialist nationalization – yet another grand lie, to distract attention from the absolute truth that the capitalist governments are robbing their poor – the vast majority of their peoples – putting nooses around their neck, for the foreseeable future, as national debts, to merely gratify their all-engulfing Mafiosi.  The bail-outs are not justified or legal – they are new con-tricks to rob the nations for the Banking Mafia. 

If this meltdown of the capitalist markets had happened during the warmth of the Sino-Soviet Friendship, it would have brought the end of the capitalist system globally …

The corrupt Bush Administration must count itself lucky that the Soviet Union is no more, and the Chinese Communist Party = the Chinese Government lets him lick Communist ass by not calling in (‘foreclosure’) the American Government Debt …  

The Bimbo Brunette

The greatest error of judgment Senator McCain made was to select Sarah Palin, the moose-shooting, caribou-skinning, wolves-from-airplanes gunning airhead!  The woman is not fit for anything except doing the circuits of American beauty-pageants, and magazine centre-folds.

If anyone thinks that she is a substitute for a Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, frankly, they need their head examined (as we say in Britain).   Her foolhardiness to brush aside the problem of man-made Climate Change with half a sentence at the end of her speech showed the shamelessness of an illiterate pole-dancing vaudeville artiste – and that, when the Hurricanes have been pounding the Gulf coast and Texas under her very pretty nose.

While I myself have no problem with daughter-Palin’s pregnancy outside wedlock (it sure is nobody’s business, not even her mother’s) – the problem with a public personality who makes a great capital out of her Christian faith is clear – she has failed as a parent never mind a mother to instill Christian ethics into her daughter – the New Testament makes it very clear that sex-outside-marriage is not on!

As for her motherhood – well, well, well — the war on Iraq was engineered on a grand lie – actually many lies, the grandest of which was the one produced by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair for Bush to swallow whole – that Saddam the lunatic had Weapons of Mass Destruction – his soldiers did not even have lace on their boots … if they had any boots at all – lies that turned Blair & Bush into the butchers of Baghdad, wreaking genocidal havoc in Iraq converted to a slaughterhouse – a fact  now proven beyond any reasonable doubt [see War Crime or Just War? The Iraq War 2003-2005, by Nicholas Wood, South Hill Press, London, 2005] – What kind of a mother Sarah Palin is to send her child knowingly to serve as an apprentice butcher to the big ones?

For McCain campaign managers to select a Mrs. Palin who delights in giving herself porno-metaphors indicates that they are has-been old farts who think nothing of using the Senate like a brothel [see, “Washington’s Sex Scandals”, Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2008, and Reuters Factbox] – no wonder they think that Sarah Palin will Hoover-up the Hillary Clinton rejects – two of them it seems, mature-women protesters, were in there at the McCain acceptance-speech night, who were quickly bundled out of the hall by Security.  Out went with them McCain’s faith in democracy and free speech.  McCain’s smile froze for a moment, but he need not have panicked – the corrupt news media did not even pick up on the incident.

Compare this vice-presidential bimbo with Princeton/Harvard educated Michelle Obama and/or Senator Hillary Clinton of (what I call) the Great American Health Care scheme – the first of its kind in American History, to know what a risible choice Senator McCain has made, and mourn for him.

But then compare Senator Barack Obama with Senator McCain himself with whom Obama wiped the floor of his Convention. Obama sounds disconcertingly like the New Age guru Anthony Robbins.  And all those who think that Obama sounds as hollow and vacuous, it is because they have not read Obama’s most exhaustive policy document on his website – substantial, practical, clear and warm and full of brilliant sunshine on  every major global issue. 

No more Wars – only global Peace 

Nevertheless, I disagree with Senator Obama on all points of pandering to the US military-industrial complex.  But then, I am not an arrogant pompous fat-ass Republican Senator.  I am a unilateral pacifist – All wars, especially the modern technologically advanced war-planes, are climate pollutants, depleting the Oxygen we breathe.

Wars represent genocidal madness – and that is all there is to it.  There can be no “justifiable war”, which was Medieval Crusader bullshitting.  

All wars must end as the first and most immediate step to save the planet from Climate Change.

Civil Wars in History everywhere, from Europe to China, were always followed by horrendous plagues.  The mysterious Flu epidemic of the First World War killing 40 million people was caused I suggest by the massive genocide of the 1.5 million Armenians perpetrated by primitive means in 1915 by the Ottoman Turks – Nazi Holocaust technology had not been invented by then.

Pity the Innocent Dead in Iraq

Pity the innocent Iraqi dead – they too are human beings, and totally innocent and … 1.5 million of them – It is shocking that not even the most decent Democrats would remember them in their speeches.

I welcome Obama’s commitment to end the Iraq war and totally disagree with him about continuing the war in Afghanistan, which seems to have been nothing else but to secure the US Mafia control of the global Heroin trade worth 300 billion dollars every year – according to a National Geographic documentary titled “Afghan Heroin – the Lost War” – “almost all of it [what the heroin addicts consume all over the world] comes from one place – Afghanistan”, which has become the Asian … Colombia, a country in South America devastated equally, this time for the Cocaine trade. 

The US Mafia has become the infra- and the supra- structure of US capitalism, providing the cash fluidity, the motor mechanism of the global financial markets with ‘dirty money’ from drugs and prostitution

I would dismantle the CIA and re-order a Security Service (on the lines of the FBI) strictly on ethical judicial grounds of never murdering anyone let alone any political leaders of other countries, even if it were a … Hitler.  No modern nation can claim any right let alone a legal one to meddle in the internal affairs of another country – a lesson of post-modern state-craft British-American governments must learn sooner rather than later. 

There are dangerous leeches feeding about Senator Obama’s neck as Advisers for Eurasia and South America in particular.  I would discard them like dirty linen.

I would lift the grotesque embargo on the postage-stamp sized Cuba for over four decades now – it is unacceptable on any ground of human decency and civilized behavior – an American Goliath trying and failing to crush a David with a pin-prick – Cuba’s and Fidel Castro’s survival of the 150 CIA attempts on his life is a divine miracle.  

Before Fidel Castro, Cuba was no more than an unassailable Mafia brothel for the American super-rich.  How Castro could clean it up, contains lessons for any government determined to fight corruption – Castro is the world’s greatest teacher of cleansing hopelessly rotten political institutions.  World leaders who are genuine in their desire to cleanse institutional corruption must rush to Cuba to talk to the good old Castro before it is too late. 

As an alternative, I would recommend Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, inheriting Fidel’s mantle.  Chavez could teach world leaders how to instill political power within the hearts and the minds of the poor – the majority in every country of the world.

The US governments must leave South America in peace – the vast continent is still in inhuman economic enslavement and bondage to US imperialist appetites.   

I would abolish Capital Punishment, globally – wipe-off the shame of legalized state-murder, which no modern civilized nation should condone, let alone practice and perpetuate.  I am proud to British, if for nothing else but for pioneering the abolishment of such inhumanity from state-craft, while in America, as Reverend Jesse Jackson has noted, prison and capital punishment is fast becoming a capitalist Big Business practice.

Of course I am not an American (although my first wife was and I had declined my right of citizenship during better times when everybody I knew wanted to be … an American). 

It would be foolish to expect that Senator Obama would not be a product of his American Dream.  What I am confident about though is that the Senator shall cleanse the American Dream of its Bushite Bushist fascist genocidal nightmares.

Remember Bible Wisdom

The gloves are out – Lies have become rampant.  One of the deepest, greatest, wisest metaphors of the Bible is that “Satan is the Father of Lies”, meaning, the creator of Lies = the source of great global murderous destruction from the micro social level of life, to the macro economic dimension.

What happens (for example) if your wife or husband is a liar?  How can you share a marital bed with someone, sleep in trust and peace at night? If s/he can lie to you in daytime, s/he can surely stab you at night time in your sleep …

If your government lies to you as a decent citizen, you can trust nothing else it does for your socio-economic health, which is what happened in Britain after our Prime Minister Tony Blair went into Iraq with Bush “shoulder to shoulder”, like those camp Stalinist Statues of Supermen Workers! 

Good and evil are no more out there, but wedged within the heart of America – Satanic Evil has descended upon it, sucked down by the soon-to-be ex-president Bush and his Dick Cheney companions [1]. 

The Way of the World

Young men, like Senator Obama, and wise men like Joe Biden live for the future and build it with their own hands.  People grow into their names – and Obama’s first name, Barack, derives from a triune Semitic root [B-r-ck] meaning God’s Blessings [berachot/barackat] – exactly what America needs more than ever.

Old men like Senator McCain and Bimbos like Governor Palin do not mind if the world ends with them … in fact, they positively long for it – they can’t bear sharing their goodies with others – they are greedy, wasteful, inconsiderate of others’ needs, me-me-me grabbers and gobblers …

Frankly, bluntly, McCain’s presidency, with its totally stupid denial of man-made Climate Change, may yet bring the end of the world in our own lifetime … Wake up America! 

Wise-up America – Elect Obama

The reason I am hopeful that America shall wake up and claim Senator Obama as President, is because in my own life-experience, there seems to be an ultimate Force of the Good – and I have experienced it not as a religious person, but as an Agnostic (and a ‘methodological atheist’ being a social scientist) – when all is said and done, and the worst evil is survived, the Good somehow emerges and saves the day=life from the clutches of total evil=untimely-death, very much symbolized by the metaphorical depths of the Old Testament Book of Job. 

It is what makes me confident to prophesy that Senator Obama shall win the day to bring about a new American dawn, and send Senator McCain with his Bushist lies packing into the dusk, and dustbin of history.

[1] I must absolutely record here a most creepy experience – incredible but true!  While working on a first Draft, on these precise words, 3.20 after midnight, on 14th September 2008, after hours of work, my computer (eSys mark, made in … China, bought brand-new via a … Jehovah Witness friend of mine) suddenly went dark, shut down, then, very slowly re-booted itself, and after much trouble and enormous anxiety, Microsoft Word finally reclaimed my document but, with this whole paragraph deleted.  I had to re-write it.

Then, at 4.15 am, I thought I better take a print out before the whole essay is wiped off!  Now all the lights of my printer Epson Stylus Color 460 are flickering showing that there is no paper, no black and white ink, and no color ink – when in fact all of them were in place … and my printer went bust!  I have to buy a new printer. 

Since then, I have been suffering frequent computer trouble with Microsoft Word and Hotmail.  Years ago,

the Chinese government had accused Microsoft of spying for the American government through computer trickery.

Could it be that these giants of the world, America and China are fighting it out in my tiny little home computer?  

  1. Although I do not completely

    Although I do not completely agree with your opinions, I think you make good points about our previous administration. The executive branch used their power to help companies like KBR Halliburton make billions off their no-bid, unlimited budget contracts. I hope Obama declassifies the documents that implicate top level executive branch employees in the undoubted illegal activities that took place from 2000-2008. Let the truth be told! — Frank Brown

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed

    I thoroughly enjoyed your opinion of Mrs.Palin and her effect on the McCain race. I also enjoyed your comparison of McCain to Hitler.  The 2008 Presidential election was such a massive drama, that so much of what happened was easy to miss. It is refreshing to read opinions from an outsiders (you are from England correct?) point of view. 

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