Veteran UN Executive Founding Member of WAN-C

22 February 2010
Souren G. Seraydarian, a deputy director of the International Organizing Committee (the steering group of the proposed Western Armenian National Congress) is a veteran United Nations executive who has served the international organization in more than half-a-dozen countries.Born in Aleppo, he joined the United Nations in 1969 and during the next 35 years was stationed in Haiti (twice), South Africa, Eastern Slavonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and in Liberia. He retired in 2004.

As a UN senior executive, he served the international body in various capacities, including in technical assistance, in human resources, as chief adminstrative officer, observer, representative of the Secretary-General, and on several occasions as deputy special representative of the UN head.

Mr. Seraydarian holds a PhD. in international law and political science, in addition to postgraduate diploma from the Diplomatic Academy in Austria. He has done postgraduate work in human resources management in the United Kingdom and economic development in France.

The former UN executive currently lives in Vienna, Austria. He speaks at least five languages: Armenian, Arabic, French, English and German.

  1. Confidence builder
    Committed, knowledgeable and experienced Armenians such as Mr. Seraydarian are confidence builders for the WAN-C project.

  2. People of Seraydarian’s calibre are much needed

    Seraydarian is not alone in having served the United Nations, nor the UN is the only international institution where Armenians have made an impact. The World Bank, the IMF and various other organizations have seen Armenians come and go, but sadly a few have come forward such as M. H. Bouldoukian that have taken to heart Armenian interests and causes.

    Professionals such as Seraydarian, Bouldoukian, Kasbar Derderian and others are much needed to push the Armenian envelope further in the international field so that this generation can proudly say that we are closer to our goals as Armenians.

    Seraydarian’s presence as deputy director of the organizing committee for the proposed Western Armenian Congress certainly enhances the prestige of the institution, and motivates people to join forces.

    Thank you Mr. Seraydarian.

  3. I am proud to see

    I am proud to see such an illustrious persona as a member of WANCongress.  Having someone with Mr. Seraydaryan’s experience is definitely an asset and makes us willing to support and believe in such an organization or group.

    I am interested to see descriptions about other members of WANCongress. I hope they are with similar qualifications or better.

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