The Unity Issue (Announcement)

Unity Issue - Montréal
Unity Issue - Montréal

Participants in Order of Appearance


Unity Issue - Montréal

Participants in Order of Appearance


  1. Timely Discussion

    The sponsors should be commended for  organizing such a symposium about unity.

    It’s a timely discussion. Volumes have been written about it over many decades and now there is a phenomenon of groups and organizations mushrooming by the day. Some call themselves pan-Armenian, others Western Armenian, and still others Diasporan. An extreme case is that of government-in-exile. It is hard to follow up on what’s being poured on the internet, and hopefully this symposium will bring some clarity to what people want and what their programs are.

    Based on the topics selected the organizers have taken an expansive view of the subject which in itself is the correct trend, but may falter without the right chemistry. There can’t be unity for unity’s sake. Only specific projects based on common grounds and concerns can bring people together. It appears that the sponsors have a grasp of it, otherwise four different groups or organizations getting together to present an event of this scale would have been almost unheard of.

    Prejudgment is not a reasonable approach, but hopefully the audience will not be disappointed. Congratulations to the sponsors who leaving aside their differences have embarked on a common initiative.

  2. While writing this, I´m watching Yerevan´s H1 T.V.

    $ 500 million to be invested in Armenia by the world’s second giant, China. Mainly in mines, infrastructures

    Good news, hope it succeeds , over 1,500 jobs created, as broadcast, too.

    Meanwhile, news goes on that price of sugar is rising, Govt. will try to curb  it.

    Now back to above  post, re  timely discussion  under Title of UNITY ISSUE.

    It appears from the above advertisement  that it is going to be a replica  of what took place in Los Angeles around end  of November, 2010. By this, I wish to clariify again for the umptieth time, as done by self  in Armenian press lately, namely US Armenian Life  magazine of LA and Harienik of Boston. I was a bit surprised  that at  long  last  latter, like in old  days, some ten yrs ago and prior to that 30 yrs ago were kind  enough to now and then publish me.

    I stress  the point  that  UNITY  is erroneous and leads  us to believe that we are not a United people. Not true, as we saw when Civil War  broke out  in Lebanon long ago. All Armenians united, whether under the traditional Armenian political parties or otherwise, just plain non-politico Armens…

    I meekly and  very humbly  suggest  that title ought to be Convergence and cooperation (Hamayezervil yev miapanil).

    This I have exposed, can only be  achieved, if over a 100,000 Armenians working  in mainly 15/16 professions  begin to form into Professional Colleagues Associations, whether you, me, he, she like it or not.  5  of them are already on the scene, namely The Health Medical, The Engineers & Sciences, The BAR, the Sportive, and The Jewellers (this should encompass All furnishings &furniture.

    We need  to form the remaining  ten . Namely, Travel/ Transport, Banking & Finance, The Construction  field, The Communications IT, Press& Adveritisng., Agricultural, Food & Catering, Education & Culture (amalgamation of all existing), Environmental & Forestry, Mines  & Industries, and probably one more. In these, we begin to  receive Formacion Social automatically accomplishing what  V. Oskanian  advocates  in his Civilitas i.e. Civil Societies .Then , through a crystallization mode receive our ELITE from these, who are elected  for their worth. That  of having  one  of only 3  Merits  that a person can advance  more  in his, her profession, while all being Colleagues. A. Professionaly most  advanced physician/surgeon(as example), one culturally Nat´l Int´l, and 3rd economically. Note  one compliments the other two.These from each Armenian dense townships  automatically then form the Inter-professiopnal Elite, plus invite very cordially the Traditionl Armenian political parties  to participate  with their 3 person delegates and our spiritutal  sector , one each from our 3 denominations, THUS ATTAINING THE CENTRAL COJUN CIL OF A TWONSHIP,  thorugh real participation and representation.

    I haves  nothing agaisnt  Mr. harut Sassounian´s METZAMASNAGAN  electoral system  that  of 20,000  VOTES  PRESENT  ONE CANDIDATE/delegate to future Diaspora Central Council. This can encompass  the people, such as 18 yrs upwards with voting rights to the Babik Mamiks in far flung  small areas.

    What  is more  his (with all too much respect  to him) does  not go any further, rather, Elections for leadership only.

    I envisage  through  the 100,000  our slumbering giant to receive Human resources  (professional) and through them the creation of a national investment fund.  This, first  through a Nucleus  of our 5/6 magnates  with input of working capital  of 1 Billion dollars,  to be followed  by our millionaries chipping in millions, all the way down to thiousand dollar  and one hunrded dollars investments. Fund to be governed  by monetary experts, invested in secure Gov.t Bonds, rendering at least  5%, out of which 35% to investors, rest to be added  to capital. What will be  nest  step?

    Organize Repatriation with the Fund, first from near abroad  (through the 5th Branch of our Supreme council in Moscow). the other 4 Branches  of Supreme Council being , The Economic  in Geneva, tax free Executive  in NY, next to RA permanent Rep. at UN. Legal political  in Strasbloug  next  to RA Delegation. Not necessarily sitting next to them but in same town.The only remaining  one  being the spiritual. This we  have  in St. Etchmiadzin, but in conjunction with Great House  of Cilicia. If  there are any questions re above  please direct  it to me for more info.

    Respectfully ,


  3. My Take of Unity Conferences

    I have misgivings for calls for Diaspora unity conferences that sidestep the traditional political parties and their affiliates and other Armenian organizations as well. It gives me the impression a segments of the Armenian society that avoid participating in the existing Armenian organizations are attempting to organize into a new entity.

    If the existing Armenian organizations are unwilling to coordinate their efforts under one umbrella, or if the organizers of the unity conferences are unable to bring them together much like the Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA), which represents 157 Jewish Federations and 400  Network communities; then let us accept the fact that we are not yet ready for an all Armenian Federation.

    Admittedly an attempt was made in early 1970’s. However it results into another entity onto its own, the Armenian Assembly of America, whose naming is a misnomer as it is an organization onto its own and not an assembly of Armenian organizations.

    If the formation of an Armenian Federation akin to JFNA is not possible, let us accept that fact and make the best of the situation by being tolerant to each other and participate in each other’s activities and support each other’s endeavors to change the mindset and bring change from within.

    1. Obviously

      Obviously from the responses. You’ve got a design here thats not too flashy, but makes a statement as big as what you’re saying. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand.


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