World’s Greatest Idiot and the English Fox

Prof. Hovhanness I. Pilikian, London UK, 23 March 2011

David Cameron, Britain’s present Prime Minister, is a shining example of the best of the British Upper-crust Politician (Eton, and Oxbridge educated) – in the mould of a Chamberlain, Macmillan, Alec Douglas Home; suave, slick, civilized, with the gift of the gab, charming, sharply intelligent, fast-thinking like a Cicero, very practical, and a great Fox.  

Prof. Hovhanness I. Pilikian, London UK, 23 March 2011

David Cameron, Britain’s present Prime Minister, is a shining example of the best of the British Upper-crust Politician (Eton, and Oxbridge educated) – in the mould of a Chamberlain, Macmillan, Alec Douglas Home; suave, slick, civilized, with the gift of the gab, charming, sharply intelligent, fast-thinking like a Cicero, very practical, and a great Fox.  

Churchill, Ted Heath, Mrs. Thatcher, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown with their monetary and fiscal obsessions, Blair sordidly stuffing his pockets with dollars, Mrs. Blair selling Mr. Blair’s autograph on e-Bay for a tenner, reflect the worse of lower order scum. 

But see how Etonian fox-lore subtlety operates on the world-stage; the whole world knows by now that a no-fly zone over Libya was David Cameron’s idea. A Tony Blair would have gone mad advertising the fact globally, would go to the US Senate and make a speech, to pile up more mountains of dollars in his off-shore bank-accounts. But the Eton-trained David Cameron, who has never lacked for dough, shoved France’s President Sarkozy into the arena, in magnificent subtlety getting France’s former colony, the Lebanon, to seek a mandate from the United Nation’s Security Council to destroy the … farting Colonel Gaddafi. Britain’s upper-crust does not penny-pinch, like the pathetic lower-order Blairs – they play for the trillions of the Arms Dealers, represented by the expert Helicopter artiste Prince Andrew bound for Saudi Arabia next month (already in Bahrain massacring the peaceful democracy-activists), the bosom-friend of the American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and Azerbaijan’s Mafia-boss President Ilham Aliyev, who regularly threatens to genocide the Republic of Armenia out of existence, and always lends Prince Andrew his “blind Moscow masseur, claimed to be the best in the world” massaging who knows what! [Daily Mail, Cover story, 9th March 2011]

Etonian millionaires are happy to be behind the scenes, unlike the Americans and the Europeans who childishly always want to be the lions in the driving seats … for the world then to blame them, and not the British Fox.

France’s military national hero, Charles de Gaulle spent his war-years in … London, slaving for Churchill. De Gaulle got convinced that Britain ruled … America, while letting the world think that they were America’s lapdog. As President of France, he knew he was placed on his throne by the British rulers. And in total fury, when de Gaulle had the power, he used it against his masters – for a decade he would not allow Britain to join the Common Market, upon the argument that Britain would act for the interests of the United States, and eventually shatter the European Union itself.  

President Sarkozy, whose name in Turkish sar-khosh = blind-drunk idiot, is the first French President in love with Anglo-Saxon things, like American Rockn’Roll and Dollars, lots of them … he thus did not mind jumping in head to toe in Libyan Oil, babbling like a US president of historical junk; “France resolved to shoulder its role before History.” Nowadays every time a semi-illiterate American blows his nose in public, he is convinced he’s making history and doing it before the world’s history, and expects to be acknowledged by the Fox News     

From the Chinese, British Diplomacy has learnt the art of latitude – long-termism, perfect timing, waiting, even for a century, if necessary, for the right moment … Shakespeare’s Hamlet had noted this; “readiness is all”, picked up by King Lear, “ripeness is all” – viz. what counts is to be ready for action when the moment is ripe. It is what the Chinese did with the British imperialists, letting them have Hong Kong, use it and abuse it for a century – the Brits used its Banks for off-shore tax-avoidance and all that implies, while abusing its population for Triad-mafia money-circulation based on drugs and prostitution. And when the time was ripe, the waiting Chinese received their capitalist whores back with pomp and ceremony, this time to advance their own British-styled marketeering.

Besides Britain and China, no other country in the world has grasped this kind of political long-termism. The greatest fool of short-termism in international politics is of course the US government that leads the rest of the world in this.

First Page, London Evening Standard (18 March 2011)breaking News; “British war planes were flying towards Libya this afternoon after David Cameron ordered the RAF to prepare for air attacks on Colonel Gaddafi’s military forces …. He told the House of Commons: “We simply cannot stand back and let a dictator – whose people have rejected him – kill his people indiscriminately. To do so would send a chilling signal to others striving for democracy across the region”. Wow! Who could argue with that! What admirable humanitarian decency, Socialist compassion, and care for human welfare! Spoken like an old Communist.

If only it were true … And how can it be, when already in Yemen and Bahrain – under US enslaved Saudis, and in full sight of the US 5th Fleet, already genocidal violence has claimed thousands of Shiite lives and continuing … Prince Andrew’s Saudi friends have even attacked and broken down the… stone public monument in Pearl Square!

The Eton-bred Fox in sheep’s clothing is already destroying viciously our own country’s welfare system half a century in the making. Sickening Middle-Eastern style corruption and non-stop lying by officialdom has already gripped British life like cancer.   Here is one day’s – 21 March 2011, London newspaper Evening Standard – a single page’s titles (p.8); Watchdog threatens energy suppliers with ‘a beating’ (because Utilities like Gas and Electricity companies have been ripping off the poor of the British nation for decades now since Mrs. Thatcher privatized them); Tax avoidance and red tape are targets in ‘fairer’ Budget – my foot! Tax avoidance and Russian Oligarchs having it off in Britain is so rampant that The treasury feels they have gradually been turned into a tax avoidance vehicle for the rich”.  Such a confession is cause for a … Russian Revolution – But not in Britain, the world’s Banking capital; Labour slams Tories over hospital cuts across London, which of course the neo-Nazis of the New Labour themselves had began “to close down Accident & Emergency and maternity wards” – the Con Minister Mr. Lansley, is absolutely right claiming that his Government “inherited Labour’s plans”. And the corrupt “MPs warn of revolt over vote to freeze their pay for two years” when their constituents are suffering the pangs of extreme poverty, only because they are continuously ripped off by capitalist monopolies fattening up the rich and the very rich and the very very rich – “Tube commuters” – that is you and me, the poor, not the Rolls-Royce driven – “‘ripped off’ by premium-rate phone number”, 2 English Pounds per minute, what the hilariously masturbating prostitutes charge for telephone-sex on Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s porno Channels on Sky-TV

Unemployment in Britain is at a 17-year high echoing Mrs. Thatcher’s inhuman times. Student University fees are trebled for absolutely no reason except to feed the Banks with Student-debt-interests, and the Chancellor Osborne kept mum about it today (23rd March) in his Budget speech in parliament, literally not a word about Social Welfare Cuts anywhere, when in fact it is everywhere in Britain decimating lives – Benefits, Hospitals, Education, Libraries, Charities are all under massive attack as on … Libya.

The British masses shall soon need to learn from the Egyptian people to bring down David Cameron’s Etonian regime.  Who is going to defend the British people with no-fly zones?

And what a sordid illegal act is this attack on Libya, heavily sugar-coated by the foxy Cameronian camouflage announcing an act of war to the Parliament, when to do so needs the Parliament’s consent.   In Britain, only and only Her Majesty the Queen possesses the prerogative of declaring war without Parliament’s consent.  The Foxes will argue of course that they have not declared war, but only a mild attack …  

And here is the glorious difference between the camp lower-crust Blair and the upper crust devil – Blair worked hard, cheating, deceiving, lying his way but ultimately succeeding in getting the vote of the parliament fools. The clever Mr. Cameron is making a French fait accompli, has already sent in the war machine, and will get the Parliament’s stamp later, for who would be fool enough to oppose his pseudo-Socialist humanitarianism in defense of the people of Libya – defending them by killing them with American Tomahawk missiles and French jets? Russia, China and India, and Mr. Amr Moussa, Secretary of The Arab League have confirmed as much. It would be hilariously funny, were it not so tragic. I do not know the French Constitution, but by the British Parliamentary Procedure, Mr. Cameron’s act of Aggressive War is totally illegal (even by the Nuremberg Trials), and I simply cannot understand how such a clever dickie as Mr. Cameron thinks he can get away with it – he has obviously, because on Monday (21st March) he won the Parliament vote with a balls-crunching majority, which nevertheless remains a posteriori! He should have waited for his war to begin on Monday after the vote, not started it four days ago last Friday. Mr. Cameron deceived Parliament and the British nation worse than the mad Blair.    

And the world’s greatest … farting idiot – Colonel Gaddafi, making and acting out genocidal statements right left and centre, placing snipers on buildings to shoot his own people like headless chicken – a war-habit first invented during the Lebanese civil war by the … Christian militias killing Muslim Palestinians.

Gaddafi, a Don Quixote, with his brown outfit probably made by a London gay designer looking exceedingly like a Camel – camels also are notorious farting machines – broadcast to his own people; “We are coming tonight to kill you, from house to house, we’ll have no mercy, no pity”! What an idiot! Who in the world could ever support such a genocidal maniac – Would he, if he was not an idiot, fart in the presence of his guests in the first place? (First revealed by the BBC’s World Affairs Editor, John Simpson)

The Colonel’s bravado is vacuous and hollow – few people remember, and never noticed by the pundits of international media (including the Arabian Al-Jazeerah) that the country of Libya is more than 90% desert, uninhabitable, but of course sitting on an ocean of what Britain and US love most to guzzle – oil. 

Larger than Alaska, 1 million 759,540 square kilometers (the poor Republic of Armenia is a meager 30 thousand square km) with an equal number of population 3.5 million, most of them living in a few coastal towns. Thus, militarily, Libya is the softest of the soft targets – Anglo-US-French and NATO military heroism is like smashing a fly with a tank! Let them try and attack Russia, China, India or Pakistan … Libya may possess a dozen fighter jets, but hardly a trained pilot … here is a tragic sad story of Aristophanesian hilarity; (Evening Standard, 21 March 2011, p. 6); “At 8.20 the rebel commanders unleashed the most potent weapon in their armory: a Russian-made fighter jet seized at the start of the uprising. Such was the confusion that it was shot down most immediately by their own men, the pilot ejecting but too low to get his parachute to open.” Then, the two American pilots whose jets crashed, they ejected, the local anti-Gaddafi villagers rushed to save them, and the US army idiots of the rescue helicopter shot them!  Finishing off Gaddafi would take one airplane, and half a day … “Libya needs to import more than 90 percent of its food supplies.” (p7) To misinform the international public opinion otherwise is to invent excuses for a massive armament consumption by the US and its cohorts – with over a hundred Tomahawk missiles fired, perhaps they already spent 1 billion in a day, cash in the pocket of the arms dealers.

If the farting colonel is still there, it is because the West hitherto needed him to secure the oil against his own people … Just like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Camel Gaddafi does not understand why after farting in honor of Tony Blair, he is suddenly portrayed as a pariah in the West when he thought he was doing the CIA’s job by massacring his own people threatening the West’s oil interests …
Jim Murphy, Labor’s Shadow Defense Secretary thinks he is asking profoundly intelligent philosophical questions; “What is success in Libya? Is it simply stopping the killing? Is it about achieving a stalemate? Is it about having effectively two Libyas?” (Standard, p 4). Well, no mate! A thousand times No – I can tell you the truth and take you out of your misery; it is the time old imperialist craving for petro-dollars; the Etonian Foxes designed this aggression to secure the safety of the Libyan oil. Mad as Saddam who threatened to burn down the oil wells of Iraq and never did … Gaddafi may do the same … not to risk it, the so said Alliance ensured that the terrorized Libyans dare not fantasize about their country’s oil belonging to them and not the West! Of course they are not after regime change; better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t – the farting idiot can stay for as long as he wants to … fart, but not grow too big for his camel’s hoofs!

What is worse is the outrageous game of the Etonian Fox-trot the farting idiot is being abused for – to transform the United Nations, against its very own Charter, into a world organization of warmongering and genocidal wars. The United Nations was created during the Second World War to defeat global Nazism, with the very goal of promoting global Peace. The First World War was such a shock to the world’s body politic that peoples of the world said Never againThe Remembrance Day was created to remind the world of the Necessity of global Peace, to stop warmongering, not to commemorate War. The Anglo-American imperialists succeeded in perverting the annual occasion into the commemoration of War. No government Representative says Never again anymore, instead, they all say let’s remember the dead with no moral obligation to stop Wars. Proof?; Our criminal governments continued the First with the Second World War, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Korean War, Vietnam War, endless Israeli-Palestinian Arab wars, civil wars around the globe etc.

The very Charter defining the United Nations speaks of Peace. Bush-and-Blair Mafia-gang tried very hard to shatter that mould by seeking a United Nations mandate to declare war on Iraq. They failed hence their war became a war-crime. But not anymore – an idiot like Gaddafi doesn’t come about every year and is heaven-sent to tread where the Anglo-American imperialists’ dirty feet could finally go – Nazi jack-boot upon the heart of the United Nations, making wars in the name of Peace – Heavens for the Arms-industry in Britain, and the Military Industrial Complex in America to go on for-ever! The United Nations lawyers still could not spell out war, but they came very close to it, by their much quoted euphemism – “all necessary measures” including War, the Anglo-US war-mongering lawyers add.   The latter’s fond hope is that one of these days, they shall finally succeed in raping the United Nations Security Council to mandate and glorify War in so many words.

The United Nations archives contain a drawer-full of Resolutions (vetoed by the warmongers of today) urging the Israeli Fascists to withdraw from Arab lands, stop building illegal settlements, stop genociding the Palestinians – in Palestinian areas you can be sitting in your living room watching crass Hollywood junk, and an Israeli army tank can appear out of nowhere, bombard your house into a pile of rubble, humanely … letting you escape with your life of a fresh-refugee in your own country …

Let the French and Brit and US jets dare stop the Israeli Defense Force under a United Nations Resolution XXX porno-killing the Palestinian Arabs … They’ll hit the Dimona Nuclear Bomb factory by mistake … and never see the light of day again! 

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