Women’s Status and Role in Society

Yerevan, August 1, 2009

Modern Men?

Young Armenian men think of themselves as urban and modern,
as they walk the streets of Yerevan.
Wearing their really cool, tight black shirts,
smoking their Western cigarettes,
and drinking scotch or vodka,
they see themselves as ever so urbane.
They may drive or more likely aspire to drive
a Mercedes, BMW or Hummer II.
They watch Champions League football
and Hollywood movies.
But are these the signs of a modern man?
Or is it instead how a man treats a woman?
Do Armenian men show respect to their female counterparts?
Do they embrace greater gender equality?
Do they share decision-making with their female colleagues?
Do they want a full partner and fellow citizen?
Or do they want a deferential subject?
Perhaps someone to do the washing, the cooking, the child-rearing.
Have Armenian men escaped the blinkers of traditional patriarchal society?
Or do they have old minds driving fast, new cars?
Perhaps, they need to watch out for the oncoming traffic.
Alan Whitehorn


On the occasion of Women’s International Day

Salutes the Armenian Women’s Association of Canada
Wishes success in all its endeavours

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