Unity Symposium Participants

Chahe Tanashian BA

Saturday, March 19, 2011, Montréal

Participants in Order of Appearance

Saturday, March 19, 2011, Montréal

Participants in Order of Appearance

Chahe Tanashian BA Chahe Tanachian BA                                                                                   
Director of AGBU Manuel Keusseyan Armenological Lecture Series
Khatoune Temisjian-Bedrossian Khatoune Temisjian-Bedrossian PhD (Sociology)                                               
Co-founder and President of the Armenian Women's Association of Canada
Author of  Les femmes arméniennes du Grand Montréal (2000), La langue
arménienne: défis et enjeux (1996), and numerous articles
Prof. Z.S. Andrew Demirdjian Prof. Z.S. Andrew Demirdjian, California State University                                     
Author of The Viability of a Worldwide Armenian Organization:
Questing for Armenia and Cilicia
The Demon in Diplomacy: Alliances Based on Affinity,

and numerous books & articles
Mrs. Arsine Attarian Arsine Attarian BA (1956) History & Politics                                              
VP of Armenian Women's Association of Canada
Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal (2002) for volunteer work
Dr. Souren Seraydarian Dr. Souren Seraydarian (France)                                                                           

Former Assistant Secretary General of UN

Deputy Executive Director and Secretary General of the IOC of proposed WAN-C

Prof. Levon Marashlian, Glendale Community College                                            
Author of The Armenian Question and Turkish-American Relations
(Istanbul, in Turkish 2000), Politics & Demography:
Armenians, Turks, and Kurds in the Ottoman Empire
Participant in the First World Armenian Congress in Paris (1979)
Dr. Dikran Abrahamian                                                                                     
BA (1966) in Political Science & Public Administration
Practicing Physician in Internal Medicine
Publisher & Editor-in-chief of Keghart.com
Aliye Alice Alt (Germany)                                                                                
Author of Hamshen Armenians in the Mirror of History
(In Turkish, Greek and German)
  Ared Misirliyan                                                                                              
Graduate of Robert College (Istanbul)
BSE, Chem. Eng.; MILS, Library Science
Founding Associate of Arturus Translation Services (Montreal)
Fr. Mesrop Aramian                                                                                        
Founder of AYB Model for Armenian Children
Filmmaker of the multiple award-winning documentary
From Ararat to Zion
Vrouyr Makalian LLB                                                                                           
Recipient of Lieutenant Governor's Award – Quebec (2005)
Youngest recipient of internship at the Ministry of External Affairs
of the Republic of Armenia (2006)
Prof. Arpi Hamalian                                                                                                
Served as Chair of the Department of Education at Concordia University
Director of the graduate programs in Educational Studies and Adult Education,
and as Principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute for Women’s Studies.
Mr. Antranig Bedrossian
Antranig Bedrossian B. Comm, CMA, BA (1999)                                              
Political Science – International Relations
Author of The Various Aspects of Karabakh Issue (1996)
President of Nakhijevan Institute
Former Member of Armenian National Committee of Canada
Former member of Hamazkain Executive of Canada
Viken L. Attarian P. Eng. MSc MBA                                                               
Former chairman of AGBU Montreal Chapter, Lecturer: Manuel
Keusseyan Armenological Lecture Series, VP Policy Commision,
the Liberal Party of Canada, Quebec Division.




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