Germany Has Chutzpah

Ottoman and German officers in Istanbul at the beginning of WWI. A scene from the movie “The Promise”

By Jirair Tutunjian, Toronto, 16 January 2024

Surprising as it may seem, the recent International Court of Justice hearing in The Hague to determine whether Israel is guilty of genocide had touches of black humor.

The first contributor to the hilarity was Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan who declared that thanks to extremely valuable data Turkey had provided to the judges, it was certain Israel would be convicted for committing genocide of Gaza Palestinians.

The second group of witless wits who contributed to the unintentional hilarity was the Israeli defense team whose lame arguments on behalf of the Zionist regime were so bad they couldn’t convince a ten-year-old.

The third moment of hilarity was provided by the supercilious, arrogant, and self-satisfied German leaders who offered to intervene on behalf of Israel in the deliberations of the judicial body. Perhaps Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany was worried the ten-fold increase of weapons Berlin had supplied to Israel had not been sufficient support to the murderous colony responsible for the killing of 25,000 Palestinians.

Thanks to the energetic and well-funded dissemination of information about German anti-Jewish violence during the Second World War, even aboriginals living in the remotest Siberia and the Amazon know about the German holocaust of Jews during the Second World War.

But the Holocaust wasn’t the first genocide Germany perpetrated in the 20th century. It was the third. Between 1904 and 1908, German troops killed 70,000 Namibians (Herero and Namibs) by machine gunning or hanging people whose sole guilt was resisting the occupation of their desert homeland by people who had invaded from 10,000 miles away. For decades, Germany had successfully buried the facts about its barbarity in deepest Africa. Germans finally acknowledged the crimes of their fathers and grandfathers but avoided legal culpability. Germany’s half-hearted apology was widely described a hollow.

It gets worse.

In addition to the Namibian and Jewish mass killings, Germany also took part in a third 20th century genocide…that of 1.5 million Armenians during the First World War.

In the introduction to his German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide, historian Vahakn N. Dadrian wrote: “German responsibility in the Armenian Genocide falls into  two broad patterns: official policy made at the highest level, and acts of officials—military and diplomatic—that were sanctioned after the fact either through explicit approval or through silence. Some of these policies and acts were immoral, but others were clearly criminal; given the standards prevalent in Western jurisprudence, in either case, the state bears responsibility.”

  1. Several German officials provided the Turks the rational for the elimination of Armenians. Field Marshall von der Goltz said Armenians were an obstacle to the expansion of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.
  2. Major Wolffskeel, single-handedly reduced the Armenian sector of Urfa to rubble and ashes. There were 25,000 Armenians in the city. There were similar German brutal acts in other Armenian centers.
  3. Once Turkey launched the genocide, Germany refused to intervene. The policy was explicitly approved by the Kaiser.
  4. There was a German policy of covering up the genocide. This ranged from censorship of the press to dissemination of anti-Armenian Turkish propaganda.
  5. The Kaiser and his coterie of military and civilian leaders, honored many of the Turkish executioners of the Armenian people. They even conferred upon these executioners a host of decorations, including the Prussian Orders of the Black Eagle and the Red Eagle, and the military decoration of the Iron Cross. Grand Vizier and Ittihad party boss Talat Pasha was honored with several German decorations, including the highest Prussian decoration.
  6. General Bronsart von Schellendorf, the German Chief of Staff of Ottoman Armed Forces, issued orders for the deportation of the Armenians. In one of these orders, he demanded that “severe measures” be applied against Armenian labor battalions. As a result, most of the Armenians were slaughtered by the Turkish Special Organization.

Nearly a century after the Armenian Genocide—and after much lobbying— Germany recognized that the elimination of Armenians had been genocide. However, it refused to admit responsibility for being a party to the murderous Turks.

  1. At the end of the First World War, high ranking German military officers organized the clandestine escape of the seven main Turkish government officials responsible for the Armenian Genocide.

So now in bitter irony but with a dash of hilarity, these two murderous partners—Turkey and Germany—are on the opposite sides of the controversy regarding Israel’s genocidal policy towards Palestinians. Let’s see whose lies win or lose.


  1. Great essay.
    Germany remains guilty of the Armenian Genocide, continues to support the corrupt, Genocide-denying Turkish government, and owes Armenians trillions in reparations.
    Germany also supports the genocidal government of Azerbaijan.

  2. Thank you Jirayr.
    Great exposee of the involvement of Germany in the genocide of the Armenians, perpetrated by Turkey.
    In recent decades Grrmany has regained its hitlerian arrogance. Only the powers perpetrating the Genocide have changed the target.
    Currently, as the inept population of the world watches, Germany is helping Israel with its mass killings of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
    It remains to be seen what will bring the end of Israel, Turkey, Germany, England, etc keenly involved in destroying our planet.

  3. I am familiar with the unsubstantiated accounts that the Ittihadists were “deunme” Turks: Jews who had converted to Islam. If you have proof of your claim, please share it. I would also like to hear why Jews want to eliminate all Armenians. I know the story about Ataturk’s recitation in Jerusalem of a Jewish prayer.

  4. As usual there is always more information readily available about wrongdoings by Britain’s rivals.
    However, Britain’s geopolitical agenda and concomitant prior actions were decisive.
    A quote from the source ‘Palmerston launches Young Turks to permanently control Middle East’ by Joseph Brewda:

    “While the Young Turks were pushing the pan-Turkic and pan-Islamic movements, the British were also boosting all the anti-Turkish independence movements within the empire. They were supporting Arab nationalism, led by Lawrence of Arabia.They were supporting Serbian nationalism, led by the British agent Seton-Watson; Albanian nationalism, led by Lady Dunham; and Bulgarian nationalism, led by Noel Buxton.

    All of these peoples wanted to break free from the Ottoman Empire; but they also claimed the land of their neighbors.For example, the British supported the idea of carving a “Greater Armenia” out of Turkey, Iran, and Russia.This “Greater Armenia” had no possibility of existing. None of the Great Powers, including Britain, really wanted it. The Kurds, who lived in the same area, didn’t want it. But the British told the Armenians they supported their plans. At the same time, the British were also telling the Kurds they supported the idea of “Greater Kurdistan.”

    As the map shows, the proposed territories of “Greater Kurdistan” and “Greater Armenia” were almost identical.
    In 1915, during World War I, the Kurds killed about 1 million Armenians.The Young Turks, who had been put in power by the British, used the Kurds(who thought they had the support of the British) to slaughter the Armenians (who also thought they had the support of the British). The British then used this genocide as a justification for trying to eliminate Turkey”

    Cherchez Albion perfide!

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