The Thankless Job of Israel’s Sisyphus Squad

Bar-Ilan University, International School

By Garcia Wilde, Miami, 5 May 2024

People often repeat the false assertion that President Joe Biden has the toughest job in the world. In fact, it can be argued that there’s a band of men and women who have a far harder job. They are the Israeli government officers who have been assigned the thankless task of justifying to the world apartheid Israel’s invasion of Gaza and the killing of 35,000 Palestinians in addition to wounding 75,000 civilians and razing countless buildings, including hospitals, schools, mosques, and churches.

Although many of the Israeli official mouthpieces are graduates of Bar-Ilan University’s Center for International Communication and Reichman University’s Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy, the sophisticated propaganda they spout is defeated by what the world sees on TV, the Internet, X, TikTok…

The curriculum at Bar-Ilan is an impressive panoply of disciplines which provides “training in various aspects of media communication, including writing, advocacy, media framing, media relations, branding, argumentation and persuasion, political marketing, public speaking, and inter-cultural communication. The multi-lingual Sisyphus Squad is also armed with training/workshops in public diplomacy and engaging effectively with international media. Some of its graduates are former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who was also a spy for a while, permanent UN representative Gilad Erdan, Ambassador to Britain Tzipi Hotovely, and several recent Mossad heads.

For seven months the crème de la crème of the Israeli government propaganda machine has struggled ineffectually to portray the Israeli attack as defensive. The English-language division of these trained-to-lie stalwarts includes:

British-born Eytan Levy who, in previous life, was a TV anchor for the Israel Broadcasting Authority.
Lior  Haiat
Ran Kochav
Lt. Col. Peter Lerner (originally from London)
Lt. Col. Richard Hecht (originally from Glasgow)
Jonathan Conricus
Maj. Roni Caplan
Maj. Libby Weiss
Brig. Gen. Daniel Hagari
Gideon Falter
Avi Hyman

In the early days of the Israeli genocidal invasion, Australian Mark Regev was the star of the above gang. Since then he has become head of the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy. Regev is gone but it doesn’t make much difference because he and the above ten are interchangeable: they sing from the same book of falsehoods and devise identical gimmicks to lie, obfuscate, lie, confuse, lie, deny, lie, falsely allege, lie, exaggerate, lie, mislead, lie, tell half-truths, and digress, and deny, deny, deny.

Below is a sample list of the fairy tales they weave to hide the crimes of the Israeli leadership, Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli cabinet’s fascist Neanderthals, and the 750,000 settlers who have grabbed Palestinian lands in the West Bank with impunity. The Zionist Occupational Authorities provide them five times the water Palestinians are allotted. Recently, one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s ministers distributed guns to them to (I am guessing) kill Palestinians whose lands they’ve stolen in broad daylight.

Abba Eban Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Reichman University

Below is a précis of just ten of their mountain of lies.

  1. Everything was peaceful until Oct. 7 and that war was imposed on Israel when Hamas militants and other Palestinians attacked the Israeli music festival. The facts are different: Gazans had been living under harsh occupation for decades. British, American, and even some Israeli authorities described Gaza as a concentration camp where, to quote Prof. Norman Finkelstein, “people had no past, no present, and no future.” They were also deliberately undernourished by the Israeli occupiers. One recalls the long-ago words of an Israeli politician who said Palestinians would be put in a bottle where they would shrink and die because of starvation. People who like to begin the conflict with Oct. 7, deliberately ignore the sunrise-to-sunset oppression Gazans lived under for decades. For how long were Palestinians expected to accept the harsh occupation (thousands of Palestinians, including women and children in jail with no charges) of their homeland? Rather than start the story on Oct. 7, the right thing to do is to start it in 1948 when the illegal Zionist entity grabbed 78 percent of Palestine and drove 750,000 to 900,000 Palestinians into exile. Yes, back to the original sin.
  2. Israeli propagandist say “from river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is anti-Semitic and calls for the elimination of Israel. The fact is Israelis came up with “from the river to the sea…” slogan in 1952, long before any Hamas leader was born.
  3. Israeli propagandists say Palestinians want to erase Israel. Like the previous lie, this is also a Zionist fabrication. Until 1967, Israel illegally occupied 78 per cent of Palestine. That year, during the Six-Day War, Israel attacked the West Bank and occupied the remaining 22 per cent of Palestine. The Palestinians are merely demanding the miniscule 22 per cent of their homeland.
  4. In the days following the October attack, Israeli spokesmen went around wailing that Hamas had beheaded forty Israeli babies, babies had been baked or hung on clothes lines, unborn babies had been wrested from their mothers’ bellies. The fraternity and sorority of professional liars provided no proof of the above barbaric acts. They said the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had filmed the crazed brutality. They didn’t provide any proof. If the IDF said it was true, then it was true.
  5. The Israeli propagandists describe the IDF as the “most moral army in the world.” Perhaps that’s why the IDF has killed a mere 35,000, including 14,000 children. One can’t imagine how many Palestinians they would have killed had they been the second-most moral army in the world.
  6. A smooth gimmick: when IDF’s crime become not only horrendous but impossible to deny, the Israeli mouthpieces say there will be a wide-ranging investigation to determine what happened. No apologies, of course. The investigation is forgotten as IDF causes greater murderous outrages. The West’s media doesn’t question the Israeli lies. The news cycle rolls on to another “breaking news.”
  7. Western journalists who dare ask pertinent questions to the above career liars are warned to cool their “aggressive” behavior or be fired. Journalist Sangita Myska of Britain’s LBC-TV was fired in late April because she had asked tough questions to an Israeli spokesman. She was not the only journalist who has lost her job for questioning Israeli policies. By the way, LBC-TV is owned by Ashley Tabor King. He is Jewish. Of course, mentioning that fact get one branded anti-Semite by the professional liars.
  8. The Sisyphus Squad alleged forty Israelis had committed suicide because of the shock of Oct. 7. No evidence was provided. An Israeli newspaper finally revealed the story of the forty suicides was an Israeli propaganda concoction. But the damage had been done: how many viewers learned the suicide story was a lie?
  9. “Hamas leaders are hiding in Gaza hospitals…Hamas has hidden weapons in the basements of Gaza hospitals,” lied the propagandists. Using the lie as an excuse, the IDF flattened most Gaza hospitals. If everything fails, the Israeli mouthpieces dredge the two sure-fire reliables: the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Although anti-Semitism is a European invention, Palestinians are accused of being anti-Semitic because they had the murderous idea that they should not hand their homeland to strangers from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, etc. The mouthpieces also use the Holocaust as a weapon against Palestinians who at no time in the past century or this had one-hundredth military strength of the Zionist colony.
  10. Another obviously learned tactic of Israeli spokes is to outshout when arguing on TV with critics of Israel. They not only shout…they shout non-stop to drown the words of the opposition. That this “talent” is pervasive in the Sisyphus Squad indicates they have been schooled in this particular “discipline.”They may shout like a banshee but their crazed shrieks are drowned in the din of the 2-ton bombs, the collapsing Gaza hospitals, and the cries of the dying Palestinian babies.


More Egregious Quotes from the Sisyphus Squad

—“Palestinians want to destroy the only Jewish state in the world.”                                              How can a people destroy an enemy who is a thousand time stronger? Why repeat “the only Jewish state in the world”? Are there two Italys, Spains, and Sri Lankas?

—“The IDF is the most humane army that ever existed in living memory.” Do  Palestinian children on whom 2-ton bombs  fall realize the bombs are dropped by a most-humane army?

—“Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.” The 2-million plus Israeli Arabs are second class citizen.

—“Israel is war averse.” The entity which grabbed Palestine through violence, has “pacified” all Arab states (Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, etc.) through war and the threat of nuclear bomb.

–“There was ceasefire and co-existence between Israel and the Gazans before Oct. 7. Gazans will have a better future if they choose co-existence with Israel.”       “Co-existence” obviously has a non-dictionary meaning to the Zionists. To them co-existence must mean the harsh occupation of Palestine, the imprisonment of Gazans in concentration camps, “non-person” identity, and living under Zionists’ arbitrary, violent, and racist laws.

–“Israel believes in the freedom of the press.” Perhaps that’s the reason why since Oct. 7 the global media has not been allowed to enter Gaza. Perhaps that’s why the IDF has assassinated nearly 150 Arab journalists in Gaza, the West Bank and in Lebanon.

  1. This wonderful article by Mr. Wilde deserves wide distribution to not just Armenians but to major media.

  2. Very well researched, informative article.
    Dave is correct. The article needs more than Armenian readership.

  3. I’m sure there is no university in the Arab World which teaches propaganda (read lying) techniques similar to the two Israeli institutes which produce overbearing and falsifying loud mouths. Despite this weakness, Palestinians have won the battle for the hearts and minds of the world. Sometimes, having truth on your side can be the winning ticket.

  4. Mesrob, while I appreciate your sentiments about “Palestinians have won…”
    wouldn’t you rather see them win by graduating Palestinian spies from Palestinian spy schools, similar to what Mr Garcia mentions?

  5. It goes without saying that I wish the Palestinians had top-notch communication schools. However, Uncle Sam will not give 280 billion dollars to the innocent victims of the Zionists. Through UNRWA it would help partly subsidize up to Grade 8 or so.

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