Searching for a Path

By Prof. Alan Whitehorn, Kingston ON, 22 July 2020

I am looking for an elusive mountain path
in the steep dangerous peaks of Karabagh.
I am not sure there is a way through,
but I will continue to try.
Others have attempted to do so before me.
So many have failed or turned back.
too many don’t even try.
They think it is impossible.
They believe it is not worth the effort.
Maybe they are right.
for the sake of others,
we need to try.

It has been some time now.
The ascent is getting far more difficult.
It is quite tiring.

I need to pause for a moment.
Perhaps, I can check my bearings.
Is that a majestic eagle soaring high above in the sky?
I cannot see for sure due to the blinding sun.
My god!
It’s a military drone.
It’s now heading towards us.

Where did that deadly aircraft come from?

Finding a safe path will be so much harder now.

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