The Life And Times of (Mostly) Armenian Words

Click here to view the video presentation

Click here to view the video presentation

  1. Etymology-Sdookapanoutyoun

    I'm glad to see Jirair Tutunjian will once again talk about Armenian etymology. Last year's lecture was packed with fascinating facts and was delivered in a packed AGBU room. I hope as many, if not more, attend this year's "class".

  2. Never Miss Jirair’s Talks

    If there is one advice I can give to anyone interested in the Armenian language, it is to never miss a talk given by Jirair Tutunjian.

    The esteemed editor of is an erudite and expert treasure-hunter in the landscape of history and evolution of our language (and other ones as well).

    Whenever I meet Jirair, even for a casual conversation, I always learn something new. When I attended his talk last year, his findings sent me off into my own etymological journeys.

    Jirair is therefore not just an enthusiast, he is a true teacher who loves to share his findings.

    I hope to see him in Montreal again.



  3. An interesting Topic

    This is such an interesting topic. I've always had a great passion for old languages and believe they are very much part of our modern languages. I am studying Hebrew and enjoying it.

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