Together Push Back the Turkbaijan War Criminals

Dikran Abrahamian MD, Penetanguishene ON, 31 October 2020

Dear Reader,

Once again, I would like to thank you for signing the Government of Canada petition which we distributed through Once a critical mass of supporters was attained, the petition was introduced through MP Bryan May to the official site of the House of Commons (Parliament) of Canada. The petition will continue until Nov. 8. We ask Canadian citizens and permanent residents to participate.

Special thanks to our non-Armenian friends whose support is crucial, heart-warming, and encouraging.

Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) are facing an uneven war: three-million Armenians are facing Turkey (80 million) plus Azerbaijan (10 million), plus thousands of Jihadist terrorists, and Israel which continues to provide the latest in deadliest arms to Azerbaijan. It’s an existential war imposed on Armenians who remember the Genocide (1915) and the massacre of Armenians during the Azerbaijan-government launched pogroms against Armenians thirty years ago in Sumgait, Baku, and other Azerbaijan cities.

Despite the anti-Armenian news spread by the hired guns and apologists of Turkbaijan–a term coined by the veteran journalist Jirair Tutunjian of Toronto–-to make us lose heart and commitment, Turkey has failed in its genocidal objective. After thirty-five days of enemy attacks, the fighting spirit of Armenians is high like the mountains of Artsakh. The vast majority of the land is free of the domination of the invaders who want to eliminate our people. Their blitzkrieg has failed. We shall win. Please listen to Lt. General Gakig Melkonyan’s assessment (in Armenian).

Each one of us has a role to play in this noble resistance. We, away from the homeland, can still assist our sisters and brothers who are defending our land and people against all odds. We should help them beyond expressing patriotic feelings. As creative people, each one of us can find her/his way of acting as a patriot.


2.Petition the authorities to

  • Establish consular/ambassadorial services in Armenia
  • Recognize Artsakh’s right to self-determination and independence
  • Demand withdrawal of Turkey from the war
  • Demand expulsion of Turkey from NATO

3.Contact the “Canadian Media Monitoring” (CMM) and participate in their activities

Besides taking part in the actual fight, there are many functions that volunteers can perform. Three members of Keghart’s six-member staff are serving close to the contact line in Stepanakert and elsewhere.

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Confident of victory, I remain respectfully yours,

Dikran Abrahamian MD

  1. I agree with Mr Aprahamian regarding the things that diaspora Armenians and Canadians should do.
    I want to reflect on 1st item ”donate”
    Whenever there is a crisis, Diaspora Armenians are quick and generous in helping the fatherland.
    If we have 6-7 million Armenians in Diaspora, which would translate to 1.5 million families, and each family donated between $50-$100, it will amount to approximately $150,000,000. Which is pretty close to the amount reported by Armenia Fund this month of $142,000,000.
    Dear patriots of Armenian Diaspora, this war is ongoing, and it may last for long time, costing multi billion dollar expense .
    Along with that cost is the humongous cost of ongoing Covid 19 pandemia which will also be there longer.
    These 2 cost burdens on Armenian and Artsakh economies will be catastrophic as they don’t happen only for one month.
    That brings it to my suggestion, every Armenian family should commit to a recurring donation to Armenia fund. Not only one time but every month donate to the extent of your budget. As long as it’s recurring and Armenia gets that $142,000,000 monthly, which amounts to $ 1.8 billion per year; we will be :
    a. Politically Independent and not listen to cheap rhetoric
    B. Finance this war ourselves, with independence to deal with any country.
    C. Be able to provide medical care to our people during the pandemia and not let them die at home or line up in hospital corridors.
    D. And the most important , we will win this war.
    Remember, $2-3 dollars a day from every diaspora Armenian family will achieve this goal.

  2. Great article and advice. Thank you.
    Let us not forget that the Jewish American lobby has immense influence over the US government and is clearly backing Israel’s support of Azerbaijan in this war. That’s why the NY Times coverage of the war has been biased in favor of Azerbaijan. The Times is sick.
    Trump and his family once tried to build a hotel in Azerbaijan. His son-in-law/adviser Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka (Kushner’s wife) are Jewish.
    Trump has been a great friend to Israel and is supported by the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson.
    Some Jews and Israelis have spoken out against Israel’s support for Azerbaijian in this war, but most are silent, which is a sign of support.
    Of course, Trump is also a friend of the deranged Erdogan (“Takes one to know one”) and has investments in Turkey.
    So that’s Trump – totally bought off by Jews, Israel, and Turkey.
    Here’s one example of many of Jewish American support of Azerbaijan – a visit by American Jews to Azerbaijan to kiss up to Aliyev:
    And of course you recall when Jewish Americans organizations and Israel opposed Armenian Genocide resolution in the United States Congress.

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