The Honorable Beggars



  1. Big Part of Armenia

    A big part of Armenia is the Diaspora, whether you accept it or not it will be your problem. We should work together like a team, as well as the Church leaders. First of all we have to think of the wellfare of the Armenian people, because the people is the government and the army and the Church. Whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not that will be also your problem.

    "Justice never dies; it gets sick then recovers."
                                              Barouyr Sevag

    Wake up and smell the Armenian coffee.

  2. Without the Diaspora…

    Without the Diaspora there would be no mention of the Genocide even in Armenia. But the fact is that while growing up in Jerusalem, where the community is divided, I remember it was only the Tashnags who commemorated April 24  every year. The Church and the other groups never took part. Tashangs also always displayed the yerakouyn (tricolor) on every occasion. I'm glad that's all behind us and the new generation has no time to bicker on small stuff. We are all united with the big picture in mind. More power to them.

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