Turkey: The 51st State. The time has come

By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia, PA  USA, 26 June 2009


Many years ago, when I first noted that Ankara was dictating policy to Washington, and Washington was reciprocating by pushing Turkey to be in the European Union (EU) and be given a larger role in European affairs, I suggested that Turkey should become America's 51st State.

By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia, PA  USA, 26 June 2009


Many years ago, when I first noted that Ankara was dictating policy to Washington, and Washington was reciprocating by pushing Turkey to be in the European Union (EU) and be given a larger role in European affairs, I suggested that Turkey should become America's 51st State.

Obviously, the suggestion got nowhere.

But, since a German gentleman suggested the idea, recently, in an Open Letter to President Medz Yeghern, I am now supporting the idea.

Think of some of the benefits to America.  

–No need to push an unpopular Turkey into the EU.  With Turkey the 51st State, there would be a part of the United States of America right on the edge of Europe and in Asia.

–No need for America to have to guarantee Turkey's loans from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and other financial institutions.  It would be the USA doing the borrowing, and who would be bold enough to stand up to the USA?

–No need to force a Muslim country onto the EU.  "We have a Muslim state in our Union; what are you going to do about it?"

–As the two wars currently engaged in by America have shown, the country is woefully weak with regard to men in arms.  With Turkey an American State, its Army would bolster the American Army, and the USA would be able to throw its now-heavier weight around more easily.  Invading Iran would be child's play.  

–Being a neighbor to the Republic of Georgia would make Russia think twice about its role in the Caucasus.

The advantages are endless.

Of course, there are some minor problems.  

–At Turkey's request, America will have to permit honor killings.  

–At Turkey's request, any mention of the Genocide of the Armenians, the Assyrians, and the Pontic Greeks will have to be forbidden (but since the US also denies this history, this is really no problem).

 –At Turkey's request, Turkish will replace Spanish in public schools.  

–At Turkey's request, all women will have to cover their heads in public.  

But, these are minor irritations, and Washington will be only too glad to comply.

With 72-million people, Turkey's representation in the Congress will be the largest of any state, and Congress may have to require that Turkish also be spoken during debates, and all documents be published in Turkish.  But, Washington should have no  problem with this, since it is, in effect, advocating these sorts of things for Europe so it must like the idea.

In addition, Mustafa Kemal's birthday will be a national holiday.  Since  Americans like holidays, this should go over big.  There may be a problem with photos of Kemal being displayed on every wall and on the fronts of every building,  but this can be resolved, I am sure.  Since most Americans are ignorant of their country's history, they will probably figure that Kemal is another one of  those Dead White Men frowned upon by today's history books.

As a member of the EU (does anyone have any doubts that the now 51-state America will be voted in?) all Americans will also be Europeans and will be able to travel freely and benefit from being European–like, for instance, getting free medical care.  Of course, it will mean that all Europeans will be free to travel to and throughout America.  But America should resolve that glich; after all, double standards have never presented any problems for the country.

But, I have left the best part for last.  With Turkey the 51st State, all Armenian-American descendants of the Genocide victims will be able to go there and reclaim their ancestral homes or buy property in the cities, towns, and villages of their forebears.  And, Mount Ararat will now be a part of America.  Bordering Armenia will mean that Armenians from the Republic will be able to cross the border and “see Ararat from the other side.”

As I said, there are minor problems.  However, just think of the powerful position in which America will find itself:  

–It will also be in Europe and in Asia.  

–No longer the need for "Official Observer" status with the Council of Europe–it will be a member.

— It will be an EU member. It can then get billions of Euros (the Euro will have to go, in time, of course) in agricultural subsidies, jobs for its jobless, etc.

The mind boggles at the benefits if Turkey becomes America's 51st State.  And, President Medz Yeghern will be the hero of the Muslim world.


  1. Yeah – instead of the USA
    Yeah – instead of the USA foisting Turkey on an unwilling Europe, let the US take Turkey as its own!

  2. I got a good laugh out of
    I got a good laugh out of this article, thank you for posting it!  And I agree with Avedis LOL

  3. One correction. The 51st
    One correction. The 51st state is Israel, already.   

  4. Consider this…

    Here’s an issue that could be a little sticky.  At Turkey’s request, Article 301 would become an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Will President Medz Yeghern face charges for whining about Gitmo?

    By the way, may God (oops, Allah) help anyone who suggests President Medz Yeghern’s mother is of Armenian descent.

  5. Where Is Our Blood Money?
    Dear Avedis,

    I do not agree with you. Now is the time to call Mark Giragos, Yeghiayan, Manjikian, Paul Krikorian, Berj Boyajian for the accounting of NY Life settlement money. They put the BLOOD MONEY in their pockets. When I call, I get evasive answers one after the other; if they have nothing to hide let them come clean.

    I am ashamed I am an Armenian. I wish I were a Turk. Wise up people, ask questions from Settlement Board Administrators – Where did the settlement Fund disappear? We need answers – and Now!

    1. Dear Hayk, You have placed

      Dear Hayk,

      You have placed your comment under Avedis Kevorkian’s article Turkey: The 51st State. The time has come which says nothing about Blood Money.

      Did you intend to post it under the article Obama and the Denial of Genocide where there are references to Blood Money and related issues? If that’s the case then the readers are referred to


  6. A Satirist Worthy of Our Times, or Vice Versa

    Sireli Avedis,

    Once again, your power of observation makes minced meat out of the games politicians play.

    Once again, you prove that the pen (not to mention the keyboard) will always be the mightiest of all weapons.

    Once again, you make the point that every age and every people deserve to have their satirists.  Our times deserve you. I hope that our people will also prove equally worthy.

    Keep them coming, because I want to keep on reading.


    Viken L. Attarian
    Mount Royal, Quebec

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