A Gang of Hired Hands

By Garcia Wilde, Miami, 20 December 2023

Earlier this month, the UN General Assembly voted on a resolution about imposing a ceasefire in Gaza and temporarily halt Israel’s massacre of Gaza civilians. More than 150 states voted yes, 23 abstained. Predictably, genocidal Israel and its uncle (Uncle Sam) voted against the resolution, and eight states followed them. The latter apparently wanted to see the genocide of Palestinians to continue. But who were the hired hands who also said “No” to the humanitarian gesture? Alphabetically, they are Austria, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, and Paraguay.

Servile “pal” of Israel, it is perhaps trying to atone for being the birthplace of Hitler and welcoming the Anschluss… It’s no accident that when hundreds of thousands Soviet Jews emigrated in the ‘70s, Austria was chosen as an immigration clearing house.

Czechoslovakia was the first nation to sell arms to Jews who were fighting to establish the illegal Zionist entity in Palestine. Thanks to Zionist publicity, few people know that a Czech invented Israel’s Uzi submachine gun—an Israeli made minor modifications to the weapon and claimed it as his invention. Since Czechoslovakia was a Soviet satellite, the West kept mum about the theft. Israel has earned billions of dollars from the sale of Uzis. Prague is also eager to endear itself to Washington.

A notorious banana republic, Guatemala has a long history as a brutal dictatorship and master of slow-motion genocide of the indigenous “Indians.” For decades, the Israeli military has acted as a tutor to Guatemalan strongmen and the army, providing them with weapons, training, and effective torture techniques perfected on the Palestinians. Following the footsteps of Washington, Guatemala moved its embassy to Jerusalem.

Since its founding in the early 19th century by freed American slaves, the West African nation has been teacher’s pet of the United States despite chronic corruption, violent lawlessness, and the absence of democracy. Created through American help, the irrelevant “republic” in West Africa would never dream of disobeying its sugar daddy America.

As its name indicates, Micronesia is a small country with 600 islets strewn in the Pacific Ocean. It was a U.S. Trust Territory until Washington granted it independence. But the umbilical cord to Washington makes sure Micronesia says “how high?” when Uncle Sam says “Jump.” The archipelago has a population of just over 500,000. Israel was the first to recognize Micronesia’s so-called independence. It regularly opposes any UN vote which might be detrimental to Israel. Some years ago, Israel’s veteran politician Simon Peres said: “Micronesia is one of Israel’s greatest friends.” Tel Aviv offers Micronesia technical and economic assistance and scholarships to Micronesian medical and agricultural students.

In the last century, tiny [population 11,000] Nauru was occupied by Germany, Japan, and was an Australian Trust Territory. The Pacific island nation is known by the nickname “The Country that Ate Itself.” Following a brief period of prosperity [the world’s second-highest GDP in 1974] due to the exploitation of its phosphate mines by foreign companies, it tumbled to penury when the mines went dry. These days it balances its books through money laundering, selling passports to foreigners, participating in illegal immigration schemes, and other shady activities. In other words, its vote could be bought for a few shekels. During its brief industrial era, 80 percent of the land and 40 percent of marine life were recklessly destroyed. Nauru citizens suffer from rampant obesity and are among the world’s top cigarette smokers.

It occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. It’s 87 percent rural and is dominated by tribes that are permanently occupied by violent feuds.

South America’s version of a banana republic, Paraguay was ruled, for decades by a dictator. Paraguay is the black hole of South America. Over the decades, it has had close military relations with Israel [Tel Aviv sold Negev light machine guns to Paraguay] although Paraguay provided a haven to numerous Nazis. In 1947, Paraguay voted for the partition of Palestine. Paraguay and Israel are birds of a feather practicing colonialism and the repression of indigenous peoples. Paraguay has announced it will move its embassy to Jerusalem, in the footsteps of the U.S. and Guatemala.

There you have it: Corrupt, undemocratic, mercenary, and a sly bunch of hired hands who want to witness more killings of Palestinian women and children, the destruction of more hospitals, the assassination of more Palestinian journalists, more starvation, more disease…

  1. Le sionisme a une longue expérience dans les pratique de génocide. Il s’est surtout fait la main avec les Arméniens, en 1915 avec le génocide des Arméniens occidentaux et en 2020-23 avec l’Artsakh et l’Arménie actuelle

  2. Thank you Mr. Wilde,

    It came as a surprise that the social club named United Nations tried to bring about, although temporary, cease fire in Gaza and the Gaza Strip. Cease fire from the Israeli Genocide going on, for several weeks, of innocent Palestinians who are already refugees from Palestine proper. The Palestinian population was forcefully deported as the state of Israel was established in 1948.

    Unfortunately, history will be on the side of the fake victors. “Fake” partly because, as we just learned, countries are established by the US in different parts of the world that eventually play roles in the UN, among others to vote for or against sanctions depending, and in many ways contribute to Israel’s existence.

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