“The Frozen Consciousness of Humanity”

Back in 1969 when a Guru in Sonarpur, India, was asked about his opinion regarding the White House, he became very animated and responded briskly, "Washington! The Frozen consciousness of Humanity!" How true!
Office of the Press Secretary
April 23, 2011
Statement by the President on Armenian Remembrance Day

Back in 1969 when a Guru in Sonarpur, India, was asked about his opinion regarding the White House, he became very animated and responded briskly, "Washington! The Frozen consciousness of Humanity!" How true!
Office of the Press Secretary
April 23, 2011
Statement by the President on Armenian Remembrance Day

We solemnly remember the horrific events that took place ninety-six years ago, resulting in one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century. In 1915, 1.5 million Armenians were massacred or marched to their death in the final days of the Ottoman Empire.

I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915, and my view of that history has not changed. A full, frank, and just acknowledgement of the facts is in all our interests. Contested history destabilizes the present and stains the memory of those whose lives were taken, while reckoning with the past lays a sturdy foundation for a peaceful and prosperous shared future. History teaches us that our nations are stronger and our cause is more just when we appropriately recognize painful pasts and work to rebuild bridges of understanding toward a better tomorrow. The United States knows this lesson well from the dark chapters in our own history. I support the courageous steps taken by individuals in Armenia and Turkey to foster a dialogue that acknowledges their common history. As we commemorate the Meds Yeghern and pay tribute to the memories of those who perished, we also recommit ourselves to ensuring that devastating events like these are never repeated. This is a contemporary cause that thousands of Armenian-Americans have made their own.

The legacy of the Armenian people is one of resiliency, determination, and triumph over those who sought to destroy them. The United States has deeply benefited from the significant contributions to our nation by Armenian Americans, many of whom are descended from the survivors of the Meds Yeghern. Americans of Armenian descent have strengthened our society and our communities with their rich culture and traditions. The spirit of the Armenian people in the face of this tragic history serves as an inspiration for all those who seek a more peaceful and just world.

Our hearts and prayers are with Armenians everywhere as we recall the horrors of the Meds Yeghern, honor the memories of those who suffered, and pledge our friendship and deep respect for the people of Armenia.

  1. According to the White House,

    According to the White House, Crime and punishment does not apply to friends.

  2. Mr President, Can you clarify

    Mr President,

    Can you clarify the meaning of " my view of that history did not change" and when you make a promise to your children or your wife, do you keep your word and accomplish it? . Why you still use the Armenian word of "Medz yeghern" and not the genocide of Armenian people?.

    How about we promise you that we will cast our votes to you for your reelection and then forget voting. How would you feel?

    Antranik Chaderjian 

  3. I think we had it with those

    I think we had it with those promises.

    We should ignore them and go to Hague with one national demand.

  4. “I have consistently stated

    "I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915, and my view of that history has not changed".

    This part of the statement of President Obama clearly states that he is not ready to extend his personal view to an official Presidential Statement. Why? Because we Armenians have not proven to the US Government that doing so derives from national interests of the USA; because we let them know that after their recognition of the Genocide our next step is reparations and claims for our homeland.

    If what we wanted were just recognition of the Genocide we might pledge that no reparations from Turkey would be claimed and then not only the USA but also Turkey would recognize it. But since our final goal is much far reaching than recognition then we Armenians offering support to the President with our votes is a very small price for our Homeland.

    The key, I think, is in involving Armenia in this strategy. The final part of the presidential statement comes only to prove that for the USA the state of Armenia is important. If we can capitalize on that, this may lead to success. Otherwise, with one million or so of the Armenian American votes we simply offer too small a price.   

    1. How about justice?

      Aram, what I gather from your post is that human justice and a nation’s Genocide can be measured by mere economic means, right? if they don’t have any gains from us, then anyone can butcher us and the perpatrators may go free and even rewarded by billions of dollars every year (as it is happening with Turkey nowadays).

      Note that when the Holocaust happened, Jews got Israel, reparation, apology and until now they are getting ‘paid’ for their sufferings and the wrongdoing of an ancient regime. What did they show, at the time, to USA and the world to justify their support? nothing! Same thing applies to the 1st Genocide of the 20th century the world should know and accept. PERIOD!

      1. Reply to Nercess

        "when the Holocaust happened the Jews got Israel". This is a mistake that I have seen made for the second time now by an Armenian commentator. The Jews did not get Israel due to the Holocaust which happened during the Second World War. The Jews were promised a homeland by British foreign secretary Lord Balfour in 1916 i.e.during the First World War. It is important to get historical facts straight. 

        1. John,  every action has a

          John,  every action has a reaction and every promise doesn’t get fulfilled without an action.

          The promise that Balfour made wouldn’t have been fulfilled without the actuall ‘incidents’ of the WW II.  And only the Holocaust made it possible.  Even in novels like the Exodus they describe how the events led to the creation of the State of Israel.


  5. Who Pulls Obama’s strings?

    Very disappointing and frustrating! 

    Turns out Obama’s circle of cronies are identical to Bush’s and Clinton’s and so on. By that I mean his advisors: the same Zionists that are so powerful in this country that they manage, conduct, tutor, handle and dictate all administrations alike. The ADL, AIPAC, all the so called ‘think tanks’ shape and mold American politics and especially foreign policy. They always side with the Turks impeding the advancement of all Armenian issues and interests. And so it goes on, regardless of who the tenant of the White House is. The Israeli lobby always has the advantage and will benefit, whereas Armenians and Armenia will always suffer and be stepped all over. 

    Even the few Jews (Schiff, Sherman, etc…) who on the surface, seem to be fighting with vigor to advance our issues, are probably advised by the same organizations I mentioned above. Aaaaaaaah, THE BIG PICTURE… Which has been painted a long time ago. The bottom line to them is to hold on to their seats term after term after term, in order to continue contributing towards a stronger Israel and pushing forward its causes. And they get re-elected by getting our ‘naïve’ Armenian votes… How? By just showing the hard work they do for us in Congress, or through gimmicks like so called ‘town hall’ meetings…

    Mr. Brad Sherman, the $42-million in U.S. aid to Armenia you write to me and brag about every year is a pea in the ocean, compared to the $15 BILLION you help Israel get from the U.S. every year. And if any major issue EVER materialized or advances as far as a significant full floor vote, these same Turkey-ally Zionist organizations will use their vast influence and see to it that nothing in favor of Armenians will ever pass. 

    We the Armenians have to have larger representation in Congress, that is if we are serious about accomplishing our goals, rather than relying on the Jews who ‘pretend’ to do our work and keep getting our votes, stay in power and in reality, keep pushing Jewish agendas down the throats of the oblivious American people. Less than 2% of the population of the USA are Jews, but in Congress the percentage rises to 12%-15%.. 

    In order to succeed, our kids have to take interest in politics.

    1. Zionist conspiracies have no place in Armenian hearts

      Cid’s regrettable comment is sadly typical of many zionist conspiracy-theory believers. He shows his true colours when he suggests that Jews who support Armenian genocide recognition are being advised by the same people as those who oppose it.  That, in and of itself, would seem to absolve the Jewish lobby from complicity, but he persists in claiming that Jews are at fault.  

      While there are some Jews who oppose recognition of the genocide, these numbers are small, and dwindling further as reasonable people everywhere realize that recognition of one genocide does not lessen the horrors of other genocides.

      It is embarrassing to have the worthy cause of Armenian genocide recognition associated with irrational Zionist conspiracy theories, and I am saddened to see this type of ignorance reflected here.   

      1. Outright discrimination!

        Come on KC,  when people speak the truth, they are accused of being of anti-semite or are labled as conspiracy theorists. How come the same doesn’t apply towards Arabs and Armenians and everyone is free to insult them openly…?!

        You might be right that a small portion of the Jewish organizations are against the Genocide, but those ‘small’ groups have the power to cause harm to a just cause and are the ones that we are trying to work with…

        I have utmost respect to Jews and some major Jewish organizations like the Holocaust scholars who have acknowledged the Genocide of the Armenians, but other political organizations are there only for economic and political interests, not acting with their own heart and justice in mind.  As if they forgot their own Holocaust!!  Those Jewish organizations are the main Holocaust deniers themselves!

        When a Jewish organization denies the Genocide of the Armenians, then, morally, it is tantamount to denying the Holocaust.

        1. Discrimination or flawed logic?


          I am in no way implying that Cid is being anti-semitic.  If you read my comments again, you’ll see that I am merely pointing out his flawed logic.  He accuses both the supporters of genocide recognition and those who oppose it of being influenced by the same people (i.e. the same Jewish lobby).  This makes no sense!  Clearly, if people influenced by the same lobby can come to completely opposite conclusions, the lobby is not the problem. 

          Cid is a conspiracy theorist because he even suspects those who SUPPORT genocide recognition as somehow being under the spell of a Jewish lobby.  It’s an absurd, paranoid conclusion.  

          I am in no way opposed to criticizing the Jewish lobby (or an Arab or Armenian lobby) when that lobby is known to have done something worthy of criticism. When it’s wild speculation, and moreover, beyond the realm of the reasonable, we are entering conspiracy theory territory.  And to those of us with anything close to a decent education, that is an embarrassment.  

          1. Dear KC


            Dear KC:

            It’s OK to disagree with others’ opinions, but it’s NOT cool to insult them & call them names… “flawed logic? absurd, paranoid? irrational, type of ignorance?”, etc…

            Let me tell you where the real embarrassment is. It’s precisely when Israel and the U.S. resort to using recognition of the Armenian Genocide as a weapon to black mail Turkey every time it gets out of line. Now that IS as you put it, “embarrassing to have the worthy cause of Armenian genocide recognition associated with”…

            …. Apparently … you had difficulty in understanding my view of the ‘BIG PICTURE’ Zionist strategy as simply as I put it… Have you not heard of the expression: “Hryagan khagh e…”? Some could find very simplistic, but unfortunately, it is very true. The only thing about this expression that is NOT true is that it’s not a ‘Khagh’… A ‘game’ it is not, my friend. It is a commitment to nationalism… Admirable, I might add.

            Do you really doubt that they will resort to any measure to extinguish the most minute threat, no matter how extremely remote that may be to advancing their agendas? Or to diminish their Genocide? Or to eliminate what could amount to major competition in status? Even when the ADL and its head Ab Foxman, a major Zionist organization (not ‘some’ or a ‘small number’) openly, adamantly, forcefully, audaciously and ‘religiously’ align themselves with the Turkish Government and make fighting the recognition of the Armenian Genocide a number one priority?


            Speaking of decent education:

            Various dictionaries define Semite as someone from people originating in the Middle East, such as  Jews and Arabs. Even Amharas of Ethiopia and Falashas are considered Semite by some, despite difference of skin color.

            Semitic Languages spoken by Semites: a group of languages belonging to the Afro-Asiatic family and spoken in North Africa and Southwest Asia, including Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Maltese, and Amharic. But when ‘Anti’ is added… It becomes ALL ABOUT THEIR OWN! Anti-Semitic transforms into showing feelings of hate toward Jewish people.

            Zionists are very good at taking something of general nature and turning it to be all about the Jews.


            Shant Melkonian

            (Not Cid. Name error was corrected)

    2. Exactly!

      Cid, your last sentence summerizes it all:

      In order to succeed, our kids have to take interest in politics…law, banking and economy.

  6. Respect and Recognition

    Germany and Germans today are allowed to hold their heads high as they pursue their collective and individual goals. Armenians everywhere must also be given the same respect, privileges and recognition to advocate for their collective rights and recognition of their genocide in 1915. The lives taken away then cannot be replaced, but their descendents should be given what they deserve to remember and never to forget the sacrifices of those who passed before them.

    Armenians everywhere, be brave in your pursuits, stand up for your convictions and you will know the virtue and joys of having fought a "just cause."

  7. Frozen Consciousness in Warm Humanity

    This was a first to me that Washington is the frozen consciousness of humanity, I presume, in a world otherwise warmly humane.
    On this April 24 President Obama alluded to atrocities, instead of outright calling it Genocide, as he should have. However, I had yet to hear any reference to April 24 as it relates of us as Armenians, coming from the leaders of India, China, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia just to name few. I also yet to hear any citizen of Armenian descent of these and such countries vehemently and openly criticize the leader of the country as the Armenian Americans did and continue to do. 
    The argument that the U.S. is a world power and that’s why Armenian Americans are overzealous is an argument I have difficulty to accept. It is fear. We fear to criticize, among the other leaders, the President of Syria or Lebanon or King of Jordan for uttering nothing on April 24 regarding the atrocities that affected the forbearers of the citizens of Armenian descent of their countries.
    A balanced and reasoned approach instead of the overzealousness that prevails among some vocal and visible segments in U.S would serve our cause and interest much better.
  8. The Armenian Genocide

    As long as enough people continue to insist that the Armenian Genocide was THE genocide in relation to which Lemkin first introduced the term ‘genocide’ that was later accepted by the UN, Turkey will eventually have to own its history. Then all the currently reluctant Heads of State will follow suit.

    Ruth Barnett, Holocaust educator








    Դժվար է ասել, թե հայությունը ինչքան ջանք է թափել Օսմանյան Թուրքիայում տեղի ունեցած ողբերգությունն աշխարհին ապացուցելու համար, որպեսզի աշխարհը դա ճանաչի որպես ցեղասպանություն: Բայց, դատելով ներկայում առկա արդյունքից, կարծես թե ակնհայտ է, որ այդ ջանքի եւ արդյունքի հարաբերակցություն գործակիցը այդքան էլ բարձր չէ: 
    Մինչեւ որոշակի պահ հայության ջանքն արդյունք տվել է, ցեղասպանության հարցը հայտնվել է միջազգային քաղաքականության շրջանառության մեջ, անգամ Թուրքիայում են արդեն տեղի ունենում երեւույթներ, որոնք դժվար էր պատկերացնել մի քանի տարի առաջ: Բայց նկատելի է, որ ցեղասպանության միջազգային ճանաչման հարցում կա նոր ճեղքման կարիք, ճանաչման գործընթացին նոր թափ հաղորդելու կարիք: Ավելին, կարիք կա, որ մենք այդ թափը հաղորդենք, ոչ թե Ամերիկան, կամ Ֆրանսիան, կամ այլ պետություն:
    Մինչդեռ այժմ կարծես թե ակնհայտ է, որ չնայած համահայկական ջանքերին, ցեղասպանության միջազգային ճանաչման գործընթացի դինամիկան իրականում պայմանավորված է ոչ թե մեզանով, այլ Ամերիկայով, Եվրոպայով, Թուրքիայով: Հետեւաբար այստեղ կա խնդիր` ճանաչման գործընթացը մեր վերահսկողության տակ վերադարձնելու խնդիր: Այն չափազանց բարդ է իհարկե, բայց միանգամայն լուծելի: Պարզապես դրա համար անհրաժեշտ է լուծել մեկ այլ խնդիր` արդիական, մրցունակ, առողջ պետություն կազմավորելու խնդիրը:
    Կյանքը ցույց տվեց, որ քանի դեռ համաշխարհային ասպարեզում խնդիրներ հետապնդելու համար չունես այդ գործիքը, հաջողությունները կարող են խիստ հարաբերական լինել, իսկ ավելի հաճախ` այլոց հաջողությունները կարող ես պատահաբար ընկալել որպես քոնը, եւ միայն երբ դրանից այլք կոնկրետ արդյունք կքաղեն, իսկ դու կմնաս ոչ տաք, ոչ սառը, կհասկանաս, որ հաջողությունը քոնը չէր:
    Ուրեմն, ցեղասպանության միջազգային ճանաչման գործում բեկում առաջացնելու համար առանցքային հարցն այն է, թե որպես գործիք մենք ինչ պետություն ունենք այսօր: Մեր ունեցած պետությունը հեռու է արդիական եւ մրցունակ լինելուց, քանի որ դրա համար պետության ներքին կյանքը պետք է արդիականացվի եւ դրվի ազատ, արդար, օրինական, սահմանադրական մրցակցության հիմքի վրա, տեղավորվի եւ առաջնորդվի այդ սկզբունքներով: 
    Կհասնենք դրան` ուրեմն կհասնենք նաեւ լրջագույն ճեղքման ցեղասպանության ճանաչման հարցում, չենք հասնի` ուրեմն նույնիսկ ճանաչման գործում արձանագրվող հաջողություններն իրականում կլինեն թվացյալ, եւ դրանց առարկայական արդյունքը կճաշակեն նրանք, ովեր ներկայում իրենց պետական մրցունակությամբ տնօրինում են մեր անմրցունակության հետեւանքը` ցեղասպանության հարցը շահարկում են բացառապես իրենց պետական շահերին համահունչ:
    Ընդ որում, այստեղ խնդիր կա նաեւ Սփյուռքի մասով: Գնահատելի է հայերի ցեղասպանության ճանաչման միջազգային գործընթացի համար սփյուռքի հայկական կազմակեևրպությունների գործադրած ջանքը: Բայց, այդ կազմակերպությունների համար էլ թերեւս պետք է արդեն պարզ լինի, որ առանց հզոր պետական գործիքի, առանց արդիական պետական բազայի, հնարավոր չէ ճեղքել այն աշխարհաքաղաքական բնական խութերը, որ առաջանում են ճանաչման ճանապարհին: Հետեւաբար, Սփյուռքն էլ պետք է իր համար առաջնային խնդիր դիտի Հայաստանի արդիականացումը, Հայաստանի մրցունակության բարձրացումը: 
    Այսինքն, եթե նույնիսկ Սփյուռքը համարում է, որ իր գլխավոր խնդիրը ցեղասպանության ճանաչման հարցում առաջին դիրքերում լինելն է, ապա այդ դեպքում էլ նրա առաջնային անելիքը հենց Հայաստանի արդիականացմանը նպաստելն է, այդ ուղությամբ ջանքեր անելը, որովհետեւ սփյուռքահայ կազմակերպությունները հազիվ թե ճանաչման համար ավելի արդյունավետ քայլ կարողանան կատարել, քան Հայաստանն իրավական, օրինական, ազատ եւ արդար պետություն դարձնելուն օժանդակելը:

  10.  Mr.Obama, Regretfully


    Regretfully I voted for you. This is not good enough, you should do better than this.

    Playing with mouthful words wouldn’t cut it. You too go down in history as part of those who lack decency, and this country is going down the drain just because of incompetent leaders.

    The truth is going to surface and leave you and Turkey in shame in your lifetime.

  11. April 24

    I have read the many postings on the Keghart web site expressing disappointment for Obama’s lack of specific reference to the "Armenian Genocide," using the word "Medz Yeghern"  in his annual April 24 statment.    I wonder if we can take President Obama’s statement and use it for our purposes.  When he states that his views have not changed, and he says this from the office of the President, affirming his earlier statements as a Senator when he used the term "Genocide," he is saying just that, he still believes it was Genocide.  Would it be better if he were to say "Genicode" again on behalf of the Presidency, yes of course.  But to dwell on this distinction, reduces our practical advantage of saying "Obama recognizes the genocide," as he has done previously as a Senator and again reaffirmed as President.

    Let’s  use our wisdom a little bit. Let’s use what he has said on the record,  and also use his reference to Medz Yeghern.  How can this be best translated? Can we say it means "Holocaust."   


    Vahan  Kololian


  12. Forgotten Genocide

    Everybody speaks about the Genocide of 1915 or 1915 -1923, and very few mention the continuation of it in our days, people who as a result of that Genocide now have lost their connection with their roots, have grown up in other cultures, with other languages and if this comes as a result of the events of the period called Genocide, they are part of the Genocide. 

    Very few speak about the destruction of the Armenian historical monuments both in Turkey and and in Azerbaijan. (Turkey started to change its attitude, but too late!). Besides, nobody wants to mention, that the massacre in Sumgaith also was the continuation of the Genocide! It was part of the Panturkist plan. It was organized the same way – lists of Armenians. Non Armenians were warned not to have light in their windows after it was dark and pogroms were carried in all parts of the city…

    I personally have read so called death certificates of 253 persons murdered in the most cruel manner, burnt alive, cut into pieces…

    The Soviet Government told only 9 people died as a result of some disturbances… Only 9! for not to qualify what had happened as an intent to Genocide! It was the continuation of it! The fact, that the demography has totally changed in Nakhichevan, also is part of the Genocide! Why nobody mentions that? Why nobody includes all these in the article about the Genocide! It is still going on!    

  13. I Am Not CID

    I didn’t intent to hide behind a nickname or initials such as CID, which is a part of my e-mail address. I typed in my ‘real’ full name and somehow the system picked CID. I hope this will be reflected correctly in this and in my future comments.

    1. Submitting a name or an alias

      Dear Shant,

      CID was not intentional either. Here I have not filled the area where the comment submission form asks for a name. That’s intentional. What will happen is the system will complete the area randomly, either based on the e-mail address or content. Sometimes the choice is very bizarre and the moderator will edit it.

      Most probably that’s what happened when your name wa not entered at the time of your previous submission. You will notice here that the name picked up by the system has no relevance to either the subject or my e-mail.

      At any rate your name on your previous submission will be inserted.

      Thank you for pointing out the unintended "error".


      Dikran Abrahamian


      1. No Problem

        No problem… Thank you Dikran jan.

        Mishd paregam@t,


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