The Liar Must Be Punished!

By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia, PA  USA, 25 april 2009

Once again, America has a Liar in the White House.

Once again, the Armenians have been successfully lied to by a politician.

Once again, Turkey has shown that it is the most powerful country in the world, with the American president dancing to the Turkish tunes.

By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia, PA  USA, 25 april 2009

Once again, America has a Liar in the White House.

Once again, the Armenians have been successfully lied to by a politician.

Once again, Turkey has shown that it is the most powerful country in the world, with the American president dancing to the Turkish tunes.

Once again, the Armenians have learned that they have no friends in Washington.  No, correct that!  Once again the Armenians have been exposed to the fact that they have no friends in Washington.  Whether or not the Armenians are intelligent enough to learn that fact depends on whether or not the Armenians decide to do something about lying politicians.

I refer, of course, to the fact that the Liar in the White House, Mark 3, taking his orders from Ankara, refused to use the "Genocide" word in the usual presidential hypocritical statement.

Of course, no one really expected a genocide-recognition statement from the White House.  We saw that almost as soon as the Senate confirmed the appointment of Senator Clinton as Secretary of State, the Turks summoned her to Ankara and told her what she must do and not do and whom she must appoint as flunkies (pro-Turks) and whom she must not (pro-Armenians).

Then to make sure Washington had received the Turkish message, the Liar in the White House was commanded to go to Ankara and get his instructions first-hand and then visit the tomb of Mustafa Kemal and pay homage to the pederast as one of the greatest people in the history of the universe.

And, yet, the Armenians continued to fool themselves that an honest man had entered the White House.  But, that is yesterday’s story.  What is now important is whether or not the Armenians have learned an important lesson.

What is now necessary, if the Armenians are still interested in having an American president use the "Genocide" word, is to learn and take action.  If not, let us not masturbate in the months leading up each April 24, and just get on with our lives.

If Genocide-recognition on the part of an American president is important, then the Armenians must start thinking of the next elections and, starting yesterday, begin to take action.

What is that action?  All Armenians everywhere must make plans to vote for the Republican candidate in every election–beginning with all local elections, including those this year (such as in Pennsylvania).  That includes voting against those Democrat politicians who utter lip-service love of the Armenians but who have no influence on their Democrat president.  Let them, too, end up on the outside looking in after the next election.

But, you say, the Republican presidents are liars, also.  Yes, I agree, but this is not a reward for past behavior.  The Republicans are to be used as the carrier of a message to the Liar in the White House–and to all politicians–that they must learn they cannot depend on the Armenian vote and that the Armenians look for results, not words, and that the Armenians will now vote against a candidate, rather than for a candidate.

If, in the 2010 Congress, the Republicans take control, the Liar in the White House and all his Turkey-loving advisors will have to realize that it was the Armenian vote that put the Republicans in control.  Fortunately, most Armenians live in the most populous states and these states have enough Senators and Representatives to swing control.

If every Armenian says to every Democrat politician–Yes, even to your "friend," the one you like to boast about because you have been photographed with him–"You and your president lied to me, so out you go," and if every Armenian votes Republican the message will get through.

The Armenian media has a major role to play in this campaign.  It must constantly remind its readers to "Think Republican.  Vote Republican."  It must do so on a regular basis and stop pandering to those people and groups who purport to represent the Armenians and who carry on with politicians as if they were honorable people. And, no more publicity about those phonies who join the Armenian Caucus but produce no results.

Turkey is fighting a war.  It has declared war on the Truth, and is engaging on a campaign of Vericide, and the Armenians must fight back and it is imperative to include Turkey’s allies, starting with the Liar in the White House.

If the Armenians act in their self-interest and vote against the Democrats and change the face of Congress, they could very well also change the face of politics.  But, let us not get carried away.  First, teach the Liar in the White House a lesson; give him a Congress he will not welcome.

If that happens, the Liar in the White House will be faced with two choices:  He will continue to lick the boots of the Turkish president and seriously contemplate losing in 2012 or, in hopes of getting re-elected, will live up to his past promises and statements and will deliver in April 2011 and also in April 2012.  Of course, if the Republicans also realize who put them in control of Congress, and why, they, too, will pass Genocide-recognizing Resolutions.

If the Armenians have the intelligence to vote Republican in the next election, it could end up in a win/win situation: A consummation devoutly to be wished.

For this situation to come to pass, it means that each Armenian must act intelligently, and not rely on those who profess to represent the Armenians who have shown how ineffective, if not downright useless, they are.

But all, depends on the Armenians showing some intelligence.  Aye, there’s the rub,  Somehow, the words "Armenian" and "intelligence" do not seem to go together–as the Turks know.


  1. An idea to be taken seriously

    I am an out and out, almost a religiously devout Democrat.  I don’t think I will ever change the principles I believe in. Yet, they have not always lead to desired outcomes. With a spit in my mouth I shall vote for the Republicans next time around for the same reasons that Mr. Kevorkian is talking about.  May be my friends will accuse me of putting in practice "The goal justifies the means". I am sorry folks, stay on your high roads, but don’t ask me to jump into your wagon. Probably the backroads, the filthy ones will lead me somewhere.

  2. Avedis Kevorkian’s article “The Liar must be punished”

    Unfortunately for him, Avedis Kevorkian of Philadelphia has not expressed a constructive analysis of the issues but he merely showed to be campaigning all-out for the Republicans.

  3. The Problem with Presidents, and a way forward

    I applaud Mr. Kevorkian.

    Not only is Obama a liar, but so is VP Joe Biden.

    For ANCA to have bet everything on Obama, well, that was just naive.   The sheer adulation that some Armenian Americans had for Obama was childlike.  You would have thought that adults would have outgrown that sort of thing.

    As for the Armenian Assembly of America, the less said the better, but I will say this: AAA is a bunch of US State Department kissups and weaklings.  The man at the top should resign.  We don’t need more Armenian oligarchs here in the US.

    We also have another president who is a problem – a much bigger problem than Obama.

    His name is Serge Sargsian, and he is the president of Armenia. 

    He has agreed to the so-called "joint historical commission."  How do I know?  He said so in a Wall Street Journal interview.

    I would rather have Erdogan conducting Armenian foreign policy.  Come to think of it, perhaps he is.

    Right now, the goal should be to derail the so-called "roadmap" and restate for one and all what the Armenian cause – whenever in the future it can be achieved – if ever – consists of: genocide acknowledgment, reparations, and territory. 

    1. I think the more important
      I think the more important element of the Armenian Cause with respect to where we are today is proper self-governance in Armenia.

      We already have enough territory.  The problem is creating an Armenia that provides the Basic Means of Life for its citizens.  At this rate, there will be less than 1 million people in Armenia within 10 years and over 50% of those will be villagers.

      We’ve got territory!  Let’s now work with it!

      KEEP IN MIND!  Even if reparations were given by Turkey, where do you think that money will go when it is granted to the Republic of Armenia?

      HINT: Where does World Bank, IMF, and Russian aid / loans given to the ROA go today?  (Answer: through various accounting schemes and deviousness it REALLY leads into the pockets and asset portfolio’s of Armenia’s Emperor Kocharian, SAS, and the rest of the oligarchs in the country.)

      With regard to territory, I don’t think in the history of human kind has territory been simply ceded without a physical war. (Besides, Armenia has more territory than it can manage, populate, and defend!  So enough about this land reparations!  Don’t ask for more than you can eat…  We need to focus on SELF-GOVERNMENT!  Just go and try to live in Armenia, then you’ll know what I mean.  But I’m sure you haven’t and that’s why you have these romantic ideas…)

      Focusing on this genocide acknowledgement is killing us.  It’s a noble cause, but it’s not the ONLY noble cause!  Number One agenda is creating LIFE in Armenia!

      If the borders are opened, Turks will flood Armenia.  And Armenians are leaving Armenia already.  Turks will replace Armenians on our ancestral homeland.  Kocharian, SAS, and party will be multi-hundred millionaires and that’s the end of Armenian history in historical Armenia.  Eastern Armenia will then be Eastern Turkey, Western Azerbaijan.

      1. Dear Aram,
        I wholeheartedly

        Dear Aram,

        I wholeheartedly agree with you, and assert that what is the value of our present campaign of Genocide recognition and land reparations from Turkey, if the Armenian government can not create tolerable and humane conditions for Armenians to live and prosper in Armenia, rather than leave it?

        I am strongly convinced that true Armenian patriotism lies in building and stengthening Armenia by creating tolerable conditions conducive to Armenian population increase in present-day Armenia, and cleansing the land from the unworthy people who occupy leadership positions in Armenia.

        Peace be with you and with every common-sense thinking Armenian.

  4. Obama The Liar?
    Mr. Kevorkian Jan,

    Before the elections Obama said it was a Genocide, in Turkey he said, I stand by my commitment on Armenian issue, now he said Mets Yeghern.

    What more  you guys expect from him?

  5. Recent Online Research

    I thought I share this with you guys, little research I did the other day….

    Russia is comprehensive towards the processes of normalizing Armenian-Turkish relations which could strengthen Armenia’s strategic power, Viacheslav Nikonov, the President of “Politics” foundation and the member of Russian Public Palace said in a press conference. According to him Armenia will overcome its complex geo-political situation, as some neighboring countries had negative approach towards Armenia. Nikonov says that it would be a positive development giving opportunity to Russia to implement projects, economic ones, with Armenia and Turkey.


    Alexander Skakov from the Russian Institute of Strategic Research thinks that opening the Turkish and Armenian border will hamper Russian attempts to bring Armenia under its influence.
    Today Armenia is under the Russian sphere of influence because it is confronting Azerbaijan and Turkey. Its connection to the rest of the world through Georgia is partly blocked and therefore the basis of its communications is Iran.
    The Americans think they can offer Armenia better options and thus attract it into the US sphere of interest. Skakov says that if Armenia receives direct access to the Turkish coast, Black Sea and Mediterranean it will engage in more direct trade with the West, bypassing Russia. The West will also guarantee Armenia’s sovereignty. Skakov thinks that after opening the border with Turkey Armenia will become less dependent on Russia and more on NATO and the EU.…ian-influence/


    "There are people here (Turkey) who still feel resentment. The border shouldn’t be reopened until they are reassured," he said.
    A breakthrough between Turkey and Armenia could help shore up stability in the Caucasus, criss-crossed by oil and gas pipelines which make it of strategic importance to Russia, Europe and the United States.
    Western diplomats are concerned that in retaliation for the border reopening, Azerbaijan might be unwilling to sell its gas in the future through Turkey to Europe, and instead send most of it to Russia for re-export.
    Despite the concerns, tentative cross-border contacts have generated fragile optimism among many in eastern Turkey, where livelihoods are largely made from farming and where per capita income is around a tenth of levels in affluent western Turkey.
    That optimism is shared in landlocked Armenia. A reopening of the border would provide a huge boost to the economy, having already lost out on lucrative energy transit deals and trade with eastern Turkey.….icle_id=101240

    Yerevan –Moscow TV space bridge entitled “Armenia-Turkey: Progress in bilateral relations or geopolitical games of world powers?” launched today. Discussions, involving normalization of Armenian-Turkish ties focused on positive economic influence of Armenian-Turkish border opening. Still, according to Yerevan Genocide Museum Director Hayk Demoyan , Yerevan did not pursue economic gains in Armenian-Turkish negotiations, though Ankara is trying its hardest to prove Armenia’s deplorable state and desperate need for opening border with Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister’s statement about opening of Armenian-Turkish border determined by NKR conflict settlement is another one of Turkey’s delusions. “Armenia will never agree to a bargain with Turkey or risk NKR people’s safety,” Hayk Demoyan stressed.

    The recommendations to Armenia are outragious and acceptance of even one of them will be the beginning of the end……..

    Outside powers have important interests and roles. The U.S. has long fostered Armenia-Turkey reconciliation, seeking thereby to consolidate the independence of all three former Soviet republics in the south Caucasus and to support east-west transit corridors and energy pipelines from the Caspian Sea. Washington was notable in its backing of efforts that kick-started civil society dialogue between Turkey and Armenia. The Obama administration is working hard at repairing the damage done to U.S. relations with Turkey by the war in Iraq. Although Obama repeatedly promised on the campaign trail to formally recognise the 1915 forced relocation and massacres of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire as genocide, he should continue to steer the prudent middle course he has adopted as president. The U.S. Congress, which has a draft resolution before it, should do the same. At this sensitive moment of Turkish-Armenian convergence, statements that focus on the genocide term, either to deny or recognise it, would either enrage Armenians or unleash a nationalist Turkish reaction that would damage U.S.-Turkish ties and set back Turkey-Armenia reconciliation for years.


    To the Government of Turkey:

    1. Agree, ratify and implement a normalisation package including the opening of borders, establishment of diplomatic relations and bilateral commissions; continue to prepare public opinion for reconciliation; cultivate a pro-settlement constituency among Armenians; and avoid threatening or penalising Armenia for outside factors like resolutions or statements in third countries recognising a genocide.

    2. Avoid sacrificing implementation of the normalisation package to demands for immediate resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and withdrawal of Armenian troops from occupied territories in Azerbaijan; and seek opportunities to show Baku that by easing Yerevan’s fears of encirclement, normalised Turkey-Armenia relations may ultimately speed up such an Armenian withdrawal.

    3. Make goodwill towards Armenia clear through gestures such as joint work on preserving the ancient ruins of Ani, stating explicitly that Turkey will recognise and protect Armenian historical and religious heritage throughout the country.

    4. Encourage universities and institutes to pursue broader research on matters pertaining to the events of 1915, preferably with the engagement of Armenian and third-party scholars; modernise history books and remove all prejudice from them; and increase funding for cataloguing and management of the Ottoman-era archives.

    To the Government of Armenia:

    5. Agree, ratify, and implement a normalisation package including the opening of borders, establishment of diplomatic relations and bilateral commissions; continue to prepare public opinion for reconciliation; and avoid statements or international actions relating to genocide recognition that could inflame Turkish public opinion against the current process.

    6. Agree together with Azerbaijan to the OSCE Minsk Group basic principles on a Nagorno-Karabakh settlement; then start withdrawals from Armenian-occupied territories in Azerbaijan; and pursue peace with Azerbaijan in full consciousness that only in this way can normalisation with Turkey be consolidated.

    7. Make clear that Armenia has no territorial claim on Turkey by explicitly recognising its territorial integrity within the borders laid out in the 1921 Treaty of Kars.

    8. Encourage universities and institutes to pursue more research on matters relating to the events of 1915, preferably with the engagement of Turkish and third-party scholars; modernise history books and remove all prejudice from them; and organise the cataloguing of known Armenian archives pertaining to the events in and around 1915 wherever they may be located.

    To the United States, Russia and the European Union and its Member States:

    9. Avoid legislation, statements and actions that might inflame public opinion on either side and so could upset the momentum towards Turkey-Armenia normalisation and reconciliation.

    10. Raise the seniority and intensify the engagement of the U.S., Russian and French co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group until Armenia and Azerbaijan reach final agreement on Minsk Group basic principles for a settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

    11. Back up Turkey-Armenia reconciliation with projects to encourage region-wide interaction, heritage preservation and confidence building; and support as requested any new bilateral historical commission or sub-commission, development of archive management and independent Turkish- or Armenian-led scholarly endeavours to research into aspects of the 1915 events. Alertnet…8143ac3028.htm

    Wolf Hunter

    1. “Road-map” to Capitulation

      Dear Mr. Beglarian,

      I see inherent faults in the conclusions and recommendations

      1. Turkey is being treated like any other state. It’s forgotten that Turkey is the mortal enemy of Armenians and Armenia, and hence cannot and should not be accorded the same consideration as it would have been the case with some other, if not neutral, at least a country that has no regional ambitions.

      • It’s Turkey that has closed the borders; actually, as mentioned elsewhere it’s a misnomer. It has already committed an act of encirclement, which is an act of war. 
      • Despite the so called "negotiations’ behind the scene Turkey has not stopped from defacing the Armenian heritage within its borders
      • A few weeks ago the state distributed the DVD that entices hatred towards Armenians and alleges that Armenians are the ones who murdered and killed the Turks
      • It has not renounced Pan-Turanism and Pan Turkism; on the contrary continues to participate in conferences, supports financially and morally such gatherings.  
      • Turkey insists on and entices Azerbaijan to insist on territorial integrity of the latter to keep Karabagh within Azerbaijan.
      • The list goes on. These are acts of an enemy and not a country that would like to establish normal relations.

      2. Turkey’s economy, military might and mass of population are not the same as that of Armenia. Turkey and Armenia are not equals by any standard, hence dealing with Turkey in the same way as, for example with Georgia is complete nonsense. The balance is not the same. Turkey speaks from position of authority and superiority, and in any dealings when there is disparity, rest assured that it’s the superior power that dictates its interests, and Turkey’s interest is neither Armenia’s well-being nor its prosperity. It is to weaken and bleed Armenia – its economy and resources both human and otherwise, and complete the "mission" of the Genocide which has not ended yet. So that once and for all Armenia has no energy, willingness or capacity to raise its voice. Nowadays Genocide does not need to be accomplished by killing, it can be done by more "humane" ways. These statements are not nationalistic expressions, but based on facts, both old and contemporary.

      3. Letting Turkish economic interest in Armenia and vise versa is beyond the incomprehensible. Where are the studies that show Armenia would benefit? All what’s proposed are speculations, nothing beyond that. There has been no study that I know of dealing with cost-effectiveness of using Turkish ports, for example. Whereas Batumi, despite the recent upset,  is a known entity and has a track record of over-all helping Armenia. Who can guarantee that those ports on the the Black sea will not be closed whenever Turkey "feels"  that its interests are in danger. Have we forgotten that Turkey was that country that said to USA, "I am not letting the base at Incirlik be used".  Was America capable of doing anything? Just recently, although not the government, but one of the parties stated that Turkey may close the border following reopening if need be. Is USA or Russia or Europe going to intervene? Their interest is to please Turkey, not Armenia. Come on! Haven’t we learned something from promises that were extended to us "the little ally?"

      I enumerated just a few points, but we can expand it.

      Meanwhile would Mr. Beglarian entertain the idea of  editing his comments and recommendations in the form of an essay, and probably would consider to post it as an article that people might way in? What do you say Mr. Beglarian?

      1. Those are not my

        Those are not my recommendation; they are quotes from those websites I provided. I have only written a few words of my own on the above post……in fact after visiting those Websites I was so worried that I wanted to start a petition and bring to the ROA’s attention how many of us Armenians are against such actions and that we are extremely concerned, unhappy, and we want them use extreme caution and that we Armenians are conscious in what is going on so watch it. This is my bad in writing, I apologies for the confusion.
        BTW, I agree with you 100% and then some. You said it man and that is exactly what I am trying to get across to other Armenians. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet but we must let the Armenian Government know that we will not stand for such actions.
        This goes to show why I am here asking the help of Armenian intellectuals to come up with a proper Online petition……not the type that does no good but a one that is indorsed by many influential and intelligent Armenians followed by thousands of signatures from Armenians like myself.
        I cannot do this properly………as my signature suggests I am only a Wolf Hunter (track/trap Turkish Ultra Nationalists on line who are spreading anti Armenian propaganda all over the place and discredit them in front of the reading audience or get them banned).
        Please visit Hyeclub Forum under the following links and you will see where I/we stand. I post under Eddo211
      2. turks can never be trusted by
        turks can never be trusted by any civilized people. they are still the same old barbarian criminals thay have always been. absolutely nothing has changed.

  6. Voting Republican makes no sense what so ever
     Suggesting that Armenians vote Republican to get back at Obama makes no sense at all. Say the war monger McCain had been elected. Remember, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran?" What would the effect have been on Hayastan if this country bombed the hell out of Iran? What about the Iraq war? All those innocent Iraqis murdered and an ancient culture destroyed. For what? I am mad as hell at Obama, but I would never vote straight Republican to get back at him. That’s just foolish. With the mess the economy is in, can you imagine if that teetering old coot had been elected? Yikes. Rather than vote for a Republican, I just won’t vote.

    1. About Iran…

      Hi Arpi,  I agree with you about the voting, but your point about bombing Iran;  do you think that Iran is safe now?  Let me tell you the obvious facts that some people ignore or just not aware of:

      1. Historically Israel never lets any of the neighbouring countries have any power whatsoever, Iran is not an exception…
      2. Because of point#1, there will never be peace in the Middle-East
      3. Keeping the area unstable and in constant war is a way of sucking the oil money by the major powers
      4. Even if Iran dismantles all nuclear stations, still Israel will want to destroy Iran and it will, very very very sooner than you think (in the next couple of years at most)
      5. Finally the reason for war against those countries is not really for oil but (surprise surprise) for selling oil using US Dollars!!!
        • After WW II, USA had an international agreement that all oil must be sold in US currency, Iraq was the first country to change that rule and accepted the Euro.  You know what happened to Iraq…
        • Now Iran has declared that they would accept any currency for oil, so nuclear energy is just an excuse, similar to the WMDs in Iraq.
        • Since USA has no excuse to go to war with any country at the moment, Israel will initiate the war and if successful, fine, if not, then of course US will justify another war to bail-out and help Israel
        • So there is no escape for Iran, Obama or not, there will be bombing and more bombing…

      After all, selling oil in US dollars is the only way that is keeping US a major power.

      1. The depopulation of the Iranian-Armenians
        A Jewish organization (by the name of "Haas"?) is now quietly but actively facilitating the immigration of the Armenians of Iran into the U.S.  Armenians, being a productive "quiet" people (but not so good in politics and finance), are being moved out of Iran so that Iran is weakened.  The organization reportedly returns the $3,000 (?) per head cost of immigration when the refugees reach the U.S. and rumor has it they receive $2,500 per person brought to the U.S. from the UN (?) for their services.

      2.  No, I don’t think Iran is
         No, I don’t think Iran is safe now. Most of the points you make come as no surprise to me. It’s just that I do believe it’s better off (as is the whole world–including Armenia) than if McCain had been elected. You  can’t argue with that.

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