Truth was the First Casualty

By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia PA, 17 August, 2008

It is a pity that no one really knows who was the first man to utter the obvious fact: "In time of war, truth is the first casualty,"  although there are several candidates.

By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia PA, 17 August, 2008

It is a pity that no one really knows who was the first man to utter the obvious fact: "In time of war, truth is the first casualty,"  although there are several candidates.

Were he to be known, monumental-size statues to him should be raised in the capital cities in every country, directly opposite and facing the official residence of the president, the monarch, the prime minister.

The hypocrisy of most of the so-called leaders of the West, led, unfortunately, by the Liar in the White House (hereafter LitWH), regarding the situation in the Republic of Georgia is so palpable it can be sliced with a dull knife.  What is good for a laugh, however, are the ramblings of the pro-American so-called "analysts" and "Caucasus specialists" who tell us that on the one hand we have four fingers and a thumb and on the other hand we have a thumb and four fingers.  They don’t know what they are talking about, but they must talk!

What happened in South Ossetia was not "naked Russian aggression."  What happened could well have been an American idea that went wrong.

It is obvious that the military action by the Georgian army in South Ossetia was planned a long time ago to be executed at the start of the Olympics in the hopes of catching everyone by surprise–especially Russia.  However, it appears that the Russians had expected the military action by Georgia, and was prompt to react.

But the Western media–well, most of them–are getting their reading of the situation from the LitWH and are making it appear that the people of South Ossetia (and Abkhazia the other break-away region) were suffering and were aching to return to Georgia.  Seeing what the Georgians are doing to the Armenians in Javakhk, the other break-away region but which was re-united by force with the Republic, neither the Ossetians nor the Abkhazians would voluntarily return to the Republic. 

Since no one gives a damn about the Armenians, their suffering has gone unnoticed.  It becomes easy, therefore, to laud Mikheil Saakashvili as a great democrat and, thus, the aggrieved leader of a "western-oriented" democracy.

The fact that America and the LitWH and his neo-con friends are afraid of what Putin (with the huge increases in the prices of oil and natural gas) has done with Russia after it was almost destroyed by the drunken darling of the West, Boris Yeltsin, is not mentioned anywhere.  Russia is now a major challenger to America’s hegemony in the world–or, at least, the Eastern European part of it.  This explains why America has been pushing for a renewal of the Cold War “containment” policy of surrounding Russia with American client-states.

People seem to forget that the first two letters in "NATO" stand for "North Atlantic."  It’s bad enough that America forced a non-North Atlantic country like Turkey onto the organization, but it tried to force two obviously non-North Atlantic countries like Georgia and the Ukraine onto the organization after successfully forcing a non-North Atlantic country like Poland onto the organization.  What has Georgia to do with the North Atlantic?  Nothing.  But as part of (let’s forget what the initials mean) "NATO," it means to Russia that America is trying to contain Russia and separate it from its "near abroad" neighbors. 

Sit in the Kremlin and look at what’s going on, and come to any conclusion other than "This is sinister." 

But, getting back to the killing of truth (Vericide).  When Russia does in Georgia what America does in Iraq, the Western media (well, most of them) condemn Russia.  (It reminds me of the definition of a woman driver: "A woman who drives like a man and gets blamed for it.")

When America forces an "independent" Kosovo onto the world, under the principle of "self-determination of peoples," and Russia argues for the self-determination of South Ossetia, the Western media (well, most of them) follow the lead of the LitWH and cry "territorial integrity" of Georgia, forgetting that the territorial integrity of Serbia was ignored.

No one expects a country to be honest in its foreign affairs; no one expects a country to base its foreign policy on consistency, integrity, and morality–but the least the country can do is remain silent when another country does what it does. 

The two armies have agreed to return to their positions before the fighting started, and I don’t know what is going to happen in Georgia–nor, frankly do I care.  Georgia has not been a friend of Armenia, and deserves everything that can happen to her.

But I do know what I would like to happen.  Russia should announce that it accepts the independence of Kosovo and, therefore, it recognizes the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia (it would be nice if it added Javakhk and, then figured what-the-Hell, Artsakh, as well) and sets up embassies in each country and sends ambassadors, establishes military alliances, creates trade agreements, and all the rest of what comprises nation-to-nation relationships.

And then folds its arms and asks the world: "Any comments?"

If there are any comments, you can be sure that dead Truth will not be making any.

Russia will not take such actions, of course, because it, too, has ethnic peoples who could seek "break-away" status, if not outright independence.  But we can dream, can we not?

I wasn’t honest when I said above that I don’t know what will happen now; I really do know.  No matter who "wins," the Armenians will lose.

Avedis Kevorkian
Philadelphia, PA


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