Laundering the Truth for $$$

From: Jerry Tutunjian
Sent: October 26, 2020 12:10 PM
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Subject: smiles

D. Murphy
BGR Group
601 13th St  NW
DC  20005
United States
Mr/Ms/Mrs. Murphy,
Your gallery of rogues (portrayed on your site) whom you call “TEAM” features 56 people, most of them beaming. Are they smiling because they helped their “john” Azerbaijan obtain positive publicity in the United States for the $1.5-million war criminal Ilham Aliev paid you in the past three years and more to come this year? Are you downing dry martinis for helping kill more than 1,000 young Armenian soldiers, countless civilians, and destroying Nagorno-Karabakh?
As veteran practitioners of mendacity, you are used to defending criminals. You think you are doing what a lawyer does. That’s self-deluding subterfuge. and embarrassing self-flattery. Lawyers are officers of the law and the first thing they tell their client is: “I don’t want to know what you did. I am here to defend you.” You, on the other hand, have no compunction representing known mass murderers such as Ilham Aliev and his killer gang. It doesn’t make any difference to you whether Aliev’s drones kill children, old people, and 18-year-old soldiers. What you care for is that your criminal client is portrayed as a respectable politician and Armenians as the villain. You don’t care that war has been imposed on a nation of 3 million by a horde of 93 million (83-million Turkey, 10-million Azerbaijan) plus Syrian mercenary terrorists who have cut the heads of two Armenian prisoners of war plus Pakistani troops, and Afghan mujahideen out to kill Armenians because Armenians happen to be Christian.
When you look into the mirror this morning, you would think you see a human being. What you see is evil in human form. What you see is a mendacious and greedy “business” person who lies with the devil and for the devil.
Your motto is “We’re here to help.” Yes, to help mass murderers get away with war crimes and who last night ignored, for the third time, ceasefire (sponsored by the United States). You must be happy to hear your client broke the ceasefire: it means more lucre for your blood-stained hands.
Your motto “We’re here to help” sounds like the “we aim to please” of prostitutes. But at least whores do not hide behind subterfuge–as your 56-member gallery or rogue does.
Jerry Tutunjian
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