Zionist Myths and Lies

By Garcia Wilde, Miami, 2 April 2024

To juggle proto-Zionist war criminal Winston Churchill’s famous words about the Battle of Britain, “Never were so many lied to by so few.” We are talking about a century of lies which Zionists have inflicted upon the world. You know the lies: “Give the land without a people to a people without a land,” “Israel turned Arab desert into garden,” and “at Israel’s birth in 1948, seven Arab armies attacked the country.” Since these myths have been widely and finally recognized as Zionist pap, let’s talk about a further batch of lies which Zionist propaganda peddlers have been spreading since Israel’s invasion of Gaza six months ago.

  1. “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.” Palestinian Arabs who have Israeli citizenship will laugh at the bold assertion. Israel is democracy for Jews only. Any foreign-born Jew has more rights the moment he lands in Israel than a Palestinian born in Israel.
  2. According Israel and its overseas Hisbara propagandists, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) make every effort to minimize civilian casualties. They supposedly operate within a framework of ethical guidelines known as “Purity of Arms” doctrine and protect civilians during military operations. Israel boasts its army is the “most moral in the world.” You tell that to Palestinians who have, for 76 years, witnessed dispossession, blockades, checkpoints, curfews, targeted killing, administrative detention, walls, permits, night raids, military courts, collective punishment, torture (including children), the imprisonment of thousands for political reasons, oppression, house demolition, theft of land by fascist settlers, and daily humiliation.
  3. Israel uses the Bible–a mythological book—as the God-granted deed to Palestine. Christians are particularly prone to believing this fiction. If you don’t believe the lie, you can’t call yourself good Christian.
  4. To justify their driving out Palestinians from Palestine, Israeli propagandists say Arabs also drove out Jews from Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, and Yemen. The facts are different. In Algeria and Tunisia, Jews were driven out because they had been allies of the colonizers (France for example) during the war of independence. Many Jews left Arab countries and moved to Israel because they wanted to live in a Jewish country. To motivate Jews, who were happy in Arab countries and didn’t want to move to Israel, the Israeli secret service placed bombs in Jewish community centers. Believing the bombs were the work of Arabs, Jews began their flight to Israel.
  5. Israel, through hard work and education, has achieved a higher standard of living than the Arab countries, boast Zionists. Perhaps they have not heard of such countries as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Perhaps Israeli propagandists have also forgotten the $280 billion America has given to Israel since 1948. Perhaps Zionists have forgotten billions of dollars donated by overseas Jews to Israel (United Jewish Appeal, Israeli bonds). Perhaps they have also forgotten the countless billions worth of advice, expertise, contracts, and business relations overseas Jews have provided to Israel.
  6. To underline the necessity of having a Jewish state, Zionists and their supporters, especially in the media, keep repeating that Israel should exist because “it is the only Jewish state in the world.” As if the Italians and the French, the Japanese and Brazilians, Mexicans and Cambodians have more than one state.
  7. Zionists say in 1948 seven Arab countries ganged up against the newborn state and attacked it. The fact is this: Only three Arab countries (Egypt, Syria, and Jordan) took part in the war.
  8. Although overwhelmed by the forces of seven Arab states, Israel beat the Arab armies because IDF had better and braver soldiers. The fact is this: Before the 1948 war, the CIA and the MI6 concluded Israel’s army (supported by mercenaries and Second World War veterans) was stronger than the combined Arab armies. Since then, there has been no time when Israel has been weaker than the Arab armies.
  9. Israeli propagandists allege Naqba (“disaster” in Arabic) of 1948-’49 is a myth and the 750,000 to 900,000 Arabs left their lands in 1948 because Arab governments broadcast to them to leave. The Arab radio stations supposedly advised Palestinian to leave so they wouldn’t be caught between the two armies. The British secret service in Cyprus, which monitored all Arab radio stations, has stated it had no record of any Arab radio station making such a statement.
  10. Israel is America’s Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East, say Zionists and their friends. Rather than an ally, Israel has been a dangerous and expensive American investment. Why would America need an aircraft carrier in the Middle East when its Sixth Fleet is 48 hours away year-round? As well, the presence of the “aircraft carrier” has resulted not only in the hostility of Arabs but also that of more than a hundred Muslim and developing countries.
  11. “Israel is under siege…permanently,” according to Zionist propaganda. The fact is the Zionist Entity has been a threat to every Middle Eastern country and occupies lands belonging to Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. In addition, it has bombed Egypt and Iraq. Through its Zionist allies, i.e. the Neocons, Israel persuaded President George W. Bush to attack Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein. Incidentally, Israel also poisoned President Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Authority.
  12. “The West should back Israel because the latter shares core values with the West (democracy, pursuit of peace and justice, etc.), say Israeli propagandists and their allies in the West. Those who believe in that fairy tell should consider the Gaza Genocide. Some core values.
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