Sheep Sleeps with the Wolf

By Garcia Wilde, 8 June 2024

A fundamental tenet of Christian belief is that Judgment Day (the end of the world) will coincide with the Second Coming of Christ. So far, so good, although one can argue it would be the Third Coming since Christ did return—briefly– after his crucifixion.

A lunatic segment of American Christians, known as Christian Zionists, believe the creation of Israel was a precondition for Judgment Day (aka Rapture, End of Time, Christ’s Second Coming, the end of humanity.) An obscurantist crowd, these so-called Christians pray to speed up the arrival of the End of Time although that would mean the death of 8 billion people most of whom are neither Christian nor Jewish. Since the Bible doesn’t shed light as to the date of Christ’s estimated time of arrival, the Christian Zionist zealots speculate about the date like brokers on Wall Street.

To precipitate a speedy appearance of Christ, the Christian Zionists send a bounty of donations to Israel in addition to using their voting power to influence American foreign policy—a policy which is already pro the colonialist-settler entity. They also make, in large numbers, pilgrimage to Occupied Palestine thus helping boost the economy.

While Christ preached love and peace, these devout “Christians” don’t mind the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine. They don’t mind that Palestinian olive trees are cut to deprive Palestinian farmers of their livelihood. They don’t mind that the Palestinian farmer is denied water while Jewish teenagers party around a nearby swimming pool. Full speed ahead: justice be damned when you want Judgment Day ASAP. There should be no obstacles to “what is written.” The ur-Zionist Jehovah is to be obeyed. Their mass suicidal instinct requires a battalion of shrinks to untangle.

Bizarre as it may sound, two in five Americans (39 percent) agree “we are living in the end times,” according to Pew Research. But there is a chasm between believing in the Judgment Day and pushing for its early arrival.

Among the many blind spots of Christian Zionists is their indifference to the theft of Arab Palestine by fascists from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and the Balkans. They are also indifferent to the plight of Christians living in Occupied Palestine. The Christian minorities, including Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, are Greeks subjected to daily harassment, bare-faced hostility, and even violence. Christian clergy are spat upon, their crucifix and headgears pulled and stomped over by Israelis who go unpunished. For God’s will be done, according to these “Christians.”

While the Christian Zionist aberration pines for Christ’s return, its adherents don’t seem to realize that when Christ returns, He would be incomprehensible because He would speak in Aramaic, the language He spoke two millennia ago.

Being slow on the uptake, Christian Zionists choose to ignore the hostility of religious Israelis. Ignoring the slavish support the Christian nincompoops have rendered to Zionism, Israeli hooligans have demonstrated against Christian Zionists and called for their expulsion. This could be a serious blow to the Christian Zionists because they would miss the arrival of Christ. But the Christian Zionists have played deaf and dumb to these attacks of hooligans. After all, when you are doing Jehovah’s work, trifles should not throw you off the sacred track.

A crucial question to Christian Zionists: If it’s true that Christ will return to the Holy Land upon the establishment of Israel, how come He hasn’t shown up? After all, 76 years have elapsed since the Zionist entity was established. Perhaps Christ is keeping away from Palestine because He can’t bear hearing the wails of dying Palestinian babies.



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