Visual Tour of the Original Birds’ Nest Orphanage in Sidon to Present Day Sanjak Camp (21st century)

Misak Kelechian, Los Angeles

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  1. One more tragedy breaking the hearts of Armenians! Never ends. Maybe it’s time for Armenia to join the EU. Enough to Asian aggression, and safer for the first Christian nation. The love affair between Erdogan and Aliyev — will the rest of the world welcome them and applaud for what they did to the Armenians in 1915 and repeat the same now? What’s next for them? What’s next for the first Christians nation? Will there be more destruction of their churches, more gobbling of territories, and death to citizens to witness? Are the Azeris proud of themselves? After all they were the aggressors in another people’s ancient homeland. What goes around comes around. Can’t imagine an international soccer game in Baku, let alone the Olympic committee ever hosting the Olympics in Azerbaijan.

    Ghosts of all those who came before, the spirit of ancient buildings and artifacts, the lost lands hear the sounds of the mortars and ask, “What for the thousands of young soldiers and innocent citizens did die?” Who draws these boundaries of a sovereign nation? Erdogan, Aliyev, Netanyahu the aggressors? Putin didn’t help the Armenians and neither did anyone else. Russia brokered a bad deal. Is there anyone else who wants to steal ancient Armenian territories?

    Armenia needs a David. Small nations are not safe. Armenia vs. the world.

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