Heroes and Villains of 2019

For a number of years, Keghart.com has, at the end of the year, featured the year’s heroes and villains from an Armenian perspective. Here’s the 2019 list:


—The people of Armenia and Artsakh who stay put despite their numerous challenges

—Government officials in Armenia who continue their housecleaning following the Velvet Revolution

—Soldiers defending Armenia and Artsakh

—Senators Bob Menendez and Ted Cruz along with the U.S Senate for recognizing the Armenian Genocide

—The members of the U.S. House of Representatives for their efforts re Armenian Genocide recognition

—Our lobbyists in Washington

—The people of Syria (Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Kurds, Syriacs, and Yezidis) for withstanding the invasion of their country

—Kim Kardashian for her outspoken pro-Armenian comments

—Armenians of Jerusalem (about a thousand) who make sure, despite official harassment, we retain our remarkable presence in that city

—Diaspora freelance writers who contribute to our media without receiving compensation or recognition

—Journalists (Robert Fisk, Sarah Abed, Uzay Bulut, Appo Jabarian and many others) who stick their neck out and get the story; Ara Papian of the Modus Vivendi Center in Yerevan for being a one-man army in legitimizing and putting on the map the Treaty of Sèvres

Armenian-Americans who lobbied untiringly for years to obtain parole for Hampig Sassounian.

—Lawyer Mark Geragos and Murad Minassian through untiring efforts obtained parole for Hampig Sassounian.


— Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

—Donald Trump

—Senators Lindsay Graham, David Perdue and Kevin Cramer who quashed the U.S. Senate’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide

—Jewish/Israeli propagandist “journalists” (the list is too long to cite all the offenders) who justify the anti-Armenian policies of Azerbaijan

—Catholicos Karekin II

—Israeli authorities which pressure the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem

—The not-so-hidden sponsors of ISIS

—John Bolton, maniacal warmonger

—Mainstream media for mishandling the Armenian Genocide resolution of the U.S. Senate

—Azeris firing across the line of contact (9,000 times in 2019) and for blacklisting people who visit Artsakh.

  1. Villains!

    Catholicos Karekin II is a villain according to your website? 
    Any explanation for this? 

  2. Republican Party of Armenia

    A reader from Armenia writes, "Villains – you missed the Republican Party in Armenia.  Doing everything they can – including collaborating with Russia, corrupt oligarchs, and criminals –  to undermine the popular and democratically elected government of Armenia. 

    BTW – happy to see vehapar in the villain list."


  3. Israeli Jewish “prostitute” Journalists

    All those "prostitute" Israeli "journalists" on the payroll of the Turkish & Azeri states similar to Nurit Greenger, Jacob Kamaras, Alexander Murinson, Israel Barouk, Arye Gut, Samuel Rahmani, Justin Amler, Lloyd Green, Jason Katz, Marcia Bronstein, Eugen Iladi, Neil Richards, Peter Tase, Maxime Gauin, Milikh Yevdayev should be on the list of Villains.

    1. Israeli/Jewish “presstitutes”

      Dear Vartan, as the editors of Keghart point out in the Heroes & Villains 2019 article, there are far too many such propagandists to name each one personally. Even so, you may visit the ARMENIAN HALL OF SHAME on Armeniapedia to see a running list of offenders.

      1. Jewish “prostitute” Journalists

        Dear Lucin,

        Thank you for your suggestion.However,I'm concentrating specifically on Jewish/Israeli so called "prostitute/presstitutes or even pestitude" journalists & always wondering why they are mostly of Jewish/Israeli origin, when Armenia & Armenians worldwide have accepted the Holocaust without any strings attached ( unlike Israel & such low scums who will be part of history's garbage).

        From Armenian Hall of Shame the following names are missing: Nurit Greenger, Samuel Rahmani, Marcia Bronstein, Eugen Iladi & it needs to be updated.

        1. Presstitutes, cont’d
          Sireli Vartan,

          If you inspect the list closely, you will see that a motherlode of Israeli/Jewish propagandists are already in the Hall of Shame, including Nurit Greenger and Marcia Bronstein.

          Please show me an article by Ramani (this is the correct spelling of his name) that is blatantly anti-Armenian as none I have read are such. We will re-investigate Eugen Iladi — as his name was not popping up earlier in web searches.

          We are glad to add such names to the Hall of Shame if we can ascertain that they are "presstitutes."

          Thank you.


  4. Jewish “prostitute” Journalists

    Dear & Sireli Lucin,

    Apologies for my mistake.

    As for Eugen Illadi please see the here below articles:

    Figurehead of Fake Country to Get Fake Award at U.S. Capitol
    Armenia’s Russian-Backed Aggression a Danger to Region

    As for Samuel Ra(h)mani & Eugen Illadi please see the here below article:

    Returns on Diplomatic Investment: Zionist Policies and the Armenians

    "It has been observed that an overwhelming number of these politically targeted articles are written by Israeli or diaspora Jews with publicly verifiable affiliation with Israeli or Jewish groups. See the table below.

    Nurit Greenger, Jacob Kamaras, Alexander Murinson, Israel Barouk, Arye Gut, Diana Cohen Altman, Samuel Rahmani, Justin Amler, Lloyd Green, Jason Katz, Marcia Bronstein, Raoul Lowery Contreras, Eugen Iladi, Neil Richards, Peter Tase"


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