Who speaks for Armenia? (A poem)

Who Speaks For Armenia?
By Alan Whitehorn
October 1 – October 9, 2009

Who Speaks For Armenia?
By Alan Whitehorn
October 1 – October 9, 2009

Who speaks for Armenia?
Is it the biggest faction or party?
Is it the most disciplined group?
Is it the loudest voices?
Is it the most patriotic?
Is the wealthiest?
Is it the most devout?
Is it the Church?
If so, which church?
Is it the government of the Republic of Armenia?
Is it specifically the President of Armenia?
Or is it the Parliament of Armenia?
Or is it ultimately the people of the Armenian Republic?
Does it involve the large and influential global Diaspora?
Does it include only the native-born, who now reside in the Diaspora?
Or does it include those of Armenian ancestry who were born overseas?
How many generations of those born in the Diaspora might it include?
Is it primarily those who are able to read and speak Armenian?
Or does it also include those who do not speak Armenian,
but who know Armenian history?
Is it the powerful oligarchs in Yerevan?
Or is it the poorest villagers in the rugged countryside?
Is it the affluent Diaspora which has donated so much aid?
Or is it those who struggle to earn enough to raise their families in Armenia?
Is it the politicians?
Is it the artists?
Is it the academics and journalists?
Is it the lawyers and lawmakers?
Is it the males who dominate so much at home and abroad?
Or is it the voices of young women seeking a better future?
Is it all the citizens of the republic?
Is it the elderly who sacrificed so much?
Is it the young who will carry the burden ahead?
Is it future generations?
Is it those who died long ago?
Is it the pre-eminent religious martyrs of another age?
Is it contemporary writers?
Is it the haunting pleas echoing from the victims of genocide,
which remind us of their shattered hopes and great fears
and how painfully they died?
Is it to be found in the eternal flame at Tsitsernakaberd?

Who speaks for Armenia
and what does she seek?
I yearn to know.

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  1. A little Sarcasm…

    Oh!  we Armenians are a blessed nation, we are one of the oldest nations in the world, we were the first nation to accept Christianity.  we we we we

    I tell you, the whole world speaks for Armenia, including the Mafia, CIA and all the other @!%# crap.  However what they speak for is a different story, a story that most Armenians don’t want to hear, except our corrupt government and its hooligans!

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