Daddy’s Disturbed Bibi

The cartoonist Steve Bell shows Prime Minister Netanyahu carving Gaza on his belly.

By Garcia Wilde, Miami, 12 November 2023

After treating thrice-married Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu for ten years, prominent Israeli psychiatrist Moshe Yatom committed suicide in 2010. In his suicide note, the psychiatrist blamed Netanyahu for his terminal act and said the far-right politician had sucked life out of him.

Yatom went on to describe the severely disturbed and violent character of the man who has been thrice elected prime minister of Israel. Referring to his attempt to evolve Bibi Netanyahu into a normal human being, Yatom said: “I can’t take it anymore.”

Describing the disturbed psyche of Israel’s dominant politician, Yatom itemized how Netanyahu perceived the world and politics: “Robbery is redemption, apartheid is freedom, peace activists are terrorists, murder is self-defense, piracy is legality, Palestine is Jordan, and annexation is liberation…” Yatom concluded by writing that there was no end to Netanyahu’s contradictions and added: “This guy could say Gandhi invented brass knuckles.”

Reading the psychiatrist’s suicide note, one can understand the genocidal behavior of the man who is responsible for the death of at least 15,000 people, including 4,000 children in Gaza in the past month.

How did Netanyahu become a homicidal maniac?

A great deal of Netanyahu’s world view and outlook on life were inherited from his father Benzion who was a disciple of fascist-terrorist Ze’ev Japotinsky. The latter believed in the creation of “Greater Israel” which would include all of Palestine and Jordan. “Greater Israel” would be the true Promised Land of the Bible although Japotinsky and Co. were atheists. During the British Mandate of Palestine, Japotinsky planned to create a militaristic movement and called for an “iron wall” between Israel and the Arabs.

After years of committing a variety of terrorist acts against the indigenous Arabs, Odessa-born Japotinski was finally arrested by the British Mandate and condemned to 15 years of hard labor but shortly after inexplicably released him. Japotinsky moved to the U.S. with Netanyahu Sr. in tow. Meanwhile, back in Palestine Japotinsky’s disciples founded the Irgun terrorist organization which killed British soldiers and hundreds of Arab Palestinians. Terrorist Menachem Begin, who became prime minister of Israel, was a key leader of the Irgun.

Bibi’s father didn’t believe in the existence of Palestinian people. He described the “essence” of Arabs with these untrue and racist words: “Their tendency towards conflict is in the essence of the Arabs. He is an enemy by essence. His personality will not allow him any compromise or agreement. It doesn’t matter what kind of resistance he will meet, what price he will pay. His existence is one of perpetual war…The two-state solution doesn’t exist. There are no two peoples here. There is a Jewish people and an Arab population.”

Just as Netanyahu Sr. inherited Japotinsky’s racist-expansionist ideas so did Netanyahu Jr. inherit the copycat criminal ideas from his father. Echoing his father, Bibi said there is no Palestinian people. He also agreed with his father who wrote: “There is no solution but force and strong military rule. Any outburst would bring upon the Arabs enormous suffering.” Benzion Netanyahu also admired the use of the gallows by the Ottoman Turks.

From an early age, little Bibi absorbed his father’s racist-colonialist ideas and applied them throughout his political life. Thus, his war on the 2.2 million Gaza civilians comes as no surprise. That so far, 11,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed by the Israeli Defense Force’s indiscriminate bombardment leaves Bibi with one regret: his father is not around (Ze’ev died in 2012) to congratulate his son for being an A+ student.

The dictionary definition of criminal insanity: “A mental disease that makes it impossible for a defendant to know why he is committing a crime or to understand that his actions are wrong.” The homicidal maniac Benjamin Netanyahu exhibits these traits with every Israeli bullet, bomb, and missile aimed at the innocent Palestinian civilians living in the open-air concentration camp known as Gaza Strip.

  1. Dear Garcia Wilde,
    I think the turning point in Bibi’s life was when his brother Yoni (Yonatan Netanyahu) was killed while commanding Operation Entebbe/”Mivtsa Yonatan” on July 4, 1976. Yoni had great influence on Bibi, especially with later published letters. What Bibi thinks, what Bibi says and What Bibi does are three different things. Dr. Hanan Ashrawi understood him well. She has debated with Bibi long before Bibi becoming a PM.
    Back in September 2023, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi made the following statements:
    I told Arafat: Israel will promise you an inch and not give you a millimeter’
    Abu ‘Ammar thought: ‘We are smart enough; give me one inch and I will turn it into a meter.’ I told him, ‘You don’t know the Israelis. They will promise you an inch and not give you a millimeter.’

  2. It turns out this story about Yatom actually came from a satirical piece originally written by a Michael K. Smith. Yatom’s not even a real person. There’s no official obit for him and nothing about him in Israeli media. Always gotta do our due diligence guys lol.

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