When Vice Is Virtue

Author: Lucine Kasbarian

Author: Lucine Kasbarian

  1. Safarov

    Keep on hitting hard, Lucine.  Marvelous.
    The Azeri "hero" has become an inadvertent villain to Baku. The hurrahs he got in Azerbaijan demonstrated to the world that the UN or any other international body can't expect Armenians to cede their land to the Azeri butchers or live under the Turkic yoke. Not only brutal but also stupid.

  2. Bedross’ Quote

    More than 70 odd years of strict Soviet Russian rule and education did not hammer anything into these "cabeza de Turcos"–a Spanish saying which means hard headedness ("Turkish head") which was coined after the Christian navies engaged the Ottoman navy at the Battle of Lepanto 400 years ago.

    Now this is still true with the Azeri and Turkic mindsets. Its hard for them to believe that they are anything but supreme. Indeed, they were, when Armenians in Western Armenia were not allowed to carry paper-cutting knife, according my father who was from Erzeroum. In Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) even our jogads, headed by partisans such as Monte Melkonian and others, let  cabeza de Turcos have it. 

    After the massacres of Baku, Nakhichevan and elsehwere in Artsakh some nations now tell us to go and live under  Turkic PROTECTION? Messrs. OSCE?

    I do believe the OSCE should study these people and determine if  they have really changed just because instead of calling themselves Ali Oghlu or Safar-Oglu now themselves Aliev, Safarov….and speak Russian, of  course. This, my countrymen, is a very cheap cover up that neither the West nor the Russians have grasped.

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