Birth of a (Fascist) Nation (II)

By Garcia Wilde, Miami, 25 May 2024

Continuation of Birth of a (Fascist) Nation (I)

Most people who know about America’s role in helping create (1948) the Zionist colony in the heart of Arab Middle East, probably don’t know America was Israel’s inadvertent godfather thirty years earlier.

In early 1917, the British were losing the war. On a single day the year before, 60,000 British troops had been killed. Britain was running short of food as German U-boats lay siege to the country. Enter: Britain’s powerful Zionist leaders led by inventor Chaim Weizmann. They plotted to take advantage of Britain’s dilemma to advance the Zionist dream of grabbing Ottoman-ruled Palestine. The fact that 96 per cent of Palestine’s population was Arab—Muslim and Christian—was of no consequence to the Zionist cabal.

This is how the Zionist project proceeded: Weizmann and multi-millionaire Lord Rothschild approached Sir Mark Sykes, Under-Secretary to the British War Cabinet, and made an offer the British government could not refuse. They said their Zionist associates in America could bring that country into the war and remove the pressure off Britain if the British government promised to hand Palestine to the Jews. The Ottoman Empire was crumbling; it was a matter of time before Turks were driven out of Palestine.

After an understanding had been arrived between Sir Sykes and Weizmann, the latter sent a secret message to America’s top Zionist… Supreme Justice Louis D. Brandeis telling President Woodrow Wilson’s closest adviser that the British Cabinet would help Jews take Palestine if America entered the war on the side of the Allies. Brandeis wasted no time to “deliver” America to Britain. He went to work along with other American Zionists luminaries. Suddenly the Zionist-owned press began to publish anti-German articles. The energetic and respected Americans of German descent suddenly became pariahs and Kaiser collaborators. Then Brandeis & Co. began their campaign to persuade President Wilson to declare war against Germany. It was a tough assignment because during his election campaign President Wilson had promised he would keep Americans out of the war. Although “neutral,” America was secretly delivering much-needed armament to Britain. Germans knew about the deliveries. Then, voila… deus ex machina: German U-boats sank SS Lusitania which had American passengers and secretly carried eighteen cases of fuses for various caliber artillery shells and a large consignment of gun-cotton, an explosive used in the formation of propellant charges for big-gun shells. Lusitania had been regarded as a high-speed munitions carrier. Soon the Zionist-owned U.S press began to beat the drums for U.S participation in the war on the side of the Allies.

[In mid-May of 1917, U.S Secretary of State Robert Lansing received a report that the Ottomans were weary of the war and that it might be possible to induce them to break with Germany and make a separate peace with Britain. Such peace would have helped in Britain’s effort to win the war, but it would have prevented Britain from acquiring Palestine… to enable a Jewish State. Thus, no effort was made to meet Ottoman representatives]

After Brandeis and other prominent American Zionists persuaded President Wilson to enter the war, Sir Arthur Balfour, Britain’s Foreign Minister, wrote a letter to Lord Rothschild where he promised Britain would facilitate the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Balfour’s letter came to be known as the notorious Balfour Declaration…sort of the “deed” of the land that belonged to Palestinians. The letter was not written by Balfour. Leopold Amery, a British official who was a secret and fervent Zionist, wrote the Balfour Declaration.

Thus, unknowingly, America became the lure, the instrument which guaranteed the establishment of a Zionist state. But before 1948 and the establishment of Israel, there was another American action which boosted the establishment of the Zionist entity. The U.S. Immigration Act of 1924 prevented the admission of immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe. While in the previous forty years two million Jews had been admitted to the United States, now Jews could not enter the country. As a result, many European Jews immigrated to Palestine against the wishes of the native Palestinians who had concluded the new arrived intended to convert Arab Palestine into a Jewish state. During this period, 82,000 European Jews settled in Palestine. Since many of them were professionals and were well-educated, their arrival was critical to the eventual Jewish takeover of Palestine.

By the Second World War, due to the Holocaust and Zionist lobbying, America  demanded that Britain allow many more Jews into Palestine. After the war, America continued its pro-Zionist policy and helped get the required number of UN votes to allow the partition of Palestine with the Jewish minority getting a larger slice of the land than the majority Palestinians.

Footnote: After the First World War, the League of Nations handed Britain the mandate over Palestine. Mandate meant Britain would teach Palestinians how to administer their homeland so that they would eventually be able to run their country. Thus, considering the promise of the Balfour Declaration, the mandate was a sham. Even before Britain was granted the Palestine Mandate, 10 Downing Street had already betrayed the Palestinians. It was to be the first of many British  betrayals.

  1. A clearly expressed view of how Zionist Israel came to be owing to the complicity of Britain and the U.S. And it was a pernicious form of Zionism, as demonstrated in our day by the fundamentally genocidal Netanyahu. Perhaps Swift’s yahoos seem far better than this ‘yahu.’

  2. We all knew this. All my lifeI have been bombarded with this and other Pro Zionist themes. Despite the constant reminders, we tolerated the propaganda all the while being sympathetic to their WW2 suffering, and with high hopes for an enlightened future nation. Years of budget draining legislature was overlooked because of Arab hostility towards Israel. But now, Israel is no longer a tolerant sympathetic nation. Due to Israeli lobby opposition , it took tha Armenian community a hundred years to have the US government acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. Due to Israeli arms shipments and technical know how, Azerbaijan committed genocide against the tiny enclave of Christian Armenians in the remote mountains of that country. The peaceful Armenian community feels the assault of armed Jewish extremists bent on confiscating Christian sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem etc. Armenia has never experienced an anti Jewish pogrom, or had any antisemitic sentiments. In fact has been sympathetic to the Jewish state. WE DON’T UNDERSTAND THE ANTI ARMENIAN SENTIMENT.

  3. Reply to Mr. Demian:
    Who is the “we” Mr. Demian refers to at the beginning of his comment?
    Speaking on behalf of the unknown “we” and referring to Israel, Mr. Demian says the unspecified “we” had “high hopes for an enlightened future nation.”
    How could anyone endorse the establishment of racist and genocidal Israel in 1948 and say: “we had high hopes for an enlightened future nation”?
    How could anyone say he had “high hopes for an enlightened nation” when one considers the following:
    1. 1910: 95% of Palestine’s population was Arab (Muslim and Christian). Jews were fewer than 5%. Arabs, as individuals, owned 95% of the land.
    2. In the next 38 years, thanks to the illegal Balfour Declaration and the illegal Jewish immigration into Palestine (despite the opposition of the native Arab population), Zionists increased their numbers.
    3. Zionists say Israel is a legal state because the United Nations approved its creation. They hide the fact that in the ’40s, the UN was a plaything of the victorious U.S. The vote for the portioning of Palestine was achieved through U.S. pressure and bribes to countries which were trying to lift themselves from deprivation caused by WWII. Not only was the voting compromised but the UN gave 55% of Palestine to Jews while the majority Palestinians (who naturally opposed the creation of the foreign entity on its homeland) were given 45% of Palestine.
    4. People are surprised Palestinian armed resistance, in 1948, was insignificant. They don’t know that Britain-the enabler of Zionists–had eliminated the Palestinian leadership through imprisonment, execution, and exile.
    An honest person who considers the above facts would not say, referring to Israel, that he had
    “high hopes for an enlightened future nation.” Only a person who is ignorant of the above facts would do so. And yet, Mr. Demian starts his comment with “We all knew this.” How could anyone who witnessed the Naqba (“catastrophe” referring to the illegal Zionist occupation of Palestine) say he had “high hopes for an enlightened future nation”?

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