Don’t Send in the Clowns

By Garcia Wilde, 30 June 2024

In the past few months there has been no Internet ad more frequently broadcast than the underhanded “URGENT POLL: Do you stand with Israel?” The question is followed by a) Yes, b) No, c) Unsure. Then comes the command “VOTE NOW!” At the bottom of the poll-ad is the name of the advertiser: “Christians United for Israel.” It’s the hilarious “Christian” outfit headed by lugubrious and oversized televangelist John Hagee of oversized Texas. It must have cost millions of dollars to blanket the Internet 24/7 with the mendacious ad. Where did blowhard Pastor Hagee get that kind of money?

But before talking about the immoral and portly pastorpreneur Hagee, let’s parse the ad.

It asks the reader whether he/she stands with Israel. What fool would say “No” when it’s distinctly possible Hagee and his acolytes would pass the naysayer’s name to Zionist organizations which would most likely file the name “for future reference…ahem.” What fool would say “No” when that humanist and reasoned stand can be equated to….anti-Semitism in these dark days? Hagee must take Internet users for fools. Which means he is a fool.

Let’s parse the ad’s text:

“Ancient hatreds still threatens God’s Chosen People.”


  1. The hostility between Palestinians and Israelis is not ancient. It started with the illegal establishment of Israel in Arab Palestine in 1948. By helping create Israel, the West made innocent Palestinians pay for centuries of European anti-Semitism.
  2. “Threatens God’s Chosen People…” It is Israel which threatens its neighbors and has done so since 1948 while consistently grabbing more Arab lands (West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights).
  3. How could any sane person believe the utter nonsense of “Chosen People” mythology—not to mention racism…that the Creator would choose one nation over 6,000-plus nations as His favorite. Since the Creator loves all of us equally (I am quoting the Bible), why would He play favorites? Why not the cousin Arabs? After all, they, too, descend from Abraham. Why would Jews be the Chosen People when for nearly two-thousand years they have been persecuted in the East and in the West? Then again, maybe God was testing them, as He did Job and Abraham.

The ad also promises to send free copies of a recent Hagee oeuvre to poll responders. The book blurb says: “In this eye-opening mini-book packed with historical truth, you will find the thread of anti-Semitism that continues in an unbroken line from Haman to Hitler to Hezbollah…”


  1. Hezbollah’s fight with Israel is political. Hezbollah wants the Zionist settler colony to return Palestine to its indigenous owners.
  2. Hagee missed the opportunity for a grand slam: He failed to add Hamas and Houthis to Haman and Hezbollah for a royal flush alliteration.

Hagee is a prolific writer, up there with Alexander Dumas and Agatha Christie. Some years he writes three “books.” When he goes on extended junkets to Israel, the fecund pastor still manages to ooze a book.

After Hollywood, no American group or organization has produced as many corrupt clowns as the televangelists. How can one forget Jimmy Swaggart (sex scandal), Jim Bakker (sexual misconduct, unethical conduct), and Joel Osteen ($200,000 Lamborghini SUV), and Ted Haggard (married pastor who used crystal meth with his male lover)… Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, etc. The current evangelist King Clown is Hagee. Later in July, he will produce another extravaganza–in Maryland– to promote (what else?) Israel. Why anti-homosexual Hagee picked the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Centre as the locale of his religioso-cum-Zionist propaganda shindig remains a mystery.

Let’s talk about the misdeeds of the pastor from Texas.

–In the mid-‘70s, married (two kids) Hagee was caught, in his church, in flagrante delicto with his lover. His wife divorced him. The following year, Hagee married his lover.

–His estimated net worth is $5 million. How can a pastor and the father of five have such a large nest-egg?

–During the COVID pandemic, Hagee said: “I bring under the authority of Jesus Christ every disease, especially the COVID thing that’s sweeping the nation. We have a vaccine. The name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.” He frequently referred to Christ as the “true vaccine.”

–While telling his vast congregation not to take anti-COVID shots, he was secretly vaccinated.

–He blamed President Obama for the Ebola outbreak. According to Apocalypse-mongering Hagee, God was punishing us because Obama was insufficiently hostile towards Iran…the godless enemy of Israel.

–He said President Obama was the “most anti-Semitic president in the history of the United States.”

–He said Harry Potter’s forehead is “marked with the lightning bolt of the Hitler SS.”

–Despite the New Testament, Hagee has said Christ never said he was the Messiah.

–He said: “Do you know the difference between a terrorist and a woman with PMS? You can negotiate with a terrorist.”

–Finally, the over-fed millionaire pastor said: “God sent a hunter. A hunter is someone with a gun and he forces you. Hitler was a hunter.” According to the Sage of San Antonio, Hitler was God’s instrument to “persuade” Jews of Europe to settle in Palestine. The fact that when Jews began to settle in Palestine early in the 20th century the country was 95 percent Arab—Muslim and Christian—is an inconvenient detail for the two-legged bellow.


By Garcia Wilde, 16 June 2024

The world was finally at peace. Children went to bed dreaming of beautiful princesses, brave knights, towering castles, and forest filled with mystery and magic. Palestinians and Israelis finally lived in peace. The world—more precisely the West–preferred to forget Israel had been created through the occupation of Arab Palestine and by driving out Palestinians making them refugees in their own homeland. The world turned a blind eye to the fact that millions of Palestinians had become virtual prisoners under brutal Israeli misrule. Israelis believed they had finally “tamed” Palestinian “terrorists” to submission. After all, Israelis had won all their wars.

But despite their serial victories, Israel’s far-right leaders were uneasy. Despite their best efforts, Israel had failed to establish a 100 percent pure Jewish country. There were 5.5 million Palestinians living under Israeli rule (2 million in Israel “proper” and 3.5 million in the West Bank and Gaza). Considering Arab fecundity, in a decade or two, Arabs could become the majority in Greater Israel, meaning Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. “Mowing the lawn” had been an inefficient method of reducing Arab population growth. Something drastic was required…a war that would result in the death or evacuation of all non-Jews

Benny-Bibi Netanyahu and his racist cabinet became desperate for a solution to the trending demographic dilemma.

Eureka! They found the solution: WAR. It would provide the Israeli army to kill as many Arabs as humanly possible and drive the rest to Egypt and Jordan. They would succeed where David Ben-Gurion (David Green), Golda Meir, and Moshe Dayan had failed. The only hindrance to the war was an excuse. Casus belli. When the killing started, Netanyahu would need an excuse for going to war…a story he could tell the world.

Then deus ex machina appeared. Junior officers stationed at the “gates” separating Israel and Gaza told senior officers that they had noticed unusual behavior by the Palestinians. The latter seemed to be doing military exercises and reconnaissance near the wall. The senior officers, in their turn, passed the information to their seniors. The senior officers ignored the reports.

About the same time, the head of Egyptian intelligence alerted his Israeli counterpart that something suspicious was brewing in Gaza. His repeated warnings were ignored by the head of the Israeli intelligence. According to reliable sources, a few days before the Hamas attack, a number of Israeli senior officers left their stations at the Gaza wall and headed north. When these events were revealed after Oct. 7, the Israeli government said it would look into it. Similar promises were repeated countless times in the next nine months as Israeli bombers flattened Gaza and the Israelis killed 45,000 Palestinians.

Israeli government has boasted that no fly moves in Gaza without their knowledge. In addition to some of the best intelligence technology, Israel had Palestinian spies in Gaza. According to some sources, the Israeli leaders knew of Hamas attack plan a year before Oct. 7, 2023.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to conclude that Israel wanted Hamas to attack.


Because the attack would give Israel the excuse to take over Gaza.

We know what happened at Kibbutz Be’eri on Oct. 7. Or do we?

Israel kept repeating that 1,139 Israelis had been killed by Hamas fighters. They chose not to mention that 112 were IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) troops. They chose not to mention that not all the slain were Israelis (43 were citizens of Thailand, ten from Nepal.) About 200 were dual citizens. Not satisfied by the above numbers, they invented different types of Hamas victims: Forty babies were beheaded, one baby was baked in oven, a pregnant woman had her baby cut out of her, numerous women were raped systematically. The rationale behind the lies made sense because greater the violence against Israelis, greater the justification to eliminate Palestinians.

Incidentally, knowing what Hamas was planning, why did the government permit the psychedelic rock concert to take place 3 miles from the enemy which was planning to attack you?

Incidentally, while 766 of those killed were civilians, it’s worthwhile to remember that no adult Israeli is actually civilian: every Israeli adult serves two years in the army and takes “remedial” training courses subsequently.

Netanyahu & Friends got the war they craved. Now they are not only unable to extricate themselves from the bloody swamp of war but they have made Israel a pariah country. Their satanic destruction, the genocide have multiplied anti-Semitism around the world.. Israel was supposedly created to provide a safe haven to persecuted Jews around the world. Instead, the “safe haven” has increased anti-Semitism and endangered the lives of millions of diaspora Jews.


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