Globe’s Ace Hypocrite

By Jirair Tutunjian, Toronto, 4 April 2024

While President Joe Biden is accused of being up there in the exalted circle of champion international hypocrites, Pal Joey is by no means in the same league as the voluble Sultan of Lies, the hypocrite President-for-life Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. Sorry, we mean Turkiye. When mischievous people call venerable Joe “hypocrite” for arming Israel and pretending at the same time to care for Palestinian lives they don’t understand octogenarian Joe is far from being a hypocrite. The fact is this: Biden is an honest man. You see, more than forty years ago Biden declared he was a Zionist. He added that if there was no Israel it would be necessary to create it. As well, his election campaigns have received large donations from American Zionists. Thus, when he gave Israel carte blanche to commit genocide, Old Joe was being consistent and giving value for the investment Zionists have made in him. When he sends billions of dollars and tons of bombs to the fascist colony, Honest Joe is paying his dues to Israel for facilitating the large donations American Zionists have made to his election campaigns.

When it comes to hypocrisy, Uncle Joe is a minnow compared to irascible Erdogan who has elevated hypocrisy to an art form.

Several times since the Israeli invasion of Gaza, Erdogan gathered around him a million or so Turks and proceeded to deliver bloody speeches and called Benyamin Netanyahu every name in the book. At times it seemed he was about to declare war on Israel. His speech and others before and after have made him the idol of the Arab street. But his naïve Arab fans didn’t know their hero was selling $5.42 billion worth of goods annually to Netanyahu’s Israel and buying $1.5 billion worth of Israeli goods. Turkish sales include crude oil and fuel without which the Israel’s “most moral army in the world” can’t carry out its butchery of Palestinians.

While doing roaring trade with Israel, Islamist Erdogan has provided financial and logistical support to Hamas. He has hosted the militant group’s leaders and provided passports and I.D. cards to Hamas members. He has also allowed Hamas to recruit operatives in Turkey.

While helping ignite the Syrian Civil War, Erdogan blackmailed Europe to gift Turkey billions of dollars to take care of the Syrian refugees. He even blackmailed Europe that if the EU didn’t provide funds to Turkey, Ankara would flood Europe with refugees.

One day Erdogan plays footsie with Vladimir Putin and the next day he declares his support of NATO. He requests that Russia build nuclear reactors in Turkey and in the next breath he sells drones to Ukraine.

Erdogan has ambitions to revive the corrupt, brutal, and racist Ottoman Empire with him as its Sultan. While courting Arabs to back his insane ambition, he goes to Central Asia and tells the “stans” that he would create a Turkic Empire. It goes without saying Erdogan would be the putative Caliph of the Turkic Empire which will stretch from Istanbul to the Chinese border.

Erdogan, a long-time NATO member, obstructed the admission of Sweden and Finland into NATO until the U.S. sold him F-16 aircraft. Why does Erdogan need the advanced F-16 when he says Turkey has no quarrel with its neighbors? While he says Turkey’s relations with its neighbors are excellent, at one time or another he has threatened all his neighbors. Peace-loving Erdogan has armed and trained the Azerbaijanis and directed their unprovoked attack on Armenia. Turkey illegally occupies northern Cyprus regularly threatens Greece, Cyprus, Iraq, and Syria. In addition, Turkey occupies parts of northern Syria, Iraq in addition to all of Western Armenia.

Although Europe has invested billions of dollars in Turkey and admitted millions of Turks (close to five million in Germany) thus raising Turkey’s standard of living, Erdogan has insulted almost every EU head of state, including Angela Merkel.

While portraying himself as an ur-Turk, there’s anecdotal evidence that he might have Pontian Greek roots and his over-the-top Turkishness is a cover.

While he and his wife dance the super-devout Muslim couple routine in public, they frequently plunge into exorbitant shopping sprees in high-end European shops. The couple indulge in these costly shopping trips at a time when the Turkish economy has tanked, inflation has soared to unprecedented heights, unemployment is at oxygen-deprived heights, and the Turkish lira is slightly more valuable than Kleenex tissue.

Although the Turkish lira is in a free fall, Erdogan built a 1,000-room Presidential Palace costing $615 million. The palace is the largest of any leader and stretches on 150,000 sq. ft. of land.

Anyone with a modicum of interest in politics should ask: “Why does the world allow Erdogan to get away with his hypocrisy, aggression, and racism?”

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